An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lanie Prepares for Competition!

Today, Lanie decided that she wanted to go out and skate and ride down some of the trails on American Girl Farms. She really wanted to win the Transportation Competition. (All transportation was allowed except for planes, cars, helicopters, space ships, ect.)
Lanie was either going to try out Kit's scooter, or rollerskate. She is really good at roller skating and has never fallen, so she thinks she might do that for the competition.
Look at those feet and wheels go!! With this fast skating, she will for sure win the competition next month.

She waves to her sister Angela who is practicing her cello inside the cabin. Emily is with her.
Lanie skates over leaves, branches, and even two rocks, but she doesn't fall, not even once!!
Then, she stops playing around and she gets serious. If she wants to win this competition next month, she had to be serious and work very hard. So, with her arms behind her back, and her feet forward, she began to skate as if she really was at the competition. Go Lanie! Go Lanie Go!!
She knew all the right positions and was very good at roller skating since she takes ice skating lessons and competes.
Next, Lanie tried out the scooter, but she was having more trouble with that. She went slowly on the scooter at first, but then she got a little faster. 
Lanie came to the conclusion that she should probably roller skate. What do you think??

Little House on the Prairie Full Episode of: Laura's Horse

One day, Pa said that he had a surprise for Laura if she came outside.
Laura was so excited and she had no idea what it was.
"Oh Pa!" Laura screamed excitedly. Laura had her own horse now! She didn't have to ask if she could ride her Pa's horses, she could just ride her own now!
Laura ran to hug her Pa. She was so excited to have her very own horse!
"Oh thank you Pa," Laura would've said more, but she was speechless. She couldn't believe that just minutes ago she didn't have her own horse, and suddenly, now she did!
"Your welcome Laura, I'm glad you like it!" Pa looked happy that Laura liked her new horse.
"Well, I'm going to get on to work now, maybe we can practice some ridings skills when I get home!" Pa said.
"Come on Mary! Stop all your weeding! I just got a new horse and I want you to take her for a ride with me!" Laura could barely speak clearly, she was so excited.
"Alright Laura, but after we need to finish chores," Mary got up and ran along with Laura.
"Laura, what a beautiful horse! Wow, you sure are lucky to get a horse from Pa!" Mary was in awe over the beautiful horse that Pa had given Laura.
After saddling the horse (whose new name was Candy), Laura began to ride as Mary cheered her on.
Slowly Laura began to trot. Candy was unlike Pa's horse that she was allowed to ride. Pa's horse was gentle and he was sort of old. Candy was very spirited and she wanted to go fast. It took all of Laura just to slow her down.
But soon, they were going super fast! Laura was having a great time!
"LOOK OUT LAURA!!" Mary shouted urgently. Laura and Candy were heading for a big black thing super fast. Candy would jump over it, but Laura didn't know how to jump over things with horses yet.
Lauar didn't know what to do, so she just hugged Candy as tight as she could. But it wasn't working. Laura still felt a little nervous as Candy prepared to jump. But Laura knew what she had to do. She would work super fast, and then it would work.
As Candy began to jump, Laura reached up and grabbed a tree branch that was closest. 
Candy jumped and then circled around.
She then saw Mary trying to catch Candy.
Laura decided that she would have to jump onto his back to rescue him. Then, she got her chance, Candy was running right under the tree! She had to jump onto his back!
Quickly, she hurled onto his back as fast as she could. Would she fall?
She did it! She stopped Candy!

Then, the girls rode home.
The End

Friday, January 25, 2013

Exciting News!!

Hey guys! I finally got my very own email for my blog and I can't wait for people to send me AG pictures and stuff on it!

I would absolutely love it if some of you emailed me pictures of your dolls or something cool like that. Maybe I could start a caption that picture or something!! I would love to hear from everyone and what they think, and if you have questions that you want to email me or maybe blog suggestions or fun new ideas to make this blog even better!!!

So finally, after all that excitement, I will move on to all the facts!!
My email and how you can contact me:!!

