An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2 Outfits, 2 Dolls, 1 Skirt: A Photo Shoot & Outfit of the Day Combo

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed The Library Dog trilogy photostory! I got more positive feedback than ever before on that story - I am trying to think of others that I can do like it! In the meantime, I got Felicity & Grace into similar clothing and decided to do a cute late fall/early winter photo shoot using a new background; my green front door! I hope you enjoy it!
Please let me know which doll's outfit you liked the best - I'd love to know!
This is just a quick photo to show the tops of Felicity & Grace's outfits. Felicity is wearing the shirt from that Play Jumper AG made, and Grace is wearing the shirt from the Weekend Fun Outfit. I really personally like the green background and I am thinking of doing it more often. What does everyone think? These are outside photos by the way.
The skirts, you may notice, are missing their pink ties. I actually am not a huge fan of the little pink bands around the waist of the skirt, so I turned the skirt over and it still looks good, I think!
The skirt goes SO well with Grace's Meet Outfit Boots.
The two girls with their matching skirts. Both Jasmine and Payton came with this skirt because they are MAG dolls, so that is why I have two of them, in case anyone was wondering. ;P
Felicity's outfit is really cute, and as you can see here, she is using the boots from the same outfit her top came from. I am really having a hard time deciding which girl's outfit I like better.
Grace decided to pose like a model...She is really coming out of her comfort zone and becoming louder and more confident here at AG Farms with the other girls. She is kind of secretly wishing that she wouldn't have to go back to Paris, because she doesn't ever want to leave the friends she met here; even if they do fight sometimes.
"Step right up on the green catwalk, Lissie," Grace laughed, helping Felicity step over the giant step.
"Alright, alright, I guess I will before you start talking to me in more 'fashionista' language. I don't why I agreed to get dressed up in this crazy skirt and take photos! I should be training Penny for the horse show!" Felicity complained, but she was really actually happy to be taking pictures in the crisp air with her friend.
"Oh Lissie," Grace shook her head and laughed.
 Did anyone notice that they actually both have the same hairstyle - a high ponytail with a braid on their right side. I think it looks best on Grace because of the way the braid goes above the side bangs, but the hairstyle looks pretty good on both girls. What do you think?
I know that Grace is in the front of all of these pictures and she seems to be the star of the shoot, which is, I hate to admit it, kind of true. I just really liked her outfit more than Lissie's - though don't tell Felicity!
Winter Shoes.
Even though this photo doesn't even show my dolls, just their shoes, I still love it! In fact, it might be one of my favorite photos! I just love the little bow on Grace's shoes, and Felicity's shoes look pretty good in the back. I remember not really liking Grace's meet boots at first, but now I love them!
 I hope you enjoyed the photoshoot as much as I enjoyed creating it! To those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving here in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving! To those of you who don't, Happy Winter!
Please let me know in the comments which doll's outfit you like best. I want to know which one to do a photoshoot with once it snows (if it snows)!


Monday, November 16, 2015

The Library Dog #3

Part #3 - the last part of the story!
It was the day that the owners of Honey were coming to pick him up - and make sure he was the right dog.
Elizabeth walked by the girls' bedroom in the cabin and she noticed Payton sitting alone with Honey. She wasn't speaking, she was just staring on sadly. Elizabeth stepped into the room and moved towards Payton. Payton didn't even look at her.
"Payton?" Elizabeth asked quietly. There was no response. Payton just continued to look away. "I heard that you're sort of fighting with Grace right now. I know you don't want Honey to leave."
Payton nodded. "Did you notice that I didn't want Honey to leave? Do you think everyone noticed?"
"It was kind of hard not to notice, Payton," Elizabeth said gently.
"I was so selfish," Payton cried softly as a tear rolled down her cheek. "All I could think about was keeping Honey for myself. I couldn't think of anything else. I wanted Honey to be found by his owners at first, but then I changed my mind."
"I don't think you were so selfish, you know," Elizabeth told Payton as she leaned in to pet Honey who sat contently on Payton's lap. "We all wanted Honey to stay; I think that it was a rather natural reaction."
