An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tree Celebration!

One afternoon, the girls of AG farms began to prepare for the special Tree Celebration. Every year, in the main living room of the Farm mansion, they put out a large tree handpicked from a tree stand! This year, it was Lanie's Family's turn to pick it. They had gone out early in the morning to get it, and it was now ready for the girls to decorate with lights.
The girls quickly made their way into the room, all dressed up, each of them in festive attire. Kaya and her tribe did not celebrate Christmas, so she borrowed some snowflake and Coconut dog pajamas from Ivy so that she could look somewhat festive. Shola (H4H girl) did not celebrate Christmas either, but she wore a nice dress and was still allowed to attend the celebration with her friends.
Kirsten still wasn't doing great on her feet, so she limped over to a small place near a pillar in the room where she sat and participated as much as she could in the festivities.
Jasmine opened the large box of colorful lights and began to take them out. The excitement in the room built as the parents passed out peppermint bark, peppermint tea, and hot chocolate.
The lights were unboxed and looked beautiful. Everyone held their breath excitedly as Payton took the plug and plugged them into the wall.
They all lit up in the blink of an eye. The girls cheered excitedly, all trying to race to grab ahold of the strand at the same time!
Ivy grabbed ahold of a light, as did most of the other girls. They formed a circle around the tree, passing down the strand as Molly strung it around the tree.
The girls continued passing them down the circular path to finally reach the tree.
Josefina and Shola decorated the tree with tiny ornaments like paper snowflakes as soon as the lights had all been strung onto the top.
"Shola, can you give me a hand with the lights?" Molly asked.
"Okay," Shola replied, going over to the other side of the tree to untangle them. Instead of untangling them, she got herself tangled up instead. "Oh!"
Shola fell to the floor, and her friends quickly helped her out by grabbing the strand and unraveling her out and then putting the lights on the top of the string.
"Well, I guess we know who not to ask when we need help with the lights," Molly laughed. Shola knew she wasn't being mean, she was just kidding.
Soon the lights had been put on the tree.
"It looks a bit lopsided," Molly commented, after sighing heavily.
"It's okay," Felicity told her, putting her arm around her shoulder. "It doesn't have to be that perfect! I think it looks great! I can feel the Christmas spirit already!"
Molly smiled just as guitar music filled the air.
It was Lanie! She had taken a seat next to Kirsten, and they had created a little band. Kirsten sang and Lanie played. Soon, all the girls were singing along to all of their Christmas favorites; Jingle Bells, White Christmas, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, and Jingle Bell Rock. They didn't sing any of their other favorites that were more religious and about the real reason for the season just because Kaya and Shola were part of different religions who did not believe in that and the girls wanted to be sure to include everybody in the exciting festivities.
The girls danced and twirled to Lanie's beautiful music and Elizabeth even played a few tunes on her violin, which she had been anxious about even playing since her audition.
Kanani and Lanie danced together, making up funny new dance moves and Kanani even taught the girls a few hula steps. Then, Kanani's Cousin Rachel called and they promised they would Face Time her later to show off the hula moves Kanani had taught them.
Then they played a few games like "London Bridge" only without the annoying London Bridge rhyme chanting. XD
Shola quickly came out the other side of the "bridge" along with Kanani so that she wouldn't get caught. Ivy followed closely behind.
Kanani took pictures and Payton made sure to make each and every one of the them very funny!
After three hours of crazy festivities, it was nearly 11:45 at night! Jasmine collapsed into Felicity's lap as they crowded around, admiring the tree.
Ivy, Payton, Jasmine, Elizabeth, and Felicity crowded on one side, admiring the work they had done that night, though it wasn't really work.
Julie and Kirsten and Kit stood on one side, with Kirsten being helped to stand by Kit and one of her crutches. The remaining girls stood in front of the tree.
After a while, the girls began to head off to bed. They would have a sleepover in front of the tree another night. Felicity and Elizabeth couldn't help but look back at the tree one more time.
"It's beautiful," Felicity smiled and Elizabeth smiled too.
"It is beautiful," Elizabeth agreed.  
And it was.
I know the lighting wasn't that great, but I had to have it like that so that I could show off the lights. Next year, hopefully, the lighting will turn out better!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cyber Monday!!!

