An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, January 11, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Part 1 of: Laura and Mary's Mysterious Picnic

Laura and Mary had just finished their chores on that Saturday afternoon. They were finished their homework too. Mary suggest they go on a small picnic out by Willow Lake that was deep in the woods! Both girls thought it was such a peaceful place. Right in the center of the forest. 
Mary and Laura packed up a blanket they could relax on, and then they were off. They rode Shooting Star, one of the horses from Pa's new batch of horses in the barn. Star was really cute, but Laura still dreamed of someday having a horse of her own. 
Laura wasn't a very skilled rider, so Pa watched from the house as Mary and Laura slowly made their way down the dirt path into the woods. Even though Laura wasn't that great at riding, they made it their safely. 
While Mary went to find some edible berries to munch on, Laura got the blanket set out. It was a quilt that Ma had sewn. 
"Nice berries you found Mary, I think that the best berries come from around Willow Lake, the ones around Plum Creek are too sour!" Laura said as she bit into a huge plump berry. 
"I agree, I think these berries are good for Ma's pie!" Mary said, thinking of picking some to take home to Ma.
But suddenly, Laura spotted a person dressed in brown. 
"Mary, look over there, I think someone might be spying on us!" Laura said in a loud whisper, while pointing to what she saw.
"Oh Laura, maybe we should just pack up and leave. Suppose it really isn't a good person. If they were good, they would just come out and say hi, if they are bad, they would want to hide themselves!" Mary had a look of fear in her eyes. 
"Come on Mary! Don't you just need to see who could possibly be spying on us? Don't be so afraid of everything!" Laura said with an exasperated sigh.
"Oh alright Laura," said Mary as she sighed a small sigh. She knew that pa and ma wouldn't much like them trying to figure out who was spying on them. Mary knew deep down inside that they should turn back, but it might be okay just this once.
Laura was very right about someone spying on them. A young girl had been spying on them since they got there. She had long black braids and a brown deerskin dress. 
"Oh my Mary, it is an Indian Girl!!" Laura whispered in surprise. It was a true Indian Girl! 

This just made Mary more worried, "Laura, I think we should turn back, suppose they are bad Indians! Didn't you hear about that story where a group of townsmen were taken captive for 10 whole years?"

"Mary, what could a girl our age do to us?" Laura looked on with wonder in her eyes. She hadn't ever seen a real live Indian before. 
Either Mary actually did want to go on an adventure, or maybe it was Laura's persuasiveness, but Mary walked on with Laura.
"Come on Mary, we can spy on her from up here! Come on Mary, come on!" Laura whispered urgently to her sister. 
Mary slowly began to climb the tree. With the girls new friend Samantha, they climbed trees a whole lot! Mary was getting better and better at it.

Both girls were up in the tree and they were spying on the girl. She was definitely one of the Indians. 
Was she a friend or foe?
Was she bad or good?
Who was she?
What was she doing here?

To Be Continued in Part 2 Tomorrow....................


  1. I LOVE playing Little house on the prairie with my dolls! I always make sure it goes like this,
    Elizabeth as Mary,
    Felicity as Laura,
    Rebecca as Carrie,
    And Kit as Grace!

    I also like to play Little Women which also has four sisters named,

    Margaret (Meg)
    Josephine (Jo)
    Elizabeth (Beth)
    And Amy!

  2. Cool! I like playing Little Women too! I have read the book a lot too.