"Maybe," Payton sniffled. "I still really don't want him to leave."
"Well the owners aren't here yet - why don't you go take him for a walk?" Elizabeth tried to brighten Payton's mood.
Payton wiped her tears away, "I think that could be a great idea." She got up with Honey and they left for the chilly outdoors.  
When she walked in, Grace was just standing up from the desk. Payton groaned inside; Grace was the last person she wanted to see. "Hi," Payton mumbled. Then she realized that it would do no good to avoid Grace; she'd need to apologize.
Grace was about to leave, but Payton spoke, "Grace," Grace spun around and came over to Payton, "I'm sorry I shouted at you yesterday - you were right, I was being selfish."
"I'm sorry too; I shouldn't have accused you like that," Grace looked Payton in the eye, "But returning Honey has a lot of meaning to me - out of all of us, it is probably most important to me."
"What do you mean?" Payton looked puzzled. Why was returning Honey that much more important to Grace?
Grace looked down and grew quiet before collecting herself, "I lost a dog once too - back in Paris." Grace's eyes began to tear up. "I was devastated and I searched everywhere for BonBon, but I couldn't find her. That was a year ago and she was never found. I didn't want to come here to America because I didn't want to leave behind the possibility - the chance - of finding her. If someone had found my BonBon, I wouldn't have wanted them to keep her from me, and I like to believe that there is someone out there who feels the same way about Honey."
Payton was surprised - she couldn't remember Grace talking that much during her entire stay in America. "I'm - I don't know what to say, Grace. I'm sorry."
"Thank you, Payton," Grace smiled weakly before leaving the room.  
An hour later, Jasmine walked into the room along with a lady and a little girl that Payton supposed must be the owners of Honey.
"Hello," Payton rose from her seat.
"Hello, I'm Suzanne Bright - I'm here to take a look at Honey and see if he is our missing dog! It is nice to meet you."
"I'm Payton - nice to meet you too, ma'am," Payton used her best manners. She couldn't help but notice that Suzanne and the young girl with her were both wearing very old and tattered clothing and both looked very tired.
"I'll go get Honey," Jasmine left the room and went for Honey who was playing in another cabin.
"It would mean so much to my daughter, Mabel, if this is Honey," Suzanne told Payton as her voice got a sad edge to it. "I lost my husband about a year ago and there was a fire at our house about two weeks ago - that night is the night Honey went missing, it was so hard to keep track of him in all of the commotion."
"Oh, I'm so sorry," Payton told her. "I really hope this is the right Honey too." Payton had heard enough sad stories for one day!
Jasmine handed Honey to Payton, who bent down to hold him to the girl; Mabel who had been shyly standing next to her mother the whole time. Mabel timidly stepped towards Honey, reaching her hand out.
Then she broke into a big smile. "It's him! Oh Honey it's you!" Mabel smiled up at Payton as Honey reached towards Mabel to lick her face.  
Mabel sat on the chair with Honey as Suzanne smiled and went outside to call Dr. Paisley to confirm that Honey was their dog. Mabel just sat there, smiling happily and Honey sat on her lap, wagging his tail harder than he had during his entire stay at the farm.
"I'm so happy you found your dog!" Jasmine smiled at Mabel. Even Payton was all smiles as they talked to Mabel. She was so sweet and Jasmine and Payton both felt bad that Mabel might not have a good place to go for Thanksgiving.
"Mabel, do you think you'd want to come for Thanksgiving to this place again?" Payton asked her.  
"You mean to eat all that delicious food? Could I bring Honey too?" Mabel began to get excited.
Neither girl had talked it over with the adults just yet, but they knew it would be okay. "Sure you can! We'd love to have you and Honey and your mom again!"
"This has been the best day ever," Mabel smiled as she jumped off the chair and into Jasmine and Payton's arms. "Thank you for finding Honey," she whispered.   
"Mabel, are you ready to go?" Suzanne came back in from talking with Dr. Paisley.
"Okay!" Mabel smiled. "Mommy, they invited us to Thanksgiving, here! I can even bring Honey too!"
