An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sewing Sunday #2 - On Monday!

So if you read my last post, you probably heard that I was on vacation for this weekend, and I got back yesterday. Well, I didn't really have much time to post my Sewing Saturday/Sunday column, so I decided to just post it today - a Sewing Sunday on Monday!
Last week (Sunday to be exact) I showed you the beginnings of my sewing project using the 40s' Bubble Gum Dress pattern from Pixie Faire. This week, I'm going to show you, my readers and friends, my finished project! I didn't get to work on it too much this week, yet somehow it came together and I am extremely pleased and happy with it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too!
Here is the finished dress! It probably isn't the absolute best, but I am somewhat of a beginner, so I'm very pleased with how it turned out! This pattern was pretty darn hard, so I don't know if I would use it again and I probably wouldn't recommend it, but the outcome sure is beautiful!
I paired the dress with this cute set of shoes from Kit's Reporter Outfit, I believe. They just seem like they were made special for the dress - I absolutely love when things come together like that.
Here she is standing next to the school desk. I love Felicity's versatility. She can go from being a modern girl one day (see the post before this of her at the beach) to being a little 40/50s girl! I think this dress was perfect for this time because it really, really reminds me of something that could possibly be a part of Maryellen's collection. The different colored yoke at the top is my favorite! Doesn't Felicity remind anyone of Maryellen here?
Felicity's high, thick ponytail was inspired by; you guessed it; Maryellen, the new HC! I really like the lighting in this picture (her face is lighter and then her hair is in the background and darker).
The waistband and gathering stitch in this outfit were probably the parts that I had the most challenge with; the gathering stitch kept breaking and it just wasn't going well at first. I had to redo it and pull out threads so many times, but it was well worth it with this beautiful outcome!
Another view of the dress! With the remainder of the fabric, I made a little hair bow for her too. I still need to actually hem the hair bow and make  it official, but it looks pretty good right now, too!
Stunning, beautiful Lissie. I just love her red, thick hair.
Bird's eye view of the dress.
Has anyone else made this pattern before? Is anyone else working on a similar sewing project right now? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!
Thanks for reading! : )

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lissie & Payton on the Beach!

My wonderful neighbors/friends invited us to their beach house that is only 4-5 hours away! We couldn't pass that up, so we left on Friday afternoon, spent the night, spent all of Saturday, spent another night, and then we finally got home today in the early afternoon! I had a great time! It wasn't exactly overly sunny or warm so I didn't really go swimming in the ocean, but I collected sea shells and walked on the boardwalk! I had a great time and I was able to bring two dolls (Felicity and Payton). I only took 7 pictures of them - and nowhere near the ocean because it was too rough, but I still thought I'd share - the pictures are pretty cool! Remember, as always with every photo shoot, I'd love to hear your comments, concerns, questions, and ideas to make my photography better!

This is Payton in Julie's Patchwork Outfit (I believe it is retired?). I used the bandana/head scarf that came with the outfit to tie around her messy bun. I figured out how to do perfect buns in my dolls' hair and now I am obsessed with it!
Her head got kind of cut off in this picture, but it was a nice shot of the outfit, I think
I love this picture because she has the sandy dunes behind her. It was really windy out and she fell face first into the sand right after I took this pic. I was super frantic and I kind of panicked when the sand got near her eye, but it all ended well. :P
Felicity's outfit is my absolute favorite and I'm going to post it later as an Outfit of the Day probably. I love her bun with the bandana (Julie's Calico Outfit) tied around it.

More of Lissie against the sand dunes. I'm not sure how this picture will turn out online in the end, but on the camera, it looked pretty clear and I was really proud of myself for getting such a clear picture, but things do tend to come out looking different online, so I don't know if it is actually clear.

Felicity's feet in the sand next to the vines on the beach. She was standing on a sort of hill and I had to bury her feet in a little bit.
Of course, Lissie and Payton had to pose for a picture. My favorite picture of the two is below this one.

I just absolutely LOVE this picture. I don't know why, but Felicity and Payton just look so alive and realistic, like they are really having fun.
Of course, after I finished taking this picture, the rain began to pour. Thank goodness I was wearing a sweater and was able to wrap it around them and the camera that my mom is so careful with but she let me borrow. (The camera cannot get wet from the rain)
I had a great time and if my neighbors happen to read this, thank you guys so much for letting us stay with you! Thanks for helping me pose the dolls too - I had a really, really great time!
(For those who are wondering about Sewing Sunday, I have made SOOOO much progress on my dress and it is basically finished, but I was unable to get good pictures of it today, so for this week only, I am going to post Sewing Sunday on Monday! :P)
Thanks for reading my blog!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maryellen is Here!!! (thoughts on her collection as well as TrulyMe releases!)

