An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, February 27, 2015

I Won a Giveaway from American Girl Fan!

*I'm not bragging in this post - I'm just really excited and since it is AG related, I figured I'd post it.

So I entered a giveaway earlier at American Girl Fan Liz's website and I won (which I am excited about it!)
Well, I had it shipped down to my grandparents house (since I can't give out MY address, just my grandparents') and they put the stuff in another box and rush shipped it off to me and I am just getting it! (My grandparents got it about a week ago though - it arrived pretty early!)
I am going to post a photo shoot starring Felicity (who looks amazing in the dress, I think) later on (the pics are already taken, now I just have to post them!)
Anyway, this is just a post about the dress and accessories itself! (Which is from American Planet!)
Here is the full outfit (and a sneak peek of the photo shoot)
It came with a necklace, shoes, a dress, and a headband!
Here is the box it came in, plain white and very nice with a very professional looking 3D almost logo. Wow, a lot of people go all out with Etsy, don't they?! I was amazed!
Inside, she included a tag giving wash and care instructions and a business card featuring the same pleasantly elegant yet simple logo.
The outfit was wrapped in this beautiful paper with a cute little ribbon! I was so amazed at the care that went into the packaging! Way to go Char and Liz! : )
Then, being the awesome, nice, so cool person that she is, Liz included a little card addressed to me! It was just such a nice, personal touch. Everyone who has ever spoken to Liz on her website or through email has to agree that she just makes you feel like a close friend from the start, doesn't she?!
The beautiful pattern on the card.
The nice note inside! I love her handwriting!
Then, inside the dress is an awesome little tag just like you would get on a human's clothing! So professional!
This is a positively amazing set and I'm so glad that Liz has these awesome giveaways! Thanks Liz!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Releases From AG! Part #2