Please email me whatever you would like! I would love to hear from you!!

YOU CAN NO LONGER CONTACT ME FROM THIS ADDRESS. Please contact me at: Thanks! : )

Fashion Show!!

Little Miss Model Lanie decided to do the fashion show that was requested by The Dolls one of the blog followers!! yay! So, here we will give everyone a small fashion show of some of Lanie's favorite outfits.
During the fashion show Lanie will tell everyone how you can make the same exact outfit with the stuff you might have in your AG collection.
This is the Happy Hula Girl Design that Lanie loves wearing on the beach and out by the lake at the AG doll farms. 
How Lanie made this outfit: Kanani's Hula Outfit, Julie's sunglasses, and some foam sticky hearts from a tub of stickers that you can buy at Michael's Craft Store. (Lanie puts the stickers on her glasses)
This is the Hippie Chic Design that Lanie loves to garden in, and she enjoys wearing it to picnics and sometimes to school.
How Lanie made this outfit: Julie's Meet Outfit Pants and shirt, Julie's sunglasses, the foam heart stickers (see Happy Hula Girl Design), and a hair tie from Justice Clothes Store for Girls.
The Party Girl Design that Lanie wears to parties.
How Lanie made this outfit: Kanani's Party Dress
Pretty Garden Dress Design that Lanie wears to formal events.
How Lanie made this outfit: an Easter dress that was bought at a clothes store ( it came with a matching dress for a person too), and a small sweater type thing that I got off Necessary Extras Doll accessories store.

Well, that is it for this part of the fashion show! I may be able to make more fashions later, but Lanie has been modeling a whole lot lately! :)

Please Note: I am in the process of getting to everyone's requests! Just hang in there, and they will be posted soon! Thanks for waiting guys! Not to much more of a wait! Should be up this weekend, and I am off school today, so I will hopefully get some more things up by tomorrow!
Which outfit is your favorite?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Full Episode of: The Midnight Pow-wow

One night, Laura lay in bed with her sister Mary. They girls had just been sent to bed, and Laura was staring at the oil lamp on her night stand. She wasn't tired one bit. All she could think about was Kaya and her tribe's pow wow.
Finally she drifted off a little bit.
Of course, she would wake back up and look out at the bright and big full moon. She just couldn't take it any more. She just had to see what was going on at Kaya's big pow-wow at midnight.
"Mary, are you awake?" Laura put her hand on her sister's shoulder, trying to see if she was asleep.