Suzanne smiled at the girls, "Thank you girls - thank you so much. I had no idea what we were going to do for Thanksgiving. This is really special. Thank you!"
The girls just nodded. "We hope to see you soon!" They called as Mabel and her mother walked off, with Mabel carrying Honey.  
After they left, Jasmine went to get ready for basketball practice and Grace and Payton were left alone once more.
"Well that felt really good," Payton smiled at Grace. "You know, Grace, maybe that will happen to you one day with BonBon - you never know."
Grace shrugged. "Maybe. I like to hope so, and even if it doesn't happen, at least we were able to make it happen for someone else."

That is the ending of the Library Dog story! I am already taking photos for my next story (which will involve ballet and The Nutcracker). I'm pretty busy, so I have no idea when/if it will ever get up here on this blog, so I'm not going to make any promises.
What did you think of the story? I'd love to hear!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Library Dog: Part #2

Part #2: (This will be a 3 part story)
The next morning, Kanani motioned for Payton to come speak with her while the other girls were all hustling and bustling around, finding homework assignments, sweaters, backpacks, and lunchboxes for school.
"I made a call to Dr. Paisley already," Kanani informed Payton.
"You did?" Payton asked. Payton felt a little upset that Kanani had taken charge of finding Honey's owners without her, but Payton tried not to show it. She knew that Kanani was only trying to do what was right.
"Yep. She said that she can make a house call at 9:30 this morning. It's a good, because the parents will be out of the house in time and we will be home alone for her arrival. The secret will stay safe. I told Dr. Paisley that we'd take the appointment. She knows to drive right to Cabin 8 to examine Honey."
Payton nodded. "So, are you planning on staying home too?" 
"Yes. So is Lanie - we just need to make sure that Honey gets the attention he needs. Last summer I rescued a seal in Hawaii and ever since I've really found joy in helping animals."
"Good," Payton smiled. Suddenly, Payton was really excited for what the day was going to bring.
The girls hid under the bunk beds to hide from their mothers so they could stay home from school. When all the parents had left the house to go their separate ways and run errands or work, the girls crawled out from their hiding spaces at 9:27. Dr. Paisley walked through the door to Cabin 8 (the shared girls cabin on the farm) moments later.
"Well, Payton, Kanani, Lanie, hello!" Dr. Paisley was a fun and young yet experienced veterinarian.
The girls all said hello and Dr. Paisley then set into examining Honey. She knew information about him already since she had spoken with Kanani earlier in the morning.
The girls all watched nervously as Dr. Paisley poked and prodded and inspected Honey's nametag and collar set. Finally, after a 15 minute examination, Dr. Paisley addressed the girls.
"He seems to be a perfectly healthy dog. From what I can tell, he hasn't been lost too long, he's only about 16 weeks and I can still smell shampoo from his latest bath! I need to take him back to my office though, to consult my veterinarian team and to check his microchip."
"Will you bring him back?" Payton asked hopefully. She didn't want to admit it, but she was getting attached to Honey.
"Possibly. I think it may be better to have him with a nice family than to have him nervous in a cage in my office. So, I'll call you in about an hour and I'll return him around noon if I haven't tracked down the owner yet."
"Okay, well, see you soon, Honey!" Payton ignored the possibility that Honey would possibly be returned to his rightful owner.
Dr. Paisley picked up Honey and walked out of the room and climbed into her aqua blue pick up truck.
Kanani sank back into the chair and sighed. "I just hope that we can track down Honey's owner. There are so many dog owners out there. I sure do hope that Honey has a microchip."
"I know," Lanie shook her head sadly. "Someone must be missing that dog something awful right now. I can't imagine what it would be like if I lost my bunny Lulu."
"I don't know what I would do if I lost Barksee. I can barely make it through a day without seeing him!" Kanani became lost in thought.
Payton didn't say anything, because she didn't really have a pet. Sure, she had the horses and all the girls shared their animals with her, but she could never say that she actually owned an animal. All the other girls had an animal - some of them even had more than one!
"I wish I had a pet," Payton sighed.
"Well you might not own one, but the horses and barn animals are kind of your pets," Kanani smiled.