Maryellen is finally released! I don't know about you, but I have been counting down the days until she was released ever since AG started hinting about her and leaked images started coming up. Finally, the day has come, and as always, I will do an opinion on the different items in her collection, as well as the items that were also newly released in the TrulyMe collection. Have fun looking through my opinions - I'd love to hear your opinions on her collection in the comments!
Maryellen Doll - $115
I love her. What else is there to say? Everything about her is just beautiful! I also love her name (considering my fave character on the Waltons show; Mary Ellen)! I like how her outfit isn't all pink (a common complaint from many avid AG collectors). The dress is so cute and so is the little shrug. I'm not sure about the historical accuracy of this outfit, so I'm not going to comment on something I don't know about. ;P Her shoes are cute and her bow is a nice touch. She looks like a mix of Lanie and Isabelle, so that is my only complaint - I feel like she could've been a bit more unique in the face, but her hair, I feel, is very unique in color and style.
I love her - finally, an AG doll release that I am over-the-top happy about.
No Image
Maryellen's Accessories - $24
This set is okay. I personally think that there could've been something a little more unique to Marellen herself, but it's okay - the purse is so cute. I personally wouldn't pay more than $10 for this tiny set of a pair of thin gloves, two plain jewelry pieces, and a tiny purse. I have no problem with it, I just feel they could've put a little more thought into it.
No Image
Maryellen's Pajamas - $24
I LOVE these baby-doll style pajamas. They are so adorable and so iconic to that era. I love how the green looks on Maryellen. With Maryellen, they didn't choose just two colors and theme everything around them, like they did with McKenna or other numerous dolls. Maryellen actually has a variety of different colors in her wardrobe, which I feel is much more realistic.
I really hope to buy this set.
No Image
Maryellen's Poodle Skirt Outfit - $36
I love this! The skirt is adorable, and I knew they would have to have this skirt as part of her collection - I was right! Sure, I guess it could be considered by some to be stereotypical or whatever, but I love this set, from the bow to the saddle shoes. I would complain about the price, but honestly, you get 5 pieces with this outfit, and I'm just grateful AG didn't make it $42 or something crazier.
No Image
Maryellen's Birthday Dress - $34
I'm not a fan of this dress. The headband is cute, and I like the tulle and sash and corsage, but the fabric that made the base of the dress just seems really cheap and flimsy and crinkly and the shoes don't really go with the outfit, in my opinion. The outfit could've been cute had they used a better quality fabric under those mountains of tulle and if they had just slightly changed the shoes. Also, how did this pass for $34. $28 seems more reasonable to me. I don't imagine this being a great seller.
No Image
Maryellen's School Outfit - $32
I LOVE this! Can I repeat how much I love this? Can I repeat it again? Alright, alright. :P I just can't get over how cute this outfit is! I need it! Everything about it screams 50s' girl and perfect!
No Image
Maryellen's Play Outfit - $28
I think this outfit is pretty cute. I like the cherry on the shoes and shirt and the red is nice with the jeans. It isn't anything overly special, but it is rather adorable and I see myself probably buying this.
No Image
Maryellen's Ice Skating outfit and Ice Skating Accessories - $36 and $24
I LOVE this set! The outfit is amazing (though it seems a bit short) and it reminds me quite a bit of Molly's ice skating set. I love it! The ice skates are adorable and the accessories just look so cozy!
Scooter - $22
He is SO cute and pretty unique too. I love that one of the girls has a dachshund! I think it would be nice as well if AG branched out and started giving the dolls some more unique pet breeds or species.
No Image
Maryellen's Jukebox - $90
This is SO creative. I love it, but the price is just way too much. Seriously - who would pay nearly $100 (probably over that after taxes and shipping) for this? I feel like it would be easier to make a cardboard jukebox and then just put a phone in the back of it to make it seem like it is playing. I don't know; I love it and it is SO cool and unique, but $90 is ridiculous. If it were ever to go half price, it would be the steal of the century, but until then...
No Image
The Seaside Diner - $275
This is a cute idea, but just too expensive to be likeable or realistic. AG should've done their research, because I'm pretty sure that Our Generation makes a similar product for less money. The price of this is ridiculous and where would anyone store it anyway?!
No Image
Maryellen's Sofa Set - $150
I like this set, especially the pillows and the autograph dog (I've seen similar ideas at sleepovers). I like how AG didn't just go and make another boring, plain bed - they chose to think out of the box. I'm confused as to whether Maryellen actually sleeps on the couch or if she has a real bed - I'll have to read the books to find out, I guess! (I'm so excited to read the books!)