"I'm not awake," grumbled Mary as she buried her face more into her pillow. Sometimes she could be so grouchy when she was trying to sleep.
"Look Mary, I could tell all through dinner tonight that you were off thinking about something else, it was Kaya's pow-wow wasn't it?" Laura looked at her sister trying to find an answer.
"Maybe," Mary said looking slightly more awake.
"Well, I have been thinking about it, and it is nearly midnight now, the celebration will start soon you know. I was thinking -" Laura was stopped mid-sentence by Mary.
"I know what you were thinking Laura, you want to go to the pow-wow. I have been thinking about it too, and I think that we should, it might answer some of my questions and maybe some of yours. This will give us the chance to see if she is trustworthy. If we see her tribe doing evil stuff, we aren't to go back, but if they don't do anything, then we can go back!" Mary began to get much more awake. 
The girls walked cautiously out into the night lit by a small oil lantern and a full moon. They began to walk farther towards the woods where they had first met Kaya. Both girls were scared, excited, and very nervous. Would they be good Indians?
Would they be bad?
No one knew, they just had to see for themselves.
Once the girls were close enough to hear all the Indians, they looked for a close by place to hide. 
"Here, over in these bushes quickly!" Mary whispered urgently as she pointed towards a bunch of pine bushes. Quickly the girls ducked in them.
Soon, they were all set up sitting against the bark of a tree, while hiding in between bushes. They watched as a bunch of girls that all looked like Kaya came out to dance with some boys about their age. Then, Laura and Mary spotted Kaya sitting inside a little teepee hut watching the dancers and preparing   a special dress.
The girls felt so snug in their little hiding place, but they longed to go out and join in the dancing. Then, music began to play. It was good music with a tune that was really hard to follow. It was so unlike anything that the girls had ever heard before. It was pretty music, but Laura and Mary both preferred Pa's fiddle.
Suddenly, Kaya approached them. Kaya ducked her head a bit into the bushes, and Mary brought her head out more. Laura stayed back, because, even she was a little nervous of all the dancers.
"I'm so glad you guys could come! I wish you could come join the dance with me, but my tribe might not trust you. I have to go now, but I'll see you later hopefully!" Kaya gave a cheerful smile and wave, then she went back to her pow-wow.
Soon, the girls were back from the pow-wow. They had managed to not get caught, and to find out that  Kaya's tribe seemed very friendly. They had a great time watching from the bushes, but the bed in their loft bedroom, sure did look welcoming.
The girls fell asleep right away, before saying anything. They dreamed about it all night.
The next day came WAY to fast for Laura and Mary. Luckily it wasn't a school day, even if it was Monday.
Ma, who hadn't even put her hair up yet, was already waking them up. Laura and Mary never slept in, especially when there was chores to be done!
Ma was picking up some things from Laura and Mary's nightstand upstairs, when she happened to look at Laura who was getting out of bed. 
"Why Laura, how ever did you get pine needles on your nightgown?" Ma looked from Mary to Laura questioningly.
"I don't know Ma, I might have dragged it against the ground when I was bringing them in from the wash," Laura didn't like to lie, but this was a time when she felt like she had too. She knew she as being naughty, but she couldn't bring herself to tell Ma what they had done.
She hoped that she would be able to do it again!!

The End!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Part 2 of: Mary and Laura's Mysterious Picnic

The girls continued to spy on the strange Indian Girl. They were unsure of what to do. Mary half wanted to scream and run, and half wanted to stay and meet the girl. Laura was for once, unsure of what to do. 
Laura began to go down lower and get closer to the girl. 
"Be careful Laura, you don't want to give yourself away," warned Mary in a quiet but urgent warning voice.
"Of course i won't Mary, I'm sure that I'm real good at this kind of stuff!" Laura said in a whisper, as she bent over the branch more so she could fully see the strange girl.
Suddenly, Laura lost her balance and fell off her little branch. But, instead of falling, half of her foot got  wedged between the tree. 
Laura let out a tiny scream, which got the strange girl's attention.  Mary was so unsure what to do come on Mary, you have to go help your sister! Mary told herself. But suddenly she remembered, the picnic blanket! Quickly Mary ran and snatched up the blanket. Laura could land in it!
"Let yourself down Laura, you'll have a safe fall!" Mary looked nervously at the Indian Girl. The Indian Girl didn't smile, but she didn't look mean either. She had hardly any expression on her face, so it was hard to tell what she was thinking.
Laura landed fast into the blanket. Mary almost toppled over, but the Indian Girl was strong too, so no one was hurt.
Mary went back to put the blanket down, while Laura stayed behind. 
"My name is Laura," Laura held out her hand and looked up at the girl with uncertainty, did she know how to shake a hand? Did she even speak English?
"Hello Laura, my name is Kaya," Kaya looked at Laura with a small smile. 
"Come on and see my sister, she would love to meet you!" Laura hoped that she was right, and that Mary would want to meet Kaya.
Laura and Kaya walked over to Mary, who was tending to Star.
"Hello, my name is Kaya," Kaya bowed slightly to Mary. Then she smiled a small smile.
"M -m-my name is Mary," Mary was so surprised that Kaya knew English, and she was surprised that she was acting nice.
Soon the girls were running and playing Blanket Tag. They were also playing Hide and Seek!
Then they all laughed and played together on the blanket!
"I will always remember this day," Kaya said softly as she played with Mary and Laura.
"Too bad that there aren't a lot of clouds today," sighed Mary, who liked to make cloud animals with Laura.
"I know, we always like to make cloud animals, have you ever done that Kaya?" Laura looked at her waiting for an answer.
"Oh, I love clouds! We have an Indian Dance festival every Sunday night, you are welcome to attend the other one tomorrow! I would hide you from my people, and you could watch the whole thing!" Kaya looked at the girls excitedly and with a hopeful look in her eyes. She really wanted to share her tribe's traditions with her new friends.
Before the girls realized it, it began to get darker out. The sun was slowly setting, and Kaya had to go back to her people. Laura and Mary silently waved goodbye. Maybe they would attend tomorrow night.
Slowly the girls made their way home on the horse. It had been a long but fun day, and they were very tired.
Laura had a full feeling inside, that she got when she had made her first friend Samantha. She supposed that it was because she had made a new friend named Kaya.
Mary wanted to have Kaya as a friend, but she still wasn't sure she was completely trustworthy. Maybe her questions would be answered tomorrow night if they went to the big Dance Festival tomorrow night.

