An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Full Episode of: The Midnight Pow-wow

One night, Laura lay in bed with her sister Mary. They girls had just been sent to bed, and Laura was staring at the oil lamp on her night stand. She wasn't tired one bit. All she could think about was Kaya and her tribe's pow wow.
Finally she drifted off a little bit.
Of course, she would wake back up and look out at the bright and big full moon. She just couldn't take it any more. She just had to see what was going on at Kaya's big pow-wow at midnight.
"Mary, are you awake?" Laura put her hand on her sister's shoulder, trying to see if she was asleep.

"I'm not awake," grumbled Mary as she buried her face more into her pillow. Sometimes she could be so grouchy when she was trying to sleep.
"Look Mary, I could tell all through dinner tonight that you were off thinking about something else, it was Kaya's pow-wow wasn't it?" Laura looked at her sister trying to find an answer.
"Maybe," Mary said looking slightly more awake.
"Well, I have been thinking about it, and it is nearly midnight now, the celebration will start soon you know. I was thinking -" Laura was stopped mid-sentence by Mary.
"I know what you were thinking Laura, you want to go to the pow-wow. I have been thinking about it too, and I think that we should, it might answer some of my questions and maybe some of yours. This will give us the chance to see if she is trustworthy. If we see her tribe doing evil stuff, we aren't to go back, but if they don't do anything, then we can go back!" Mary began to get much more awake. 
The girls walked cautiously out into the night lit by a small oil lantern and a full moon. They began to walk farther towards the woods where they had first met Kaya. Both girls were scared, excited, and very nervous. Would they be good Indians?
Would they be bad?
No one knew, they just had to see for themselves.
Once the girls were close enough to hear all the Indians, they looked for a close by place to hide. 
"Here, over in these bushes quickly!" Mary whispered urgently as she pointed towards a bunch of pine bushes. Quickly the girls ducked in them.
Soon, they were all set up sitting against the bark of a tree, while hiding in between bushes. They watched as a bunch of girls that all looked like Kaya came out to dance with some boys about their age. Then, Laura and Mary spotted Kaya sitting inside a little teepee hut watching the dancers and preparing   a special dress.
The girls felt so snug in their little hiding place, but they longed to go out and join in the dancing. Then, music began to play. It was good music with a tune that was really hard to follow. It was so unlike anything that the girls had ever heard before. It was pretty music, but Laura and Mary both preferred Pa's fiddle.
Suddenly, Kaya approached them. Kaya ducked her head a bit into the bushes, and Mary brought her head out more. Laura stayed back, because, even she was a little nervous of all the dancers.
"I'm so glad you guys could come! I wish you could come join the dance with me, but my tribe might not trust you. I have to go now, but I'll see you later hopefully!" Kaya gave a cheerful smile and wave, then she went back to her pow-wow.
Soon, the girls were back from the pow-wow. They had managed to not get caught, and to find out that  Kaya's tribe seemed very friendly. They had a great time watching from the bushes, but the bed in their loft bedroom, sure did look welcoming.
The girls fell asleep right away, before saying anything. They dreamed about it all night.
The next day came WAY to fast for Laura and Mary. Luckily it wasn't a school day, even if it was Monday.
Ma, who hadn't even put her hair up yet, was already waking them up. Laura and Mary never slept in, especially when there was chores to be done!
Ma was picking up some things from Laura and Mary's nightstand upstairs, when she happened to look at Laura who was getting out of bed. 
"Why Laura, how ever did you get pine needles on your nightgown?" Ma looked from Mary to Laura questioningly.
"I don't know Ma, I might have dragged it against the ground when I was bringing them in from the wash," Laura didn't like to lie, but this was a time when she felt like she had too. She knew she as being naughty, but she couldn't bring herself to tell Ma what they had done.
She hoped that she would be able to do it again!!

The End!!


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