No Image
Maryellen's Hairstyling Set - $20
This set is nice - especially the reasonable-by-AG-standards price. I really like this, and I am surprised, because I have come to associate the historical hair curling with Molly's world. In fact, Molly and Maryellen are quite similar in many ways; coming from a big family, both have ice skating outfits, school sets, hair curling, dogs, etc.
No Image
Maryellen's Television Console - $85
While it is a bit expensive, I love it so much! It reminds me of Molly's radio (yet another similarity - both have their era's form of electronic entertainment). Apparently, you can download an app and play Maryellen's movies on the television. AG just keeps outdoing themselves!
No Image
Maryellen's Living Room Set - $58
This set is really nice. I honestly don't know what I would really use this table set for, but it is a cute idea and it is nice for completing her living room collection. I won't be buying it, but it is really cute.
No Image
Maryellen's Classroom Set - $40
This set is okay, but it is a bit high priced. How are they getting away with selling some paper things that could be easy and cheap to print off of google images? The only things that make this a set are the chalkboard and pointer. I will not be buying this.
Overall Review of Maryellen's Collection: I LOVE her collection, it is so well-done and is much better than I was even expecting. I am very excited to get the few outfits of hers that I love. I think that all of the people who hate AG's common pink theme will be pleased with this mostly greens/blues collection too.
Now for the TrulyMe stuff:
No Image
Movie Popcorn Machine - $48
This set is okay - I would've preferred if they had marketed this with a concession stand instead of a living room set. I won't buy it, but it is okay.
No Image
Comfy Couch - $68
This is ridiculous. For $68, you basically get a pillow with a few mismatched pillows and some table contraption thrown on as an after thought. I don't know any couches in living rooms where the couch doesn't have legs or sides and is a bright pink. I noticed this with Maryellen's couch too. Why doesn't AG ever add couch legs? It makes the couch fancier; thus making it more worth its retail price. I won't be buying this.
No Image
Music and Movies Entertainment Set - $85
This entertainment set is really cool. There is television, 3D glasses, and karaoke. It is the same price as Maryellen's television, which I find strange because Maryellen's television can actually hook to an IPad and play, unlike this television. I would think that $75 would've been more appropriate.
 No Image
Cool Coral Outfit - $28
Ugh. This just doesn't fit together right. First there are sparkly studs on some crazy zebra print dress along with some crazy sparkle shoes. The whole outfit is crazy when put together and I would never buy it.
No Image
2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit for Dolls - $30
I really like this - it is so cute and perfect for gymnastics. After McKenna left, there was never another gymnastics set that I actually liked, so I am pleasantly surprised with this set. I may purchase this in the future.
No Image
Rhythmic Gymnastics Outfit - $34
This set is nice, but I really preferred McKenna's cool neon yellow/green and purple set!
No Image
Sparkle Spotlight Outfit - $34
What were they thinking? AG just doesn't know what to do with the TrulyMe line anymore. Who thought of sparkly little shorts over tights for a spotlight/recital outfit? This is just crazy and I would never dare to wear this to any place where I'd be in the spotlight!
No Image
Joyful Jewels Outfit - $36
I'm not a fan. The dress would've been cute without those crazy studs and "gems" at the top yoke. Also, I think that tights would've been cute - and maybe different shoes. I'm not going to get this.
No Image
Gorgeous Gold Outfit - $36
This is a cute enough dress, but I'm not a fan of the hi-low part at all. It is just a little too over-the-top for me. This dress is way better than the other dresses though.
No Image
 Playful Polar Bear Pajamas - $24
I LOVE these pajamas. I already have enough pajamas, but if I were to get another pair - it would be these. I just think they are the cutest and they still stick with the old MAG line, where AG actually had a little bit of fashion sense.
No Image
Warm Winter Outfit - $28
The shirt is cute and so are the boots, but the problem is the tights/leggings/thermal pants. They look like there should be some sort of skirt or snow pants over it. It basically look like she is wearing ballet tights or thermal underwear.
No Image
Winter Accessories - $24
I really like this set - too bad this set doesn't include some snow pants for that crazy winter outfit.
Well, that about sums up my opinions on this August release! Oh, and don't forget - this is the 1 year anniversary of the BeForever HC line revamp!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kirsten and Julie Give a (crazy) Doll Room Tour