Laura was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home on the horse. Pa took her inside, as Mary walked in with Ma and Carrie.
It had been a good day, especially when Mary and Laura recieved news that there would be no school Monday!

The End!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Part 1 of: Laura and Mary's Mysterious Picnic

Laura and Mary had just finished their chores on that Saturday afternoon. They were finished their homework too. Mary suggest they go on a small picnic out by Willow Lake that was deep in the woods! Both girls thought it was such a peaceful place. Right in the center of the forest. 
Mary and Laura packed up a blanket they could relax on, and then they were off. They rode Shooting Star, one of the horses from Pa's new batch of horses in the barn. Star was really cute, but Laura still dreamed of someday having a horse of her own. 
Laura wasn't a very skilled rider, so Pa watched from the house as Mary and Laura slowly made their way down the dirt path into the woods. Even though Laura wasn't that great at riding, they made it their safely. 
While Mary went to find some edible berries to munch on, Laura got the blanket set out. It was a quilt that Ma had sewn. 
"Nice berries you found Mary, I think that the best berries come from around Willow Lake, the ones around Plum Creek are too sour!" Laura said as she bit into a huge plump berry. 
"I agree, I think these berries are good for Ma's pie!" Mary said, thinking of picking some to take home to Ma.
But suddenly, Laura spotted a person dressed in brown. 
"Mary, look over there, I think someone might be spying on us!" Laura said in a loud whisper, while pointing to what she saw.
"Oh Laura, maybe we should just pack up and leave. Suppose it really isn't a good person. If they were good, they would just come out and say hi, if they are bad, they would want to hide themselves!" Mary had a look of fear in her eyes. 
"Come on Mary! Don't you just need to see who could possibly be spying on us? Don't be so afraid of everything!" Laura said with an exasperated sigh.
"Oh alright Laura," said Mary as she sighed a small sigh. She knew that pa and ma wouldn't much like them trying to figure out who was spying on them. Mary knew deep down inside that they should turn back, but it might be okay just this once.
Laura was very right about someone spying on them. A young girl had been spying on them since they got there. She had long black braids and a brown deerskin dress. 
"Oh my Mary, it is an Indian Girl!!" Laura whispered in surprise. It was a true Indian Girl! 

This just made Mary more worried, "Laura, I think we should turn back, suppose they are bad Indians! Didn't you hear about that story where a group of townsmen were taken captive for 10 whole years?"

"Mary, what could a girl our age do to us?" Laura looked on with wonder in her eyes. She hadn't ever seen a real live Indian before. 
Either Mary actually did want to go on an adventure, or maybe it was Laura's persuasiveness, but Mary walked on with Laura.
"Come on Mary, we can spy on her from up here! Come on Mary, come on!" Laura whispered urgently to her sister. 
Mary slowly began to climb the tree. With the girls new friend Samantha, they climbed trees a whole lot! Mary was getting better and better at it.

Both girls were up in the tree and they were spying on the girl. She was definitely one of the Indians. 
Was she a friend or foe?
Was she bad or good?
Who was she?
What was she doing here?

To Be Continued in Part 2 Tomorrow....................