(I told you this would be long! XD)
Samantha's Flower Picking Set - $48
This is cute, and historically accurate. The dress itself is not my favorite and I think the lace at the top is just too much for me (I've never been a lace fan). The flowers in the flat basket are so cute and I love them, they are an accessory that really stands out for me - for some reason?!
It's an okay outfit, but ugh, there are the dreaded black tip toe boots again. Help us. Help AG.
Lacy Tee & Tiered Skirt - $74
I'm not a "lace girl" so this won't be in my wardrobe, but I must point out that I see, besides a pink bow, no relation to Samantha's Flower Picking Outfit. I have sniffed out (XD) another one of AG's money making schemes. The first few "dress like the doll" outfits were okay, but now I see what is really behind all of that. How could you not see it? (Hint: $$$)
This looks like an outfit you could put together for cheaper from a place like RUUM. (Kids clothing store that seems to carry a lot of lace stuff)
I personally don't think the skirt and shirt match, and it is all a bit too over the top yet at the same time bland.
Samantha's Special Day Dress - $32
I actually like this (this is the first outfit of Samantha's new collection that I have genuinely had good feelings all the way around about). The shoes and stockings are cute (though the shoes are a bit questionable with this outfit). The dress is adorable and not over-laced and still simple enough to be relaxed, playful, proper, yet fun. I love this outfit and this outfit, I feel, is one step closer to bringing back the true sparkle that Samantha's outfits once carried.
Samantha's Travel Coat & Hat - $32
The travel coat is kind of cute, but really lacks excitement for me and the hat is just too big (though I know that was a style then, I'm not particularly fond of it). This is a nice set, but it feels rushed and as though it had been thrown together when they suddenly realized that they need one more outfit to hit the limit mark on Samantha's collection this release season.
Not a huge fan.
Samantha's Travel Bag Set - $28
First off, why is this $28? $24-$22 seems like a fair price to me, but oh well.
The set is nice, and the travel bag is cute and the gloves are simple and elegant and fit with everything nicely. I must say though, I wonder if I was the only one, who from afar on the screen of the computer thought that it was a chef's hat? XD
I really want this set so bad, but with the price and lack of excitement overall, I will probably not be purchasing it.
Samantha's Painting Set - $36
This is beautiful and my favorite from Samantha's collection. The paint set is so realistic looking and I love the palette and brush. The easel looks well made and the painting is beautiful.
The price for this is a nice surprise as well. I remember Saige's Easel being around $48 or something and it is nice to see that this is discounted from that and looks to be up to better standards and quality.
AG, rare and excellent work!!!
Samantha's Garden Gazebo $200
This is a nice change from the $500 ice cream parlor. (I know, it is kind of sad when the $200 price tag for a doll accessory actually starts to look somewhat small compared to the other prices. Ugh.)
It is cute, but what would I do with a gazebo? I could easily make one - I'm already gathering up some great creative, and crafty ideas (tutorial, maybe? XD)
The lanterns are cute, but I do not see myself getting this and I see it as pretty unnecessary. It's okay though. I would've preferred a Piney Point dollhouse or something.
Samantha's Serving Set & Treats Set (Treat Set: 45; Serving Set: $75)
I'm kind of disappointed by this. I mean, the price of an AG doll just for this set shown in the picture above? I'm surprised, but then again, I'm not really. Is that bad? I think so.
The serving table is nice and reminds me of the one I have on my porch, but the chair is kind of plain and the whole thing is not worth the cost.
Shimmer & Lace Party Dress for Dolls $30 -
I don't like this that much. I don't like lace that much first, and second, I don't like the see through top. It is just strange.
My ideas often change in person though, so I don't know.
Mix & Match Ballet - $62
Oh my gosh, this should've been what Isabelle had in stead of those crazy dance tops and all that. (I loved Isabelle's dance stuff, but some of the mix and match pieces struck me the wrong way)
We don't really need more ballet after a year of the company having a doll centered around it, but this is a nice traditional set and I actually don't mind it and would probably like to have it!
Sparkly Jazz Outfit - $34
WHAT IS THIS? I freaked out when I saw it. I would use this in some sort of joke video. I get maybe that it would be a dance costume, but come on. Really? Maybe it'll do good as a Halloween costume, but I don't think my dolls would know what to do with this one...
What's up with the neckband? Creepy.
Soccer Team Outfit - $38
This is cute, but after the tens of soccer outfits that we've already seen, why make another one? My suspicion is that they are doing away with Innerstar U (better get on there for a few more meet ups before it goes away). I think the stars on the soccer ball is kind of cheesy, and I would've preferred a real soccer ball, but oh well. I like the outfit kind of and it looks a lot like the outfit that my friend's cousin's soccer team wears. (That's a mouth full XD)
Boho Beachy Swimsuit - $28
Yuck. While I love the sandals, the stretchy anklets, and the beads on one of the straps of the bathing suit (not to mention the cute print of the suit itself), I hate something in particular.
The blue ruffles.
Honestly, it makes her look like a swimming clown. Then again, maybe she is superhuman and they are some gills she grew so that she can breathe underwater? I've seen some suits like this, and I think, personally, that it is ridiculous.
Sunshine Garden Outfit-$30
The pants are cute, the sandals are cute, the flower hair tie is even cuter, but the shirt. Ugh. Yuck, gross.
The shirt is so weird and it looks like she wants it to fall down so that she can be "showy" (what a weird thought, but what else are you left to think with such a weird shirt?)
I won't be buying this at all.
Sunshine Gardening Bench - $68
I LOVE this set. the honeybees are so cute and I love the whole bench idea with the potted plants, the watering cans, and everything!!!
Sparkle Spa Robe - $24
I love this robe and I need it. It is pretty simple to see and I don't have much to say, except I guess that AG doesn't do anything for under $24 anymore. *Sigh*
Well, that rounds up this year's release. I can't wait for the next one, but until then...
My Overall Opinions on this February Release: *Summing it up for those who didn't feel like reading the whole thing.
Samantha: I really wanted to like Samantha and while I like some of her things (it is rare), I feel that her outfits and accessories now lack a lot of the sparkle and pizzazz that they used to carry. The outfits weren't over the top before and somehow the "pretty and proper yet playful and adventurous" was all explored under one outfit and made to work. I am missing that with her new outfits. They should've either never gotten rid of her in the first place or have let sleeping dogs lie a little longer.
Rebecca = Rebecca is having a generation/era crisis and can't decide if she is a purple girl from the 2000s or if she is a proper girl from the 1914s.
Julie = Julie is still the same girl, and I have high hopes for her.
Kaya = Poor Kaya is stuck in an era crisis too and hopes that her time machine soon stops working so that she has no excuse to parade around in clothing that is not from her time.
Addy = Addy is the same great girl.
Kit: Kit needs to go befriend the Waltons and learn how to dress from the 1930s.
MAG: The girls need to learn to be a bit more modest and relaxed - they need to be told that trendy is an option, not a requirement.
Thanks for reading!

