An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, June 13, 2014

Little House on the Prairie: The Sickness Part #3

The doctor had transferred Mary to the church, where they would try to get her better. If needed of course, then they would make arrangements for the hospital. Everyone hoped that was not necessary.
Mary lay on her little mattress which had been hurriedly made and donated by the local seamstresses who were doing all they could for the poor sick people of the town.
Mary was very grateful even though she felt worse than anything.

The other town over, who had been asked to send help for the epidemic, had sent away Mosi, a young, orphaned Native American child who worked for a rich family. She had caught the terrible epidemic but had recovered quickly, and it was now determined that she could not get it again.
Now, she worked tediously trying to get all the patients in the little makeshift church hospital well again.

She passed out some medicine that wasn't necessarily going to get them better, but it would help a bit. She brought her cup of medicine and gave a spoon of it to Mary.
"You must take medicine," Mosi spoke in her broken English. "You will get better."
Mary slowly took the herbal brew of soothing medicine.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Laura had gotten a little better and was now sitting up. She might have felt better physically, but on the inside she worried. Mary was always weak when it came to getting sick and she didn't take it quite as well. Still, it was rare that she would get sick. Laura felt sicker by worrying, so she vowed to stop. Only she couldn't.
Dr. Baker brought around some more heavy duty medicines in a large horse feed bucket (don't worry, it was cleaned out).
It didn't seem to help Mary though, and as they day went on into the afternoon, she got progressively worse. "I may have to take her to the hospital," Dr. Baker thought aloud, "In fact, I think I must." Quickly, he hurried out to the Ingalls' homestead, and just as quickly, brought Ma back in his buggy.

IN the church, Ma grabbed Mary and hugged her. "You are going to go to the hospital, now."
"No, Ma!" Mary cried.
"You will get better at the hospital. It would only be right. Come now, Dr. Baker has arranged a train already."  
Hurriedly, they were transported to the train and then to the hospital. In all, it took about three hours. Surprisingly Mary wasn't feeling any worse. Then again, she didn't know if it was possible to feel any worse.
At the hospital, a few hours later, after Mary had been inspected by the doctor. The doctor determined that there was nothing he could do and that she should move around or else she might lose all feelings in her legs and possibly not be able to walk again.
Mary wanted to walk again, so she pushed herself to get on her wooden crutches and hobble around the hospital walking area. It hurt with each step, and Mary herself, in her brain, felt wobbly, but she wanted to walk on, so that didn't stop her. Ma carefully guided her by the shoulder, and together they walked.
It was soon decided that there was nothing that could be done and it might even be more affective for her recover in her own bed. Mary, who didn't particularly like the hospital, despite the nice doctor and nurses, was glad to hears this and was excited to get home and more excited that she could get better soon.  

Back at home, awaiting Mary, was Laura making up the bed and tidying up the house. Pa was still out making trips for the doctor, so Laura was left to practice her responsible side and take care of her chores, Carrie, and any other housework. Not to mention preparing meals!
Suddenly though, in excitement, she heard Mary and Ma walk through the door. Quickly, she finished making up the bed and ran down to see her Ma and her sister.

Laura and Mary gently hugged. "Are you going to be okay?" Laura asked.
"Don't you worry, Laura, I'm going to be just fine," Mary smiled, hugging her back once more.
"But I am going to have these silly wooden crutches for a while. How are you feeling?"
"I'm feeling great! I don't think I have a touch of fever or sickness anymore. I'm glad to be all better. You'll be better soon too."
"Well, right now, your sister has to rest, Laura, now let her go. I'm going to help her up the loft ladder."
And off Mary went. Laura felt at peace and at the moment she didn't mind helping her sister, and while she knew that there would be plenty of fights down the road, Laura loved her sister and knew she always would.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Doll Clothes Idea and Outfit of the Day #2!

A little while back I started a "Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the Day". Well, I decided to post the second outfit of the day and idea.
Clothes Idea: I know that a lot of people have Molly, and if you received her in her meet outfit, then you know that it came with a cute little collar/dickey. Well, I also noticed that the dickey seems to be forgotten and isn't really used that much unless the doll is dressed in Molly's meet outfit. Well, I decided to change that. Below, in the outfit of the day, is an example of a really cute (in my opinion) outfit that features that cute but sometimes forgotten dickey.
Tip: You can really take any part of a historic outfit and turn it into a modern one if you'd like. It is great to have different options for your doll's outfits. In this outfit, I use 3 historic outfit pieces.
Here is a view of the outfit of the day! I know this is a bad angle, but I hope you can see it at least a little bit.
Firstt, here is the close up of Jasmine's face. As you can see, to go with the red theme of the shirt, I added a matching bow.
As you can see, the dickey is underneath just a plain tee shirt and looks very festive for a patriotic holiday. 4th of July, maybe?

Here's the front of the shirt. See, it's just a plain graphic tee. You could really add the dickey underneath a selection of shirts and it would look good. Since it is Molly's dickey, I added in her locket too just to complete the look.
Lastly, here is a more focused view of the pants and shoes. As you can see, I used Caroline's old fashioned work boots on this modern outfit and it, I think, works pretty well.
Here are all the clothes pieces I used in this outfit:
1. Kit's Holiday Outfit - bow
2. AGP Graphic Tee - Washington D.C. shirt
3. Lanie's Nature Outfit - leggings
4. Molly's Meet Outfit - dickey/collar
5. Molly's Accessories - locket
5. Caroline's Farm Work Outfit - boots 

The MagNeoBio Award!

I had 2 people nominate me for the MagNeoBio award, Shelby-Grace ( & Nikki (
Here are Shelby-Grace's questions (I will answer Nikki's next):

  1. How many dolls do you own?
A: I own a lot of dolls (mostly AG)! I own 14 AG dolls, 1 Bitty Baby, 2 Journey Girls, and 3 Hearts for Hearts girls, and a few other brands.

