An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Part 2 of: Mary and Laura's Mysterious Picnic

The girls continued to spy on the strange Indian Girl. They were unsure of what to do. Mary half wanted to scream and run, and half wanted to stay and meet the girl. Laura was for once, unsure of what to do. 
Laura began to go down lower and get closer to the girl. 
"Be careful Laura, you don't want to give yourself away," warned Mary in a quiet but urgent warning voice.
"Of course i won't Mary, I'm sure that I'm real good at this kind of stuff!" Laura said in a whisper, as she bent over the branch more so she could fully see the strange girl.
Suddenly, Laura lost her balance and fell off her little branch. But, instead of falling, half of her foot got  wedged between the tree. 
Laura let out a tiny scream, which got the strange girl's attention.  Mary was so unsure what to do come on Mary, you have to go help your sister! Mary told herself. But suddenly she remembered, the picnic blanket! Quickly Mary ran and snatched up the blanket. Laura could land in it!
"Let yourself down Laura, you'll have a safe fall!" Mary looked nervously at the Indian Girl. The Indian Girl didn't smile, but she didn't look mean either. She had hardly any expression on her face, so it was hard to tell what she was thinking.
Laura landed fast into the blanket. Mary almost toppled over, but the Indian Girl was strong too, so no one was hurt.
Mary went back to put the blanket down, while Laura stayed behind. 
"My name is Laura," Laura held out her hand and looked up at the girl with uncertainty, did she know how to shake a hand? Did she even speak English?
"Hello Laura, my name is Kaya," Kaya looked at Laura with a small smile. 
"Come on and see my sister, she would love to meet you!" Laura hoped that she was right, and that Mary would want to meet Kaya.
Laura and Kaya walked over to Mary, who was tending to Star.
"Hello, my name is Kaya," Kaya bowed slightly to Mary. Then she smiled a small smile.
"M -m-my name is Mary," Mary was so surprised that Kaya knew English, and she was surprised that she was acting nice.
Soon the girls were running and playing Blanket Tag. They were also playing Hide and Seek!
Then they all laughed and played together on the blanket!
"I will always remember this day," Kaya said softly as she played with Mary and Laura.
"Too bad that there aren't a lot of clouds today," sighed Mary, who liked to make cloud animals with Laura.
"I know, we always like to make cloud animals, have you ever done that Kaya?" Laura looked at her waiting for an answer.
"Oh, I love clouds! We have an Indian Dance festival every Sunday night, you are welcome to attend the other one tomorrow! I would hide you from my people, and you could watch the whole thing!" Kaya looked at the girls excitedly and with a hopeful look in her eyes. She really wanted to share her tribe's traditions with her new friends.
Before the girls realized it, it began to get darker out. The sun was slowly setting, and Kaya had to go back to her people. Laura and Mary silently waved goodbye. Maybe they would attend tomorrow night.
Slowly the girls made their way home on the horse. It had been a long but fun day, and they were very tired.
Laura had a full feeling inside, that she got when she had made her first friend Samantha. She supposed that it was because she had made a new friend named Kaya.
Mary wanted to have Kaya as a friend, but she still wasn't sure she was completely trustworthy. Maybe her questions would be answered tomorrow night if they went to the big Dance Festival tomorrow night.

Laura was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home on the horse. Pa took her inside, as Mary walked in with Ma and Carrie.
It had been a good day, especially when Mary and Laura recieved news that there would be no school Monday!

The End!!


  1. This on was an extra good story I thought!!! I really enjoy reading your blog..! Seriously, I do. =) I'm not just trying to be nice. =)

  2. Thanks so much!! I love it when people go on my blog and leave comments!
    Oh, I went on your blog Dakota!! It is really cool, and I will try to leave a comment on it soon!