An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day #9

I don't have a tip to go with this Outfit of the Day, but I do have a "Paris inspired" outfit (warning: it is a pretty "stereotypical" outfit that someone in America would only wear)
Ivy wore this outfit in the Part #1 of Grace's Arrival and while it definitely isn't what someone from Paris would wear, I thought it was just cute!
Here is Ivy's outfit (I know, some of these pics were used in the "Grace's Arrival Part #1 Photo story, but I thought they would work well for this too)
Ivy is wearing a cute skirt, pink ballet flats, an "I Love You, Paris" shirt, and a heavy jacket that still looks fashionable. Oh, and she has a beret on to complete the "stereotypical Paris tourist" look.
Her cute shirt is kind of hidden by the jacket, but unfortunately, you can't go around wearing a tee shirt in the middle/late January where she lives! XD Also, the layering looks nice; it looks way better in person to be honest.
Ivy's passport picture. XD
Ivy really wants to visit Paris and see everything there so she likes to take pictures of herself and pretend that she is getting her "passport picture" taken.
She actually looks cute in this picture!
Payton & Ivy with their berets on! Ivy is kind of jealous that Payton's beret has a cute embroidered flower graphic on the side!
I added a cute knit purple scarf (OG) to the outfit, but it made the outfit to purple-y for my liking and it made it come out sort of drab in each picture.
I'm sorry that I didn't get together a "tip-of-the-day" to go with this post, but I felt like just posting the outfit so that I could possibly give everyone some ideas for future doll outfits.
Ivy's Outfit:
Shoes = OG Ballerina Outfit
Skirt: AGP Exclusive
Shirt: Grace's Meet Outfit
Jacket: Lanie's Nature Accessories
Scarf: OG Winter Coat Set
Beret: Ivy's Meet Accessories