Payton knew she was right, but Payton was thinking of a dog or cat or even a bunny!
Suddenly Payton had a terrible thought. What if she could just keep Honey forever? What if she could put things in the way of Honey getting back to his owners? Payton knew it was terribly wrong, but she couldn't help it.
When the phone rang an hour later, each girl reached for it; two of them hoping the dog's owners had been found and one of the girls hoping she would become the dog's owner.
"Dr. Paisley?" Kanani reached for the phone.
"Honey isn't microchipped, however the collar she is wearing is only available through a certain homemade collar company so we're going to see if the lady who sold the collar remembers who bought it. She may have information. In the meantime, I'll drop Honey back off with you girls."
"Okay," Kanani replied as Dr. Paisley hung up.
"Oh I sure hope the lady who sold the collar knows something about Honey's owners! I just can't believe Honey doesn't have a microchip! Nearly all shelters do that nowadays!" Lanie shook her head. Kanani nodded in wholehearted agreement.
Payton nodded in halfhearted agreement.
An hour later, Dr. Paisley showed up at the door and set Honey down in the house. She could see that Payton didn't look very happy. "Don't worry my dear," Dr. Paisley leaned in close to her. The girls often invited her over, so they were pretty close. "Honey is going to be found. Don't look too sad about it. Honey will be back home in good time."
"Uh huh," Payton looked away. Dr. Paisley had gotten it so wrong.
Later in the afternoon, the other girls got home from school. They all crowded around as Payton and Lanie told the story of the day's events. Well, Lanie tried to tell the story but Payton took over.
"...And Honey's owners might not even be found! We might have to keep him!" Payton exclaimed, sounding just a little too excited for the circumstances.
"You sound a little excited about that," Elizabeth frowned. "Don't you want Honey to go to his real home again?"
"Of course I do!" Payton smiled, straight up lying.
Grace snorted and started to leave the room. "Could've fooled me."
"What?" Payton asked, but Grace was already gone.
The next week, around the same time, all of the girls had just gotten home from school and were doing schoolwork. Well, Payton was playing with Honey... The girls had been hiding Honey in the secret hideout they shared while they went to school.
Molly ran into the room and exclaimed excitedly, "Dr. Paisley just called! They were finally able to track down two different families who are both missing dogs similar to Honey and both bought collars from the specialty collar store."
Lanie jerked her head up from her book in surprise. "You've got to be kidding!"
"Nope - I'm serious! Dr. Paisley is going to come over tomorrow night with one of the families. I'm still figuring out how they can come without the parents noticing."
"We'll think of something," Lanie assured her. "Anyway, we'd better get ready!" The girls hurried off, but Grace and Payton stayed. Grace was just finishing an important assignment and Payton was playing with Honey (though she should've been working on the same assignment as Grace).
"Aren't you even a little disappointed that Honey is going to be leaving?" Payton asked Grace after the girls left the room.
"No," Grace shook her head without looking up as she read her book.
"You mean you aren't disappointed? Not even a teeny, tiny little bit?"
"Nope," Grace shook her head again, though she looked up this time. "If you ask me, Payton, I think you are being very selfish."
"Well no one did ask you, but what do you mean?" Payton was upset with Grace's remark, but she was also curious as to how Grace had figured out how selfish she was being.
"I know - and so do the others - that you don't want that dog to find his home. You just want to think about how you'll feel. You want him here because he makes you happy, but he'd be happy with his real owners and you can't look past yourself to see that!"
Payton didn't think she'd ever seen Grace say so much at once.
"That isn't so!" Payton replied, though she knew that each word Grace said was a realistic observation.
"It is too!" Grace replied before closing her binder and leaving the room.
"You're right, Grace," Payton whispered guiltily as Grace disappeared behind the room's door.
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Hope you enjoyed the photostory!
Part #3 should be up in a week or more or less or who even knows. I'm so bad at keeping with a schedule that I'm not going to give a time limit for Part #3. :P  XD 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lost: An Original Mini Photo Series Part #1 of 5

A quick not before I begin this post: Part #2 of The Library Dog photostory is going to be up soon; the camera died in the middle of my photographing and the other camera I have just can't take as good pictures, so I need to wait for the good camera to charge. I got a lot of positive feedback for that photostory, so I know that a lot of people liked it and Part #2 will be coming up soon.
