An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lanie Prepares for Competition!

Today, Lanie decided that she wanted to go out and skate and ride down some of the trails on American Girl Farms. She really wanted to win the Transportation Competition. (All transportation was allowed except for planes, cars, helicopters, space ships, ect.)
Lanie was either going to try out Kit's scooter, or rollerskate. She is really good at roller skating and has never fallen, so she thinks she might do that for the competition.
Look at those feet and wheels go!! With this fast skating, she will for sure win the competition next month.

She waves to her sister Angela who is practicing her cello inside the cabin. Emily is with her.
Lanie skates over leaves, branches, and even two rocks, but she doesn't fall, not even once!!
Then, she stops playing around and she gets serious. If she wants to win this competition next month, she had to be serious and work very hard. So, with her arms behind her back, and her feet forward, she began to skate as if she really was at the competition. Go Lanie! Go Lanie Go!!
She knew all the right positions and was very good at roller skating since she takes ice skating lessons and competes.
Next, Lanie tried out the scooter, but she was having more trouble with that. She went slowly on the scooter at first, but then she got a little faster. 
Lanie came to the conclusion that she should probably roller skate. What do you think??

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