If you were to purchase thsi outfitI've been saving up for about three months, and I got up to $50 (not exactly, that is just an estimate)! I did a ton of work and I used some of my savings too so that I could purchase 3 items from Cyber Monday!
Well, I got 3 outfits that I have been wanting for a long time!
The 3 Outfits I got were:
The Sweet School Dress
 Julie's Casual Outfit (I have the dogs and scarf/hat items, so I wanted to complete the collection with this outfit that goes with them)
The Skateboard Set
First up is the Sweet School Dress! I've had my eye on this dress since it first came out in 2011. I'd never been quite sure about getting it, but it was half off, I loved it, so I got it (it was either this or Julie's hair set).
The skirt has very cute pleats (I think they are called) decorating it. I love the intersecting plaid stripes and this really looks like something I would wear to school or any other more formal place.
When I was deciding on getting it, I couldn't help but wonder if the puffy sleeves would look right on the doll once I got it on her (puffy sleeves gone wrong on a doll can really look bad). Much to my excitement, I think they look so cute and I like it a lot!
The clip looks very cute, especially when placed in a doll with bang's hair. Molly is lovin' the windswept/sideswept bangs look! (It almost makes me wish I had bangs!)

Next up is Julie's Casual outfit! I've tried this on my doll before (my cousin has it), but I wanted one of my own. The pattern is amazing on the shirt!

Lanie looks stunning in it, I think.
This doesn't capture the pattern, but it is raised slightly and definitely is embroidered. The tunic is great! 
The little decorations/adornments around the cuffs and neckline are actual yarn balls. I would be worried about them unraveling over time, so being extra careful with this outfit would certainly not hurt! 
The pants are SO nice and have a realistic fabric feel to them (rather than some cheap fabric). The boots are nice, sturdy, and made with quality in mind. I always appreciate when AG makes something with a high quality standard. It seems to be getting few and far between these days, but you still can purchase the little quality gems like this one.
Next is the Skateboard Outfit! I love the shoes (which is why I made the first pic of the outfit of her shoes). This picture can't quite do them justice, but I kept it because you can see the pink of the leggings in relation to the shoes.
Here is a slightly better look at the shoes (the coloring is more on point in this one). The slide right over the feet with elastic in the front, and have little mesh cutouts on the sides, like most regular sneakers do. The color is a very unique shade of blue, and is a cross between a regular teal  and a darker blue. I find it stunning!

I find that Lanie's bracelet also goes well with it. (This did NOT come with the outfit, of course).
The shorts are nice, but after the quality of Julie's Casual outfit pants, these particular pants may be seen as a bit of a let down quality wise. The pockets are nice and deep though, and AG pockets can be useful.
This shirt's beautiful neon green color can not be captured right, even after I took about a whole hundred pictures of it (I'm not kidding or exaggerating). I must say though, it is a gecko green and looks great!
Here is the detail graphic on the shirt, which is kind of nice, but I would've been able to do with out it. I still really like it though, and it does fit the outfit, so it is fine.  
I was excited for the mix-and-match possibilities of the pink leggings (I think they are adorable). However, I was a bit let down when I realized that they are really only for show underneath the shorts, because when used on their own, they ride down right away, even when she is just bending. This is a bit disappointing, but I think it is fine, as the other parts of the outfit can be used for mix-and-matching. Does anyone else with this outfit have this particular problem?
The outfit is still great and I wouldn't not get the outfit just because of a small tightness in the leggings.
The bottom of the skateboard is decorated very nicely, and while it might look a bit messy or all-over-the place online, it looks tastefully done in person and I really like it.
The only sneakers that will actually fit on the skateboard (that I have tired - I do not mean all the other AG shoes, just not Julie's Casual Boots or the shoes that came with the other dress that I got.) The doll's sneakers fit nicely on the skateboard under the little elastic strap and she can ride a long distance (if pushed) without falling, ever. I find this nice and the skateboard is sturdy and high quality (which it should be for the high price - even if I did get it half off!)   
The girls posed together for some cute pictures of their new outfits. They all looked more photogenic than ever before!
In the picture above, you may be able to see the green of the Skateboard shirt more vibrantly, like its color in real life. For some reason, my camera (or my mom's camera! XD) wouldn't capture it. (It is Nikon D5000 or something like that, and usually captures things perfectly)
Looking at the camera!
They all seem to be looking at something somewhat interesting, funny, and maybe a bit scary, here. XD (Really they were looking out the window at winter grass!)
I would've paid over $100 (including shipping, handling, tax, etc.) for these three outfits (which is pretty outrageous!). Instead, I paid about half that, around $60 (still outrageous, but not as bad). I only raised around $45-$50 (I forget how much exactly), so my parents helped me out with the rest. (I'll be working it off in chores though...*sigh*, Oh well! XD Sounds fun!)
I've been really, really busy around the holiday season and don't know how much I'll get to posting. I know I'll post at least one more thing during the season though (probably posting today, but do not want to make any sort of promise or raise any excitement until I know anything for sure, because I have a bad history with that...)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Audition Part #2