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Earlier this week, I thought of a great idea for a mini photo series. A mini photo series is just like any other photo series on this blog (Little House on the Prairie, Princess Annabelle, etc.) except that it will only have 5 parts and have a clear beginning, middle, and end, rather than an episode with a new plot line in each part.
The idea for this came to me when I was looking at my AG Winter Chalet in January, but I never really pursued the idea further until this week! I suppose the series was a bit inspired by my favorite book series; The Boxcar Children, only while it is similar, it is different in its own way too.
Here is an introduction to the series: 3 sisters (played by: Elizabeth, Molly, and Shola H4H girl) escape from a foster care situation after the death of their parents several months before the story. They run off in a snow storm and stumble upon a cabin where they stay; fearful they will be caught and worrying about what next plan of action they should take. Then, when someone starts leaving them food and necessities, they decide to uncover who it is.
Here is my Photo Story Preview Poster:
Elizabeth, Molly, and Shola; orphans

Now, for the actual photo story (Part #1):
"We need to get to shelter, we'll get frostbite or worse if we don't!" Molly cried out dramatically over the wind gusts that continued to blow her soft voice away.
"I think that's a cabin up there in the clearing!" Elizabeth answered as they came upon a clearing where a quaint cabin stood. It wasn't very big at all, in fact, it was rather small.
The girls quickly came to the cabin and Elizabeth began to prepare to try and open the door with all of her might, but it wasn't necessary. The door opened easily with a satisfying slide against the beautiful wood floors.
The inside of the cabin was plain yet cozy with a fireplace, a poster, a bench, a window, and a tiny bathroom in a little sectioned off room.
The snow-covered girls entered the cozy little cabin. They were wet, freezing, and covered in little flurries of snow.
"Suppose we rest here until the storm is over?" Molly suggested. She was the middle child of the three and was used to her older sister making the final decisions.
"I think that would be a good idea. It just simply isn't safe to go out in such winds," the eldest sister, Elizabeth replied. "We should only rest for a small bit. As soon as the storm stops we must be on our way again. I can't imagine we've made it very far in just 3 days."
On the first day, there had been a light snow; the kind that one could take pleasure in as the tiny flurries fluttered to the ground and stuck.
On the second day, the snow had turned to ice in some patches and it snowed some more; only this time it was harder and thicker flurries; the kind that one would not particularly enjoy.
On the third day, that very day the three sisters found the cabin, the snow had turned into even thicker and fatter flurries; nearly balls of snow dropping on them and gusty winds had picked up across the land they walked on. It was most definitely the type of snow one would feel the need to seek shelter from.
Elizabeth began to help Shola unbutton her coat.
"Unbutton it faster, Bethie" Shola urged; excited by the idea of staying in a new cabin.
"I'm trying, I'm trying," was Elizabeth's somewhat frustrated reply. Her fingers fumbled around the buttons; each finger still feeling numb from the frosty cold they had been exposed to during their hike through the snow.
"There we go!" Elizabeth smiled as she helped Shola take the coat off once and for all. Elizabeth set it in a warm corner to dry. The cabin was somewhat drafty; some parts were cold while others were considerably warm, but it was a good enough shelter for the girls.
Shola raced off to be with Molly who was setting her snow filled coat in the corner. "Pick your things up and put them somewhere proper," Elizabeth told her sternly, taking on the authoritative position that she had often found herself having ever since she was left to care for her sisters.
Elizabeth was quite tired, and she let her eyes pass quickly and half-heartedly over the little bench in the corner of the cabin. However, she gasped at what she saw. Not believing her eyes, she did a quick double take and sure enough, there it was. Food and blankets!  
"What is it, Bethie?" Molly asked, wide eyed.  
"There's food; a mashed root of some sort, salmon jerky, and cheese. Oh, and the mug of hot chocolate is still warm. Someone must've just left."
"But who would leave in this storm?" Molly wondered aloud.