The New Releases From AG!

I could barely sleep last night knowing that today we would see the releases from AG (I admit- I did give myself a little "dessert" and looked at the Pinterest they had set up - but only 3 pics, I promise XD). I am SO excited about everything, and while I don't like everything released, I always enjoy seeing the outfits and wondering what inspired them ($ maybe?)XDXD and just seeing the new selections.
Here are my opinions on the new releases.
*If they are a bit harsh, I'm sorry, I guess when I start giving my opinion and I feel strongly about something, I suppose I may criticize AG too much. I promise I love American Girl as a company even if I get mad frequently with them. Really.
This is a really long post - it is an analysis of each outfit - taking every piece bit by bit and tearing it apart and analyzing it XD and I will probably make it into 2 parts.
Here is Part #1:
Addy's Dress & Sewing Set - $48
I actually really like this. The plaid dress itself is beautiful, and I think it would look great with and without the pinafore. It could probably even double as a modern spring dress too. Plus, I've always been a huge fan of the short bell sleeves on many of Addy's dresses.
The pinafore is cute and pretty simple, as well as the stockings and boots that now seem to be a part of every outfit from either Addy's collection, Rebecca's or from MG & C's collection before they were retired.
I love the sewing accessories, however I think that Addy's collection would have done better with an actual separate sewing accessory set full of everything - maybe even an old fashioned Singer or something (not sure when Singer machines came out, but I've seen some pretty ancient ones - plus, I think Singer machines sponsor AG, or at least they did with Isabelle). It is cute, but I feel that they really fell short when they could've made a bigger, more elaborate sewing accessory set.
The price of this is better than the special edition sets from last year. It is rare for AG to take the price down.
Coordinating Outfit for Girls $74
The shirt is cute, not showy or possibly "iffy" and the pants are simple but cute. However, I think something similar if not nearly exact to this outfit could be pieced together from places like Target (I've seen that shirt there before - I know I have), and maybe even some lucky thrift finds. I bet you could dress for less than $74 in a similar outfit and still give off the "coordinating dress" appearance.
Julie's Skateboard Set - $48
I LOVE this. Well, actually, I think I preferred the rollerskates over the skateboard, but how can you resist, still? The skateboard with the big wheels and the groovy orange, the shirt with the great logo, and everything!
The shirt logo, I'm pretty, sure, is still being used today because as I look back at 5 year old pics of me, I'm pretty sure I had a nearly identical print on a long sleeve purple shirt. Too bad I probably outgrew it 5 years ago. XD
The pants are cute and simple and the socks and shoes are simple and cute as well. The pants are kind of short and while, obviously, on a doll you aren't really "exposing", younger girls tend to "mirror" their dolls. I think AG was pretty bold with this and the short shorts of the roller skating outfit, but I don't mind them in this summer fun instance. (After all, let's be real. Who doesn't get in a cute shirt and shorts as soon as the weather is cool enough and ride around the neighborhood?)
The skateboard is great! I just recently got a skateboard set and am more than happy with it and do not feel the need for another one, so this outfit will be looked over by me, but don't hesitate, everyone else who doesn't have a skateboard for their dolls. This is a great example of a great outfit for Julie.
Graphic Sweatshirt & Rainbow Shorts for Girls - $60
I love the shirt/sweatshirt and it may find its way into my wardrobe (considering above, in the Julie opinions, I was saying how I wished I had a shirt that matched. Well, wish granted!)
However, this is a super bold choice on the shorts. While I get they are meant to be exercise shorts and summer shorts, I can't get over how short they are. Maybe 3 or 4 inches above the knee would've been nice - not 6 inches! Come on, AG! It looks like she is going out to the mailbox in her "boxer underwear" (Just so everyone is clear, going out to the mailbox like that is not acceptable to me past age 3 or 4. Believe me, it looks way weird.)
Julie's Mix Print Maxi Dress - $28
Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of the accessories or even the dress. The dress is a bit over the top and it kind of looks like she is wearing a falling down tutu over a maxi dress. However, at the same time, I feel like it is kind of cute, especially because instead of straps, it just ties in the back around the neck.
The headwrap doesn't match at all - it should've been a pink head wrap or a yellow or even a faux brown leather/macramé headwrap. Purple barely fits into the color scheme of this outfit, but it kind of works...I guess.
The bracelet is cute - still not a fan of the plastic clunky jewelry though. The sandals are beyond adorable and the necklace is cute, but with some beads, it would be very easy and cheap to make - a double win!
I have such mixed feelings/opinions on this outfit that it is making my mind frustrated.XDXD
Kit's Chicken Keeping Set - $48
I am not a huge fan of these overalls. I feel like denim would've been a more "rugged" choice for Kit and would've matched her style more. The cute shirt is nice, but I really feel that Kit's old overall set would've been a far better choice. I'm not a fan of the pin tuck things on the bodice or the little shaped waistband. These look more like a fashion disaster gone worse than a pair of overalls to get dirty in around chickens and gardens. Really? I'm not buying the "not being able to get denim" thing either. If the Waltons could get denim (well, I think Erin did have non-denim overalls, but still), the Kittredges could get denim. This outfit should've been a lot simpler to make than what they did with it.
Cheery Top + Jumper for Girls - $70
I really like this. In fact, this exact outfit would've been a better choice for Kit (with a bit of historical tweaking) than the so-called-overalls she received. I hope to get this and it is absolutely adorable - all of it. The dress is great, the shirt is great, and I think I saw a pair of boots like that somewhere. I could totally redo this look and I can't wait to either! (This outfit is totally unique and not something you could just go buy off any rack).
Rebecca's Seashore Set - $48
Cries of frustration and disappointment were heard throughout the land (or at least my town) - all coming from me, sitting on my computer.
They could've done something so beautiful. The really missed the mark on this.
The chair is nice and a lot for your money, and the postcard is cute too.  
Now back to the outfit...
This is so strange. What were they thinking? While the cap, shoes, and even the suit itself are historically accurate, I can't help but ask "why?"
Why is it pink and purple? They could've made a cute navy bathing costume similar to Samantha's old one and a cute little dainty but still swimming outfit. This thing is completely hideous and I don't find the colors to be historically accurate. Would they have really worn a super bright hot pink bathing cap? Something tells me no, but I'm not a historian (neither is AG, obviously).
Modern Fancy Shawl Outfit - $48
While I know it is good to have modern things for the real Nez Perce girls of today to have matching outfits with their doll, I am so over it. I am over the Modern Image of Kaya's collection. They may as well make her a "Today girl" (not GOTY because she would be here for more than a year, and of course, not a MAG). There is nothing historical about Kaya anymore. Why would they make modern things for her if she is from the 1700s. Maybe they are releasing a book where Kaya finds a time machine? Until that sort of book is released, they shouldn't explore the idea further.
Why must it all be "Modern"? Why can't there be a Historical playset?!
High-Low Hem Dress - $48
This is an okay dress. I've never been a "High Low" fan, but this dress has a unique print that is very "Kaya", I guess. (Though we don't know Kaya - she could be walking down my street in her "modern" clothes and hiding her time machine)
The shoes don't go with it at all to me. Who decided on that?! I'd be glad to be their fashion coordinator!
Part #2 comin' up!  