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grace's Arrival: Part #1

Since Grace is probably the last doll I'm going to get (or will be allowed to get), I wanted to do something extra special to celebrate her arrival. I came up with this mini photo story series and I shot a lot of it today; I had to have a tooth yanked out by the dentist (it really hurt because it was wedged between other teeth and stuck). Ugh. It was painful afterwards, so I pretty much relaxed in my playroom and room and am still getting over it. XD Luckily, filming this series wasn't very tedious XD.
Some background on Part #1: The girls' parents got the dates wrong for Grace's arrival and were quite surprised when they got the call that she was arriving a week earlier than they expected. Now, on the day of her arrival, they are all hurriedly preparing.
Here is Part #1:
"This is under the 'French Fashionista' section. Do you think Grace will have anything like it in her wardrobe?" Payton asked Ivy as they flipped through the OG Outfitters Clothing Catalogue. The two girls were more consumed with trying to impress and make their guest feel like she was in Paris instead of cleaning up what was going to be Grace's family cabin and bedroom.
"I don't know," Ivy shook her head. "We better get our outfits ready, though - she'll be here in less than two hours. I wish we would've had time to go shopping."
"Well I'm glad I missed shopping," Payton, who didn't like shopping for clothes, said.
"You would be," Ivy rolled her eyes. Both girls laughed.
Molly walked by, carrying clean blankets, sheets, and towels to Grace's cabin.
"What are you two doing?" Molly asked them as they continued to giggle.
"We're," Ivy started, catching her breath from laughing, "We're deciding what outfits to wear for Grace's arrival."
"Don't make her feel bad or different, Ivy," Molly shook her head. Just because she is from Paris doesn't make her that much different or exotic. She's still just like us.
"Of course, of course," Ivy brushed Molly's words of wisdom off and Molly shrugged and walked away, hoping for the best.
The girls raided the closet in search of some Parisian clothing; which was pretty hard to find. Soon, all the possible outfits were set out in a huge wrinkly bunch on the bedroom floor.
"Come on, let's choose outfits!" Ivy clapped her hands excitedly and the girls both dove for the pile, trying to pick out their favorites before the other.
Payton still wasn't totally in to the idea, so she chose a simple pink skirt and an I <3 Paris shirt. Ivy, meanwhile, was still in the dressing room after 15 minutes.
"I'm all done," Payton called to her.
"What?" Ivy screeched, "Oh well, okay. I'm not done yet - don't forget your beret either!"
Payton grabbed a beret out of the pile, shrugged, and walked out of the room to see if Molly needed any help.
Ivy, a half hour later, exited the dressing room, looking "perfect" in a purple skirt, "I love you Paris" tee, a white jacket, and a pink beret. She quickly threw some pale pink ballet flats and a purple scarf on to complete the look and was off.
The two "Paris Fashionistas" took an "ussie" and texted it to Grace.
"Uh oh," Ivy bit her lip, "I think I texted her multiple times. Whoops."
Payton shrugged, "It's okay. I'm sure that she is just as excited as we are - she'll understand for sure."
Ivy began to prepare the other girls. She took Kirsten up to the loft and they began to practice some of the key words in French they had learned from the English-French dictionary. Or, more like Ivy had learned and tried to force it on the other girls. Kirsten had been pretty busy and was just getting her third lesson (the other girls had been through 5 lessons).  
"Now how to do you say 'hello' in French?" Ivy asked her "student."
"Ummmm," Kirsten drew out a breath, trying to remember. She may or may not have had her Nintendo DS hidden in her coat during her last lesson and she hadn't been paying attention. "Hola?" Kirsten said, but it ended up sounding like a very uneducated question.
"I give up! It's impossible!" Ivy threw her hands in the air and left Kirsten alone in the tiny loft. Ivy sure had been on edge lately.
Ivy snuck up on Molly and scared her.
"What are you doing?" Ivy asked.
"I'm preparing a nice room for Grace and helping out - just like you should be," Molly sighed as she laid out a nice pair of pajamas for Grace just in case she didn't bring a pair.
"Why are you so worried about making up her room for her? With all our Paris talking, she'll barely be here. You're acting like she's going to be some recluse to her cabin or something," Ivy rolled her eyes.
Molly turned around and stared at Ivy seriously. "Her mother is sick and she is probably going to be jet lagged and tired. She may even be homesick or scared. If she does want to stay in her room, you'll have to understand. Ivy, you need to stop being so crazy."
Ivy smiled, "Well...Okay." She then left.  
A little later the door bell rang. Ivy and Payton quickly sprang into action and nearly trampled each other trying to be the first to open it.
Grace smiled at them and hugged each of them and kissed both of their cheeks. Ivy knew about this custom and they nearly bumped noses both trying to do it at the same time. Both girls smiled and giggled nervously.
Then, Ivy tried to do a dance move that required a flip in the air and she landed smack on her face. Grace shifted from foot to foot nervously and eyed Ivy when she stood up.
"Hi Grace!" Ivy jumped up and down right in front of her.
"Hello," Grace smiled. "It is a pleasure to meet each of you, but I am rather tired. Will you be as kind as to show me my room? I think I will rest a bit for the afternoon, for I am rather jetlagged."  
Molly quietly walked Grace to her room so that Ivy could calm herself. (XD)
Grace was happy to see her beautiful new bed and a nice quilt and pair of pajamas to go with it.
Soon after she had gotten in and was about to settle herself down to sleep, Kit came in.
"I thought I'd give you this," Kit placed a picture on Grace's bed and gestured towards it; a postcard of the Eiffel Tower. "It might make you feel more at home," Kit suggested.
Grace smiled politely. "Thank you, Margaret." Grace had gotten a picture and name guide of all the girls prior to her arrival and the parent who typed up the list must've forgotten to mention that Kit had a nickname; "Kit."
"Make yourself at home now," Kit smiled before dashing out of the room that had been swallowed in an uncomfortable silence.
Grace set the postcard gift on the shelf above the bed and sighed.  
Then she set down her Playmobil doll.
This strange new place didn't feel like home yet, but there was no doubt in Grace's mind that this place could become her new home.

Grace Thomas

Hi! I'm Ella-Grace Elizabeth Thomas. But, everyone calls me Grace. I'm American and was born in America, but have lived the majority of my life in Paris, France, having moved there when I was only 3 along with my older brother Josh, and my mom and dad.
I know English and French and I love to bake any sort of sweets, though my favorite is cupcakes and blueberry muffins with some lemon zest added in. I also play the violin, and I like to play around with the guitar, though I do not really know the first thing about playing. I also take ballet and was head of my class back in Paris where I studied with some of the most famous teachers in the world. I hope to teach ballet and own a  French bakery one day (soon!).
The reason my family decided to come back to America is an unfortunate one. A few months ago, my mother got very sick and the doctors in France suggested that she come here to receive better care. So the whole family moved. Hopefully it is just temporary.
  I'm excited to meet some new friends and have a lot of fun in America!