"That'd be crazy to leave during a storm like this," Shola's tiny voice chimed in.
"Well, I suppose it could've been kept warm in this corner. Anyway, we may as well use the pillow and blankets here while we rest and wait for the storm to be over."
Elizabeth put the food off to the side and began to unfold the pillows and blankets.
"These sure are soft blankets!" Elizabeth couldn't help but exclaim happily.
Surprised that neither of her sisters had agreed with her exclamation or answered her, Elizabeth turned around to see what they were doing. They were eating the food from the little tin! The food that wasn't even their food!
"Molly, Shola, stop it!" Elizabeth told them right as Shola was putting a piece of salmon jerky in her mouth.
"But I'm really hungry Bethie," Shola whined between munches on the jerky stick.
"It doesn't matter!" Elizabeth shook her head confidently. "The food is not ours to eat. Now finish up that salmon jerky since you've already eaten almost the whole piece and then leave the tin of food alone for the rest of the night unless I tell you otherwise. Same goes for you, Molly!"
Both girls nodded. When Elizabeth got that stern with them, they both decided not to fight back. Not yet anyway.  
As night fell, the girls all agreed to stay for the night in the cabin.
"But only for tonight," Elizabeth reminded them as Molly moved the bench out of the corner to make room for the girls to sleep.
The girls soon settled into their beds after Molly started a fire with the firewood piled up against the fireplace.
"I'm not tired, Bethie," Shola told Elizabeth as Elizabeth leaned back into her makeshift bed. "Will someone tell me a story?"
So, Elizabeth took Shola and told her a few stories.
"I wish Mama and Daddy were here," Shola sighed after the story. "I don't mind this cabin, but I don't think I like it very much."
"Well, they aren't here," Molly told her. "So you should just stop thinking about it!"
"Molly, stop it," Elizabeth told her and gave her a warning glare before turning back to Shola. "It's okay, Shola, because they're watching down on us and keeping us safe. Besides, we're going to have one big adventure!" Of course, Elizabeth really wasn't one for adventures, but she wanted to brighten Shola's mood.
Shola laid back down and eventually fell asleep.
Both girls sat by the fire together. The two sisters had drifted apart after the death of their parents, but now that they were safe - even if only for one night - in the cabin, their friendship seemed to come back.
"This cabin sure is nice," Molly sighed.
"Remember when we went with Mom and Dad to those ski cabins last year? Oh, that was such fun! You sure were an impressive skier."
"Nah - not as impressive as that other girl was...what was her name?" the girls continued to relive fun memories together in the firelight. They were glad to have a night to just enjoy being sisters again, just like the old times.
Part #2 coming sometime this holiday season. I'm going to try and space these 5 parts out a little bit just because I want the series to last through Christmas.
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Awesome Food Award

Nikki ( not only nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, but she also nominated me for The Awesome Food Award. Thanks so much Nikki! You have nominated  I did not see a picture of this award on her blog, so I just Google image searched one up and I found this cool picture for the award. I don't know what blog this came from or where this came from or anything, but if the owner of this award picture finds it and doesn't want me to use it, just let me know and I will remove the image. XD
Anyway, onto the award itself!
The answers to the 10 questions are below!
1. What is your favorite foreign food?
A: Well, I really like pizza, which is originally an Italian food, but I feel like the pizza here in America is probably way different from the pizza in Italy. I also LOVE tacos, which are Mexican I think. Anything in a taco, well, let me tell you, it tastes AMAZING! XD
2. What's your favorite dessert?
A: I love cheesecake SOOO much! I enjoy making it at my house and I also enjoy ordering it whenever I go to The Cheesecake Factory. Trader Joe's also makes GREAT cheesecake. I've never tasted a bad cheesecake!
3. Do you like fruit?
A: I've never tasted a fruit that I didn't enjoy eating! Fruit is just so delicious and sweet and it is really just so pure. There is nothing artificial about it and after eating it I don't feel all sick like I do after eating too much cake! XD My favorite fruit is probably watermelon or maybe cherries or blueberries or raspberries or - you get the idea. :P
4. Are you allergic to any foods?
A: I like to believe that I'm allergic to seafood because I hate it so much, but I'm not. XD I am starting to believe that I might be allergic to pineapple though, because after eating a lot of it my throat and tongue feels weird and so do my teeth. Does anyone else get that? My cousin does and my uncle does and one of my friends does too, so I'm starting to wonder whether it is just a common reaction and probably not an actual allergy.