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder!

So, I was on Google, and I saw their little doodle on their homepage, and it looked strangely familiar to me. The girl with the braids and then the blonde hair, blue eyed girl next to her, surrounded by prairie land. Sure enough, today is Laura Ingall's birthday (I believe she is 148 or something close to that, I forget XD).
Here is what the Google page looked like for those who are reading this late and missed it or for those who are not allowed on Google, don't have Google, whatever, etc. XDXD
Of course, my screenshot thing wasn't working so I had to take this crazy picture of it with a Nikon against a junk Dell computer. XD
You may still be able to get the point though.
It is a yarn animation and in the background is a covered wagon and a small log cabin. It is just so cool!
All my dolls just had to dress up for my "Laura Ingalls" contest (I am thinking about holding an actual contest later on in the future, but I need some suggestions for prizes that I can mail out without having to collect peoples' addresses or give out my own; maybe an email thing? Help, please!)
Here are the girls who dressed as Laura (neither had braids, but it wasn't required). I think that Grace makes a great Laura!
It's Meredith and Kirsten as Mary!
The dolls were all super excited to celebrate Laura's birthday, mainly because we hadn't missed it this year like we had in the past and Grace was there to make things even more festive.
Oh my goodness I love Laura! XD
Vote in the comments which ones did a better Mary and a better Laura impersonation! (Just for fun)
Happy Birthday Laura!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grace's Arrival: Part #2

