An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lanie's New Glasses!

It was an early morning on AG Farms, and Lanie and Payton were the only two up. Lanie was going super early to get some glasses and she had invited Payton to come with her to decide. Lanie wasn't thrilled with the whole idea about getting glasses though....
Lanie and Payton walked inside the glasses store. They were greeted with tons of glasses staring at them. Lanie, became even more nervous. She needed to get glasses because she couldn't see far away.
"Ahhhhh, Darling, you must be Lanie Holland....your mother phoned and said you were coming. Your mother says you must pick out of the Monthly Features Selections. Let me just guide you over here to them..." the saleswoman dragged on. She didn't look so happy to be there.
Lanie looked at the glasses on the Monthly Features table. They only had two Monthly Features to choose from, so Lanie figured she would have a quicker decision. Neither of the glasses really appealed to her, but she decided she would first have to try them on.
Lanie put on the first pair of glasses, they were silver and wire-rimmed. However, they were pretty big.
"Oh, I really do like those!" Payton exclaimed. 
"I guess I kind of do too, - only they are way too annoying. The frames are way too round and big for my head...though if I got them, I could match Molly!"
Lanie tried on the second pair. They were black/blue, and oval framed.
"Acutually, I really do like these...well, I guess," Lanie sighed.
"I love them, get them!!!" Payton exclaimed enthusiastically. 
"Alright then, ma'am, I'll take these!" Lanie told her.
"Okay, darling, don't forget to come back if you need anything else. Also, don't forget, the glasses come with a free kit and case! See you soon," said the saleswoman winking and smiling.
At home, Lanie lay on her bed thinking. She couldn't decide if she liked her glasses or not. They were kind of cool, and maybe cute (though she wasn't sure if she could admit it or not), and they weren't uncomfortable or anything. She decided that she kind of liked them.
"Hey Lanie, are you okay? How do you like your glasses?" Payton questioned.
"Oh, yes, I am fine! I just can't decide if I like them or is a kind of tough decision," Lanie explained.
"Well, maybe you don't have to like them, and maybe you don't have to hate them. Just don't care about them!" Payton answered. Lanie shouldn't spend her time worrying over liking or not liking glasses!
"Yes, I suppose you are right! I guess I'll just have them there, and not decide if I like them or not! Though I do wonder what other people will think - especially when we start school soon," Lanie began to worry again.
"Don't worry Lanie, everyone will love them, they look so cute on you. Besides, who cares if they like them or not!" Payton tried to get her friend not to worry.

So, what do YOU think of Lanie's new glasses?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jasmine and Payton's Great Summer Day!