I know her audition was supposed to be last Friday, but I had no time, so Part #2 is 2 days late.
"Good Morning," Kit greeted Elizabeth who had been washing her hands in the kitchen sink early on Friday morning. Her audition was somewhat early and it was an hour away, so she had to get up extra early.
"Good Morning," Elizabeth whispered back in a raspy voice.
"Are you sick?" Kit gasped. Elizabeth couldn't get sick for the audition!
"No," Elizabeth replied, clearing her throat, "I am just tired. I didn't get a full hour of sleep last night! I've just been thinking so hard." Elizabeth, all night, had been trying to play back the notes to her memorized violin concerto in her head. 
"I made a breakfast for you," Kit pointed towards a orange and chocolate muffin and a pile of fresh blueberries.
"Oh," Elizabeth was surprised. Kit was the only one up besides Elizabeth's family, and Kit had spent the morning preparing a breakfast just for her! "I don't know if I can eat it," Elizabeth sighed honestly. "My stomach really hurts - I think I'm nervous."
"You have to eat breakfast!" Kit told her firmly. Elizabeth took a blueberry and a weak bite of the muffin.
"Good," Kit replied.
At the audition, Elizabeth was partnered with this girl, Abigail. They were going to be the first to audition.
"So you play the violin too?" Elizabeth asked.
"Yes," Abigail replied, "I've been working towards this audition since I was five - how long have you been preparing?"
"Um, uh, too many years to count," Elizabeth half lied. Honestly, she hadn't been prepping for more than 5 months, but she had been playing the violin for two years.
"Abigail Weston?" the man called out. Abigail rushed off to audition.
Elizabeth was left to anxiously wait her turn.  
Then, nearly ten minutes later, Abigail came out of the audition room.
"It was really easy - you'll do great," Abigail patted her on the back, "It is so easy I'm sure you could do it in your sleep!"
"Yeah, I'm sure," Elizabeth nodded weakly.
Elizabeth walked through the door to the audition room. The three judges sat behind a table, waiting. Elizabeth couldn't see how Abigail had thought that this was easy.
"Please play your scale and then the piece," the judges ordered. Elizabeth nodded.
Elizabeth played her scales, which were easy, and then began her piece. The notes danced out slowly, gaining and gaining more and more speed.
Soon, the piece was had two more measures left of the music.
Squeak! A huge squeak came out of her violin, but Elizabeth covered it up and tried not to show that it had fazed her.
She had never felt readier to get out of a place.
The girls at home hugged her excitedly. "How did you do?" Jasmine asked.
"I think I did pretty good," Elizabeth shrugged. "I don't think it came to me quite as easily as the others."
"But what matters is that you did your best!" Kit called from the kitchen.
"Where is Kit's voice coming from?" Elizabeth asked.
"I don't know, but Julie needs to get off to basketball and I need to get off to gymnastics!" Ivy told Elizabeth as they dashed out the door with their parents.  
Elizabeth rushed into the kitchen with the others to see Kit. Sitting out, were cupcakes and muffins and cookies!
"Who made all this?" Elizabeth asked.
"I did," Kit whispered. "Now come on! Let's eat!"
All the girls grabbed cookies, muffins, and cakes.
"Congratulations," Kit hugged Elizabeth. "I know you'll get in."
"Thanks," Elizabeth smiled.
"Now go on!" Kit laughed, "Grab a cupcake! The red frosted one is for you! It matches your outfit!"
Elizabeth didn't know whether she'd get in or not, but right now, she had what she needed; her delicious cupcake, and best of all, her friends by her side.
I'll try to do another photo story in about a month or two about whether she got in or not! (I can't promise when though)
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