An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Part 1 of: First Day of School

Once upon a time in the very small town of Walnut Grove, Minnesota, it was the first day of school for all the children in the town and the nearby town. Laura and Mary Ingalls had just left their house on their walk to school. They lived on a nice farm in Walnut Grove, and Mary couldn't wait for the first day of school. Some day she wanted to be a teacher. Laura was seven and Mary was nine. Laura was a little excited, well, maybe. She thought she would rather stay home with her baby sister Carrie, but she knew she had to go to school, and besides, she mustn't disappoint her ma. Maybe it would be fun.
"Come on Laura, stop being so slow, you don't want to make us late for school on the first day, do you?" Mary sighed a heavy sigh as she tried to grab her sister's hand. Laura just didn't understand, they couldn't just walk in late on the very FIRST day!
"I am so upset that we forgot our bonnets, I hope ma isn't mad," Mary said, trying to make a conversation as they neared the school. Even though Mary was excited, she was a bit scared too. In her stomach she had that scared, but excited feeling that made her want to jump for joy and make her run and hide all at the same time. Mary was a little worried that her eggs and bacon wouldn't stay down. 
After getting to the school and into the school yard, a young girl that looked about a year older then Laura and a year younger then Mary walked up to them. Her dress was very bright pink, and it had beautiful lacy bows going up the sides. Her hair had perfect curls and they bounced with every step she took. Mary thought she might be their possible new friend, but somehow, Laura knew better.
"Hello, I heard two new country girls were coming to this school, I suppose you must be the two," she looked at them with a questioning glare that made Mary want to run and hide, but also to stand up for herself all at the same time. 
Laura never felt like running and hiding in times like these, she just wanted to stand up for herself, "Yes, we are the country girls, and why does that make any difference to you if we're from the country or the town?" Laura tried to act a little braver then she felt. 
"Well, my father owns  The Oleson Mercantile right across the street, and I am Nellie Oleson," Nellie said.
"Well, we are the Ingalls' I'm Mary and this is my younger sister Laura. Nice to meet you Nellie," said Mary trying her hardest to act kind. She knew Ma would be proud of her.
"Well I don't think you should act like your so big, you are just two little dirty country girls!" Nellie said with a little laugh.
"Don't you call me and my sister that you big pink mouse!" Laura shouted as she pushed Mary aside and stood in front of her. 
Mary, on the other hand, didn't usually like to fight, but right now, she thought it might be a little okay. 
"YOU DON'T CALL ME THAT!" shouted Nellie as she stamped her foot hard on the rocky, dirty, dusty ground.
Suddenly, before Nellie and Laura knew it, they were wrapping there arms over each other, and Laura was being thrown head over heels. Of course, Laura brought Nellie down with her and soon they were rolling around fighting.
Mary, who had gone to meet some other girls by the side of the school house, quickly saw what was going on with Laura. Mary felt upset with Laura, and mad with Nellie too. But, she would feel bad just standing and watching the fight. Mary just had to go get her sister out of trouble! Quickly, she ran to the scene.
Mary was really upset with Laura, she feared they would get in trouble on their first day. It was still really early, so their teacher hadn't come down the road yet, so Mary figured they would be fine. Still, the thought of getting in trouble on the first day made Mary want to be mad, sad, and really worried. But, she went on to try to save her sister.
Nellie was surprisingly upset and pretty strong. She quickly knocked Mary out of the scene, but then quit fighting. Thank goodness too, because the teacher had just been spotted down the road far away.
"Look what you did! Next time you make me all dirty, I'll tell Miss Beadle everything you did. I'll let you off free this one time though," said Nellie acting very upset. 
The girls were very relieved that Nellie wouldn't tell Miss Beadle their new teacher. Now they just had to wait for Miss Beadle to get up the school house steps and ring the bell.

Part 2 COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for listening!
Molly McIntire as Laura Elizabeth Ingalls (Half Pint)
Kirsten Larson as Mary Amelia Ingalls
Felicity Merriman as Caroline "Ma" Ingalls
Margret Mildred "Kit" Kitteredge as Charles "Pa" Ingalls
Aurora (baby doll sleeping beauty) as Caroline "Carrie" Ingalls
Barksee (Kanani Akina's dog) as Jack the dog
Delaney "Lanie" Holland as Nellie Oleson
Ivy Ling as Mrs. Oleson and Mr. Oleson
Kanani Akina as Miss Beadle
Samantha Parkington as Samantha Parks (Mary and Laura's new friend!)
More credits coming soon!


  1. Wow this is really fun! =) Can't wait to see part 2!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like it!! I will hopefully have part 2 up by Friday or maybe tomorrow!

  2. Great job loving it!!!!! I am looking forward to part two!!