5. Chocolate cake or vanilla cake?
A: Vanilla cake (with chocolate icing, preferably)! Chocolate cake always makes me have more of a stomach ache and vanilla is just lighter and sweeter, I think. Both are delicious though.
6. Do you like cheese?
A: I LOVE cheese! Like, real cheesed though, not processed cheeses or anything. My local farmers market has delicious cheese. My three favorite cheeses are cheddar, mozzarella, and provolone cheese. I cannot stand blue cheese or Swiss cheeses though.
7. What's your favorite kind of candy?
A: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! They are so delicious and really can melt in my mouth!
8. Beef, chicken, or pork? 
A: Chicken! My local farmers market has delicious chicken too. My mom puts it in a Crockpot with salsa and we have delicious tacos with it. I can't resist a pulled pork sandwich, though! They are delicious. I'm NOT a fan of beef though. Beef is just more unhealthy really and it doesn't taste that great in my opinion. 
9. Do you like shellfish?
A:NO! I don't like anything with the name fish (unless it is Swedish Fish Candy) or seafood. I just can't do it! It's so fishy and ugh, ugh, ugh...XD
10. Do you like foods with lots of herbs or not?
A: I'm not really a fan of lots of herbs. I prefer my food more plain, though I really like pepper or peppercorns if that counts as an herb? I don't think so, but anyway. XD 
Thanks again for nominating me, Nikki!
Now, here are 5 people that I nominate! If the following nominees do not accept the award, then I will nominate another 5 people later on. XD So, please accept the award! :P
1. Candidly Charlie (
2. Polka Dot Bee (
3. Small Town American Girlz (
4. American Girl Place (
5. Glowy Zoe (I know she hasn't posted in a month, but I like her blog)
Here are the 10 questions:
1. Do you eat more healthy food or more junk food? Which do you prefer?
2. Do you like candy corn?
3. What is your favorite fruit and your favorite vegetable?
4. What is your favorite restaurant and your least favorite restaurant?
5. Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant or to eat at home?
6. Do you have a food that you dislike so much that you can't even eat it?
7. Have you ever tasted a dessert that you didn't like?
8. What do you prefer, sweet or sour or salty?
9. What is your favorite snack food (chips, cookies, fruit, nuts, etc.)?
10. Do you grow or raise your own food in a garden or on a farm?
This was such a fun award! Thank you so much for nominating me, Nikki!

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hi everybody! I'm sorry I kind of stopped posting in October. I got a really bad cold or something like that (sore throat, coughing, tired, etc.), and I just did not feel like being online or looking at blogs or taking pictures or anything, so I kind of took a break from the blog world (I did post on the AGH Message Board once, but that was enough!) XD. So, I was all better as of last week, and then I went on a family vacation and I got home just a few days ago, thank goodness. I was really disappointed to have gotten sick in October, but luckily I was well in time to participate in the fun activities!
So, since I took a break from the online world for a little bit, imagine my surprise when I just decided to log onto my blog account today, to find out that I'd been nominated for a few awards! I hadn't looked at any blogs recently due to my cold, so of course, I was extra surprised! Wow! XD I take a break from posting, looking at blogs, being online, etc. and I still had exciting news awaiting me!
So, enough of my apologies for not being here for the past half-a-month, and now onto the award! I was awarded by Nikki (; who has an awesome blog because different dolls besides AG are showcased on it (I think it is pretty neat to have a variety of dolls like that together on a  blog). I was also awarded by Sunny ( She has an awesome blog too because she posts about a variety of different subjects! She also likes the Waltons just like me! :)
I will answer Sunny's questions first and then I will answer Nikki's questions!