One of my favorite things to do when looking at doll blogs is to look for posts about their dolls' rooms. I love putting together doll rooms and making sure that every detail is as realistic as possible. I change my doll room nearly every week, just because I love changing it up! XD
Some people even have American Girl Doll Rooms from that amazing company that I have always loved! Unfortunately, I do not have one, but I hope that that changes in the near future, or at least someday.
Anyway, I've had my doll room like this for a while now, and I thought you'd be interested in seeing what it looked like.
Kirsten and Julie will be guiding this tour. :P
"Hey! It's Julie and Kirsten and we are super excited to give you a tour of this room! Since the room only has enough room for 2 people, we take turns sleeping in it - the others who aren't sleeping in it go sleep in their cabins with their families on the farm. This week, Kirsten and I are the ones living in the room and we're proud to show it off!" (Julie)
"Don't worry, we aren't show-offs." (K) 
"Actually, Kirsten, we kind of are. But anyway, enjoy the view and we hope you get some inspiration to go make a room for your dolls if you haven't already." (J)
"That's right, Julie has said enough and we are ready to show you the room"  (K) 
"The first space is the desk/homework area. Well, actually we have to call it the homework area for the parents' sake, but when they're out of the room, we flip on the multi-colored lights and bring out the popcorn and ice cream." (Julie) 
"Julie, we do not. Don't worry, anyone reading this, we don't do anything you shouldn't try at home." (K)
"Kirsten, I'm actually trying to make this room tour a little bit interesting. Don't give away all the secrets!" (J) 
"Here is our guitar - it mainly belongs to Lanie, because she is the only one who can manage to get a decent tune out of it. No one else really plays it because we ran out of money to keep buying packs and packs of earplugs long ago." (Julie)
"Lanie is actually hoping to start up some sort of instrumental music band and she has said she is going to be playing the guitar in the band, but I'll let her release the rest of the info later, if she decides to go through with it." (K)
"Then we have the top of the desk. Oh, and the AG Farms owner Ellie says to apologize for the some of the pictures being dark and shadowy - she didn't realize they were like that until they were already off of the camera." (J)
"This is a birthday card that Molly received in May and we liked the cover, so we kept it. Next to it is a binder that we use to keep track of our school work. Unfortunately, school started for us last week, (not for Elizabeth - she starts her arts school next week), so this binder is already in use." (Kirsten) 
"This is Felicity's crown and fake flowers from her performance in the spring ballet (Alice in Wonderland). I would go into details about how the lights went out on stage and how I nearly fell out of my chair, but Kirsten just whispered to me that I need to stop being crazy." (Julie)
"A box of tissues for whatever they're needed for." XD (Kirsten)
"On the desk is a beautiful, antique typewriter that is still in use. As you can see here, Kit has been working hard on composing a short story for a local magazine." (Kirsten)
"Next to the typewriter are some various books or sketchpads that are just hanging out." (Julie)
"On the shelves are erasers (including a penguin eraser - cute!), pencils, and Lanie's favorite book - a pocket picture dictionary of birds." (Julie)
"On the floor are a pair of shoes that someone - Julie - left there." (Kirsten)
"Hey! You leave shoes around all the time! I had to leave them there - they're new and I need to watch over them!" (Julie)
"I don't know why you're so crazy today - sorry blog readers, Julie is usually pretty calm." (Kirsten)
"Could 3 chocolate bars and powdered sugar donuts have something to do with it?" (Julie)
"What?!" (Kirsten)
"Next to the desk is a small reading bench with a magazine and two books." (Kirsten)
"It's also a great bench for eating candy in secret." (Julie)
"Not that you would know anything about that..." (Kirsten 
"Then, there is a little vanity or nightstand, complete with a mirror, drawer, and little towel hanger on the side. We keep our lavender and rose waters here as well as Lanie's ladybugs from her science camp project." (Kirsten)
"Even though we don't have a sink at the vanity, we keep our toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any other dental care items right there." (Kirsten)
"I guess I'm going to need those after eating all that chocolate." (Julie)
"Then, we have the beds! It is 1 bunk bed set - so someone can sleep on the top bunk and someone else can sleep on the bottom. Julie sleeps on the top this week." (Kirsten)
"I like to hang my head down into Kirsten's bunk to scare her. Sometimes it works. Do you like the crazy face I'm making here? Sorry the picture is kind of dark, but Kirsten's bed hardly gets any natural light." (Julie)
"Well, I guess I can join in on the action too. After all, it is really fun to hang upside down and make faces!" (Kirsten)
"That concludes the room tour! See y'all next time!" (Julie)
I hope you enjoyed the room tour - I enjoyed making it! Do you have a doll room or any design tips to make my doll room look more realistic?
P.S. - I am dedicating a half-hour to my blog each day - I worked it into my homeschool schedule, so I hope to post more, but I am pretty busy, so I still may not post a whole lot. Thanks for checking back on my blog! : )