It was such a hot day on American Girl Farms, and the girls were all trying to stay cool. Julie, Kit, Lanie, Felicity, Elizabeth, Kaya, and Samantha were all in the library (highly air conditioned), and the rest of them (except Jasmine and Payton) were playing in a toy store at the mall (highly air conditioned as well). Jasmine had slept in too late, and missed all the planning, so she was stuck in the heat, which was fine with her, she loved water balloons, and Payton was training a service dog, so Jasmine wanted to help her or at least watch her.
Jasmine was excited when Payton agreed to come over to the field and play with the hose and water balloons.
Payton walked through the fields over to Jasmine's family cabin on the farm. Payton was really excited to train her service dog, and to play with Jasmine, but she was upset that she hadn't been included in any of the library/mall/air conditioning planning. She didn't understand why she wasn't invited or included in the planning, but she just guessed it was because she was new and forgotten easily for now.
Jasmine sat on the steps to the front porch of her cabin waiting for Payton. Jasmine loved having new girls move to AG Farms, and Payton was really nice! Jasmine took a few sips out of her ice cold water bottle and put the cap back on. As she was doing this, she happened to look right up and see Payton running right over to her. Suddenly, Jasmine sprang up, and stood there, waiting for Payton to run the rest of the way.
"Oh my gosh! Payton, I'm so happy to see you!" Jasmine exclaimed happily as she exchanged hugs with Payton.
"Same to you!" Payton laughed.
"So I thought that we could put on bathing suits and go play with water balloons while we practice training Chocolate Chip?" Jasmine asked.
"Oh, sure! I'm wearing my bathing suit underneath my clothes. I didn't feel like putting all that lotion on right away," Payton said.
"Whoa, I really do like your bandana - where did you get it? I didn't see anything like it at the mall last week!" Jasmine asked, looking at the cute bandana that Payton wore.
"Well, it's from my hat and other headwear shop! Payton's Helping Hats! Would you like to borrow it?" Payton answered.
"Sure! Or actually, could I just buy one?" Jasmine asked.
"Of course! I'll deliver it to you tomorrow!" Payton assured her. "But for now, let's go relax under the shady tree, it'll still be hot, but maybe not quite as bad."
Payton went and sat down in the purple star-print chair. It was really comfortable, and it had a place to put her ice cold water bottle.
"I was hoping that we could possibly train or at least practice training Chocolate Chip?" Jasmine asked.
"Well, you can't exactly practice training a dog, but we could actually train him!" Payton laughed.
"YAY!" Jasmine cried.
"But, just a little warning, he is really frisky and kind of like a tornado. He runs all over the place like crazy, and he is super strong, so be careful if he jumps on you," Payton got up the courage to say. She really didn't want Jasmine to think that she couldn't train the dog - what would that say about her training abilities? Payton got up and unleashed the dog!
He jumped on top of Payton and Jasmine and started licking them all over. It was really fun.
"I told you he was wild, just wait for him to calm down, okay Jasmine?" Payton cried out to her friend who was laying on her back in the grass.
Jasmine looked at Chocolate Chip in his Service Dog Gear. He was so adorable, - but Jasmine wasn't jealous at all, in fact, she was happy for her friend!
"Here Chip-Chip, sit!" Jasmine said.
"Wait, Jasmine, you have to call him by his real name, or else he won't respond. Also, command him to do it, don't ask him to - if that makes any sense," Payton tried to explain.
"Here Chocolate, Chip, sit," Jasmine commanded firmly but not in a mean voice.
And suddenly, just like that, Chocolate Chip sat and wagged his tail - he would do anything for treats!
"Wonderful, Jasmine, but how about we have some fun with him now?" Payton exclaimed excitedly.
Payton grabbed the Dog Treats and ran around. Chocolate Chip was having a blast.
But suddenly - Chocolate Chip grabbed the treats out of her hand!!
Chocolate Chip ran off, carrying the treats. Quickly, Payton and Jasmine sprung into action.
"Get him over there, quick!" Jasmine cried.
"Don't let him into the poison ivy, I don't know if dogs can get near that or not!" Payton cried, glaring at the small patch of poison ivy nestled underneath a nearby bush.
Payton went one way, Jasmine went one way, and Chocolate Chip went the other. The whole American Girl Farms came out to about 35 acres (maybe more, maybe less), so it would be a real trip if they had to chase him around the whole farm!
Suddenly, Jasmine thought she had him. She was so close, and then instead of grabbing Chocolate Chip like she had planned, she grabbed a patch of grass and clover and fell face first into the ground. Luckily, it was soft and grassy, so it wasn't bad, but Payton was just worried about not finding Chocolate Chip.
Jasmine dove for Double C (Chocolate Chip's nickname), and caught him, just as he was running in other direction. Jasmine picked him up, and she also bent down again to pick up the treats. Payton came over and brushed the grass of Jasmine's knees.
The girls went and settled down in the chairs for a little while. Finally, they decided to lay down in the cool grass and relax with Double C (who was now very tired out).
Payton and Jasmine fell asleep for a while, and so did Double C. Finally, Double C just went over to the pets cabin so he could get out of the heat.
The girls finally fell asleep in the cool grass, relaxing and thinking about the best - and craziest day ever.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hi! I'm Payton Rose Winter, and I am the new girl at American Girl Farms! I am so happy to be here, and I am making tons of new friends! I love animals, especially dogs and horses. Once I came to the American Girl Farms, I was so excited to ride horses, but my mom said no way (I disagree, but what can I do? There's no use arguing anyway...). I work with many local animal shelters, and I help dogs and cats everywhere with money I raise from my "Payton's Helpful Hats" a charity I created in the back of my dad's camping supplies store. I make all kinds of hats (caps, floppy hats, sunhats, and even bandanas, the one I'm wearing in the picture, I actually made) with the materials back there, and I put cute decorations and appliques on them. I sell them in my own little section of the store, and plenty of people buy them, and some even donate extra (which is very nice!). So far, the charity has raised $300 (that is a great start considering I've only been doing it 3 months)! Actually, I'm working on starting my own little animal shelter for stray dogs and cats that wander onto the American Girl Farms. So far I have one dog for adoption, and I have my own adopt a cat or dog blog!Besides helping animals, I love to hang out with my friends, collect dolls, and explore. I like to do adventurous things, and zip lining, rock climbing, tree climbing, and swinging through and climbing on trees are some of my outdoor hobbies. I'm a total adventurer and I love to get dirty! Rolling through mud and tramping barefoot through the dirt are things I do very often (though I hate having to take a shower afterwards). I always try to be myself, and I hate it when people try to act cool or whatever. I love candy and cake, and any sweets really!
Alright, well, enough about me, talk to you all later!! :) :)

What I got at AG Place Washington D.C./Virginia store!! Part 1

I went to the AG store with my cousin, and we had a blast. We got tons of stuff, and we are having a great time playing with it! I am having an awesome time! Also, some of you may know that I got a new doll. She is a JLY, and I named her Payton. She is so adorable, and I am going to be putting up her little profile soon! Well, here's what I got!
First off, I got the 2-in-1-swimsuit! It was the special for only $16 if you spent $50 or more. It was awesome getting two outfits for the price of less than one!! They also look super good on all my dolls.
The bottoms of the swimsuit are adorable, and I do like the bows on the sides, though I especially like the print.
The top is adorable too! At first I wasn't sure if I liked how there were different colored straps for each strap of the top, but it is growing on me, and now I love it!
I absolutely love this picture of Payton. In fact, I'm thinking of making it into the main picture on my blog (Jasmine on the paddleboard is the main one right now).

Then, here she is in the other part of the outfit. This can be used as a cover-up, or another swimsuit for another doll! I wish it would've come with two pairs of flip-flops since it is kind of two swimsuits, but it doesn't really matter.

I really like this part of the swimsuit as well, and I can't decide which part I like best!

The bottoms are definitely my favorite part of this swimsuit though. They are so adorable, and I like how they are just a solid color with a little print in the corner.

Then, out of all the things I got, this is definitely my favorite set. Garnet is so cute, and he looks even better with Payton in Caroline's dress standing next to him!

Isn't Payton just so cute?
I love the print on the front of the dress, and I love how it is framed by the gold/brown kind of ribbon.

I love the grey/silver boots and the laces are SO cute!

Look how cute Garnet is!!!!!!! He is so amazing, and I'm so glad that I got him, I don't know what I'd do without him! :)

There is a full body view! He is amazingly soft, and I am actually using him as a stuffed animal as well! :)
Part 2 will be coming very soon!