2. Do you collect any other dolls besides AG?
A: Yes, I collect Hearts 4 Hearts girls (I have some Toys r Us Journey Girls, but I don't want anymore and am not into collecting or getting more of those - I have the 2 that I like/want).

3. How long have you had a blog?
A: Oh wow, I guess I'm nearing my 2nd year of blogging! I know it's not too long, but still, wow! 2 years - I can't believe it's been that long!

4. Who was your first American Girl doll?
A: Julie. She looks the most like me so I got her instead of a JLY doll.

5. Do you design your own doll clothes?
A: I design the clothes (I have about 2 or 3 sketchbooks full), but I haven't actually created/sewed them. I am currently sewing a Little House on the Prairie style dress, but it is nowhere near done. Later on if I find the time (which I might have more of since I'm on summer break), maybe I'll post a few of my doll designs.

6. What are your doll's hobbies?
A: My dolls do about every sort of sport or club you could ever imagine, so they don't have too much freetime. Their favorites are basketball, dance, violin, acting, and flute.

7.If you had to choose, who is your favorite doll?
A: My favorite doll....probably Kirsten because I love her accessories and her, and how she comes from Sweden, and just her pioneer story. My favorite does change everyday, but I've wanted her for a long time (and I finally got her too!).

8. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
A: There are SOOO many places I want to go....hmm. I'd probably want to go on a tour of the Laura Ingalls homesteads around the country with my cousin (we both love Laura & her books).

9. If you could design a historical or girl of the year doll, what would she be like?
A: For the Girl of the Year doll, I'd make her into a girl who lives on a sailboat with her sister and parents (and dog). She'd get to explore around the country and have a few interesting adventures. Oh yes, and maybe to make things even more interesting, she could be Caroline's great-great-grandchild or something and maybe still sail on a boat her father or her made?
For the Historical Character, I'd probably create a pilgrim girl who has just settled down here in America.
Now for Nikki's questions!

1. Do your dolls have middle names or nicknames? If so, what are they?
A: For some of my dolls, (mainly the HC dolls), I'll go on the American Girl Wiki and look at their profile to see if they have a middle name that the author of their books already picked out for them. If they don't, I'll make something that fits into their era. For the Girl of the Year dolls, I make up middle names that I think fit them. Also, I named my Lanie doll Delaney and she's called Lanie as a nickname, because I thought that Lanie sounded more like a nickname for Delaney. My dolls sort of have nicknames, like my JLY #53 Jasmine has the nickname "Jazzy" or "Jazz" or sometimes "Mimi" XD. The nicknames just sort of come and go, not many of them have really stuck (except for the Lanie one).

2. What's your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
A: My favorite thing to do with my dolls would probably be making photo stories.

3. How long have you had American Girl dolls?
A: I got my first one (Julie) on the Christmas of 2008. I guess this'll be my 6th year of having them!

4. How do you play with your dolls?
A: I play with my dolls a lot, so sometimes I'll make one of them the mom and I'll write up this crazy schedule for them and they'll all have to try and make it to the lessons or sports or something. I love doing photo stories for my blog, or a stop motion video for fun. My other favorite thing to do is make up new outfits from all the existing outfits that I own.

5. What are your favorite Historical American Girl books, and why?
A: My favorites would probably be Samantha - though it is REALLY hard to choose. In fact, my favorites change everyday. I think I like Samantha's books the most because it is interesting to hear about her rich life in the turn of the century/Victorian era. I also love Kit & Julie's books as my top 3 favorites, because Kit is a writer/reporter for fun like me and Julie looks like me and I think her story and her adventures are the most fascinating.

6. Do you have a proper bed for your dolls?
A: Yes. I have 2 sets of bunk beds that my neighbors gave me because they didn't have room for them. They are really sturdy beds and are handmade too. They were also given to me with bedding, mattresses, and pillows. Before I received the bunk beds, I bought Elizabeth's Bed and Bedding from a great kids consignment shop near me. It was brand new and only $50 (after already being retired!)

7. Do your dolls all share clothes or do they have their own clothes?
A: All my American Girl dolls share clothes, but my other different types of dolls don't because they don't really fit other doll's clothing (if that made any sense XD).

8. Do you like making up hairstyles for your dolls?
A: I love making up hairstyles for my dolls! Whenever I go to a store, I always find doll sized bows, clips, and twisties that go perfectly in my homemade doll hairstyle kit.

9. What non-American Girl Dolls do you like?
A: I like the Hearts 4 Hearts girls and the Journey Girls and Our Generation girls. I also like the Life of Faith dolls and the My Twinn dolls.

10. Do you like acting?
A: I LOVEEEE acting!!! I love being in the spotlight for anything! In fact, I've auditioned for a few things too! I am terrible at singing though and stuff, so I don't like acting that involves singing and sometimes I get annoyed by musicals. XD

Thank you girls for the questions and nomination!

Now here are some people that I'm going to nominate....

Super Inky!

Clarisse's Closet!

AG Fern Friends!

1 more person who hasn't been nominated (comment below to tell me you took this spot)

Here are the questions:

1. Have you heard of the new AG BeForever line that will be released? If so, what do you think of it?

2. What's your favorite doll that you do not own (doesn't have to be American Girl)?

3. What inspired you to start a blog?

4. How did you find out about American Girl?

5. What do you like most about American Girl?

6. What do you like least about American Girl?

7. What is your doll's favorite activity (sports, dance, play, etc.)?

8. Has your doll ever traveled? If so, what was her favorite place to travel to?

9. What is 1 Girl of the Year doll that you wish AG had made/will make?

Thank you!