1. Crayons, colored pencils, or markers?
A: Colored Pencils! I love how they can color so smoothly unlike crayons, and how they don't get all runny and smudgy like markers. When I was really young though (pre-k) I used to refuse to use anything but markers (and occasionally crayons). I hated colored pencils, but now they're my favorite! XD
2. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
A: My favorite is a tie between Rocky Road and Berger Cookie Ice Cream (made either at my house or by a cafĂ© place that I love to go to! You can't buy it in stores or anywhere else!)
3.What is your least favorite flavor of ice cream?
A: I love them all, but I'm not a big fan of raspberry ice creams.
4. What's your favorite holiday?
A: Christmas! I love it mainly because it is a big celebration of Jesus' birthday! The winter festivities is fun too of course!
5. Have you ever gone bowling before?
A: Yes! I've been bowling with duckpins (smaller bowling balls) since I was 4 or 5! I love going to the bowling alley with my family and friends!
6. What type of pet do you wish you had?
A: I really wish I had a horse!
7. What did you have for dinner tonight?
A: I haven't had dinner yet, but I know that I am having green bean fries, corn bread, and lentil burgers. Oh, and probably some Halloween candy for dessert...Well, maybe a little more than some Halloween candy. XD More like, a lot. ;P
8. If you celebrate Halloween what are you planning on dressing up as this year?
A: Well, Halloween was last night, but I dressed up as a tuxedo cat and it was really cute!
9. Do you like seafood?
10. Mobile device or actual computer?
A: Actual computer!
Thanks again for nominating me, Sunny!
Nikki's questions:
1. What's your favorite season?
A: I love the fall! The changing of the leaves is just SO beautiful! Also, apple festivals and chilly weather make it great too!
2. Do you like to dress in vintage-style clothes?
A: Yes, definitely! I am not really a graphic tee person that much - I like more vintage traditional clothing.
3. Colored Christmas tree lights or white ones?
A: Colored lights! It is just so fun to see all of the different colors twinkling. However, white lights are beautiful too!
4. Do you have any hobbies?
A: I think a better question would be "Are there any hobbies that I don't have?" XD I play musical instruments, I write, read, draw, bake, skate, blog, act, and I even dance a little too!
5. What's your favorite kind of cake?
A: Vanilla cake with chocolate icing!
6. White, milk, or dark chocolate?
A: MILK CHOCOLATE!!!! XD After milk, I'd choose dark, and then I'd say white. I don't have much experience with white chocolate.
7. Do you like to sing?
A: No - I sometimes find singing to be really annoying and I'm not very good at it anyways.
8. Do you like Disney movies? What is your favorite?
A: I love Disney movies! My favorite is probably Sleeping Beauty.
9. What do you like to do in the summer?
A: I love to sail! Sailing is my favorite activity - being out on the water is just so refreshing and docking the boat and exploring secluded islands is really fun too!
10. Do you like old T.V. shows?
A: Old television shows are the only shows that I DO like. XD My favorite is the Waltons and my other favorite is Little House on the Prairie. All of them are really good though!
Thanks again for nominating me, Nikki! 

Now, I am going to nominate 3 people. I know, I know that I'm supposed to nominate 10 people or something, but this seems to be a pretty popular award, so

1. Carrot and Claire ( - I love the beautiful photo shoots on this blog!
2. Darling Dolls ( - Her recent post of the 10 yr. old AG catalog she found is pretty darn cool!
3. Polka Dot Bee ( - I love her review posts and her photo shoots and sewing posts too. Plus, her comments on my blog always brighten my day! : )

Now, for the 10 questions! I wasn't sure if the questions were really supposed to have a theme or not, but anyway, here they are:
1. Do you like to read more realistic fiction books or fantasy books?
2. What is your favorite month and why?
3. Have you ever been surfing? (I never have, XD - I was just curious)
4. What is your favorite activity to do on a stormy day?
5. Do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors? Why?
6. Do you have any really unusual pet peeves?
7.  Would you choose ice cream or cake?
8. What's your favorite candy?
9. Is there any animal that you are afraid of?
10. Do you like to bake? If so, what is your favorite recipe to bake?

Alright, well, thanks so much for nominating me Nikki and Sunny! I really appreciate the award! You girls are great! :P