Monday, January 12, 2015


So, this weekend, I celebrated my birthday! I'm 13 now! Cool!
Anyway, I was surprised with a trip to Florida - Disney World, to be exact! I went there on Saturday and we were going to go back on Sunday, but it was raining, so instead, we decided that it would be the perfect day to take a trip to AGP Orlando! It was a bit far from Disney, but not too far, so we went!
I had such a good time, and I was so excited to get to go! I wasn't planning on getting anything (after Cyber Monday, I'm pretty much broke XD), but my aunt bought me......................................................
I know, I'm kind of freaking out, but there is a lot of reason to, right? Along with Grace, I got an AGP shirt from Orlando (the AGP exclusive) and Kit's Photography outfit (I didn't like it online, but in person, it was stunning and bright!)
It was between Grace and Rebecca, and I chose Grace, just because I knew right away, as soon as I saw her in person, that I loved her. I was right! I now have 15 dolls, which my parents say is my limit (which is okay with me - as long as I got Grace!).
Grace may not look that amazing on the website, but in person, she is the best GOTY ever. Take my word for it; you need her.
In celebration of getting her, I did a small photo shoot just to give everyone an idea of who she is and what she looks like in person. I am already planning a photo story to welcome her, but with my busy schedule, the lighting in my house being pretty bad lately (overcast winter days), and all that stuff, I do not know when I will get the story up on the blog. 
Here she is! Grace has decided to "grace" our presence" XD She is just so, so, so stunning. The main attraction for me is her freckles (I love freckles and her freckles are slightly light like mine and in the same places too - twins! XD)
A profile sort of view of her face. The way her freckles dot across her nose and cheeks is SO cute! Her teeth seem a bit bigger than the other dolls.
More of Grace's amazing face.
This shirt I got a while ago from the "Create-a-tee" activity at AGP really fits Grace's personality.
Some shoes.
I  must admit that online I was never the biggest fan of Kit's photography outfit. While I still don't think it is completely "1930s", it is still really cute, bright, and cheerful for a modern day girl. Grace looks great in it!
Grace's hair is brown with blonde-ish/dirty blonde highlights throughout. It is so unique and stunning, and if you look closely, the highlights can be seen running throughout this braid on the side of her head.
The top of the dress is really cute.
I love the print of the dress. It is bright and cheerful, but not too bright, if you know what I mean. XD
A better view of the print!
The cut around the neck of the dress is cute, and suits Grace and the others very well.  
She comes with a charm bracelet (I originally thought you had to buy it separately, but thankfully, that was not the case.) The dog "BonBon" charm is really cute and probably my favorite out of the charms (a suitcase, postcard, heart, and macaron).
Grace with a bow.  
The sweater with the photography outfit is a nice and soft cable-knit. It slings easily over her shoulder when she is not wearing it.
And looks very cute when she is.
Grace is so, so special and I love her so much. I also really love the new outfit I got and I'm excited to incorporate them into some really cool photo stories that I am planning/working on.
Do you have Grace? Do you want her? Why or why not?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sisters: a Photo Shoot

I absolutely adore my new winter chalet! I'm still obsessing over it! (Yes, really)
Well, I decided that I just had to do my first photo shoot in it and what better time to do it than around the New Year?
The photo shoot is centered around Shola & Molly, who are not really sisters, but she is living with the McIntire family for now, just because her mother thought she was safer over here. Despite never living in America, Shola knows good English because her mother did once live over here in America.

Shola is not wearing her headscarf in this photo shoot, just because she looks beautiful with it off too and I wanted to showcase her beautiful, thick, layered hair this time.
Gazing at the fire (which is not actually on in this photo, sorry XD) 
Shola really looks up to Molly as a big sister.  
Looking through the window!

Sisters + a doll   
The three sisters!!!
Shola with one of her Christmas presents; Rebecca, the newest sister.
I think this is my favorite of Shola. It really showcases her shy and quiet yet mysterious and inquisitive spirit.
Olly Molly & "Sho" (her nickname is "Sho")
The girls love doing each others' hair. Since Molly's sister Jill won't let her do styles on her hair, Molly can do styles on her younger sister's hair instead!
More styling in the chalet!
Sho is now braiding Molly's hair. She loves braiding since Molly taught her!
I really, really want some feedback on these pictures! I am still trying to improve my photography, and I wanted to do this photo shoot and today was not the sunniest day (it is pretty cloudy). I did not use flash on any of these pictures. 
Lessons Learned From the Shoot:
Doll Posing: I used a ponytail holder to get Shola to hold Rebecca, and I experimented with many different ways and chose the best way (using the holder). I know the perfect way to pose dolls holding things now!
I'm on a new posting schedule this year where I try to do at least 10 posts a month. I'm pretty busy, but I think that I should be able to post at least 10 times a month (except during June & July).
Let's hope it actually works!