Sorry I waited so long to post Part #2! It's kind of short, but I wanted to continue the photo story, so I decided posting a little something rather than nothing. A longer post will be up later (hopefully sooner).
Grace had spent the rest of her first day in her room, but the second day she seemed a bit more excited and at ease.
"Do you want to go take a walk?" Ivy asked excitedly. She was still wearing her same Paris outfit she had been wearing the other day.
"Um," Grace started cordially, but Molly could tell that that was not what Grace wanted to do.
"Ivy don't you have a book report?" Molly started just as she was interrupted by an angry sounding Mrs. Ling.
"Ivy Ling you get right in here and do your homework this instant! That book report is due soon and you haven't even started your book!"
Ivy blushed furiously and quickly ducked out of the scene; running for her cabin.
"I could show you the horses and other animals," Molly suggested gently. She had been extra careful with Grace just because she knew that it was a far move and Grace's mother was ill.
"Horses?" Grace asked, brightening more. "You mean there are horses here?"
"Sure," Molly smiled. "We have a whole stable full. Felicity's dad is a horse breeder and trainer."
"I've always wanted to touch a horse - or even see one up close. I saw one before on a horse drawn carriage, but I never got close."
The two girls entered the stable and went into the work room where all sorts of horse accessories sat in organized buckets or hung upon the wall.
"Wow!" Grace eyed each saddle and bridle with such awe.
Molly couldn't help but smile as she walked away, going to get one of the horses to introduce her to. 
Just then, Payton walked up out of the shadows of the stable, startling Grace. 
"Hey Grace!" Payton cried out even though the girls stood only a few feet away from each other. 
"Hi," Grace smiled politely; her heart still racing from being startled just moments before. 
"Well you don't have to look so scared!" Payton told her. 
This irritated Grace, because Payton had come out of the shadows from behind without announcing herself and was the cause of the scare in the first place.
Just then, Molly came out with one of the horses; Firefly (yes, there are about 4 horses all acted out by my 2 AG horses XD). 
Grace gasped softly, and her scare from earlier drifted away. 
Molly could sense that Grace was uneasy around Payton, so she spoke up kindly. "Um, Payton, why don't you go start some blueberry muffins so we can have some with afternoon snack?" 
Payton agreed and ran off; Molly could see the relief on Grace's face. 
Molly helped Grace attach the saddle onto Firefly. 
"Do you want me to take you on a small ride?" Molly asked. 
Grace pondered the idea for a moment, but then shook her head. She didn't feel quite safe riding a horse within such a short time of getting to know Firefly. Plus, the name made Grace a bit anxious. Was she named after the bug, or was it because she shot about fast like fire, flying? Grace didn't want to get on a horse like that! 
"Okay," Molly shrugged. "But you can pet her and brush her mane. She likes it very much." 
"Good," Grace replied, grabbing a brush and preparing to brush her. 
After some work in silence, Molly worked up the courage to ask her a question that had been in Molly's head since they had met in person just days ago. 
"It seems like Payton and Ivy really bother you," Molly started cautiously, searching for Grace's reaction. She did not react in any apparent way. She just continued to focus on her brushing, stroking each strand of hair with all her concentration. 
"Why do they bother you?" Molly asked, "I know they can be a bit loud at times, but they really are nice girls and I think you should get to know them better. Really, Grace, they can be some of the best friends ever once you meet them, I promise!"
Grace continued her brushing and finally, when she saw there was no way of getting out of an answer or at least an acknowledgement towards the question of some sort, she sighed and began to speak. 
"Not until they get to know me." 
With that, Grace put her brush down and ran off, leaving Firefly and Molly wondering just what was going on with Grace.