An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Audition Part #2

I know her audition was supposed to be last Friday, but I had no time, so Part #2 is 2 days late.
"Good Morning," Kit greeted Elizabeth who had been washing her hands in the kitchen sink early on Friday morning. Her audition was somewhat early and it was an hour away, so she had to get up extra early.
"Good Morning," Elizabeth whispered back in a raspy voice.
"Are you sick?" Kit gasped. Elizabeth couldn't get sick for the audition!
"No," Elizabeth replied, clearing her throat, "I am just tired. I didn't get a full hour of sleep last night! I've just been thinking so hard." Elizabeth, all night, had been trying to play back the notes to her memorized violin concerto in her head. 
"I made a breakfast for you," Kit pointed towards a orange and chocolate muffin and a pile of fresh blueberries.
"Oh," Elizabeth was surprised. Kit was the only one up besides Elizabeth's family, and Kit had spent the morning preparing a breakfast just for her! "I don't know if I can eat it," Elizabeth sighed honestly. "My stomach really hurts - I think I'm nervous."
"You have to eat breakfast!" Kit told her firmly. Elizabeth took a blueberry and a weak bite of the muffin.
"Good," Kit replied.
At the audition, Elizabeth was partnered with this girl, Abigail. They were going to be the first to audition.
"So you play the violin too?" Elizabeth asked.
"Yes," Abigail replied, "I've been working towards this audition since I was five - how long have you been preparing?"
"Um, uh, too many years to count," Elizabeth half lied. Honestly, she hadn't been prepping for more than 5 months, but she had been playing the violin for two years.
"Abigail Weston?" the man called out. Abigail rushed off to audition.
Elizabeth was left to anxiously wait her turn.  
Then, nearly ten minutes later, Abigail came out of the audition room.
"It was really easy - you'll do great," Abigail patted her on the back, "It is so easy I'm sure you could do it in your sleep!"
"Yeah, I'm sure," Elizabeth nodded weakly.
Elizabeth walked through the door to the audition room. The three judges sat behind a table, waiting. Elizabeth couldn't see how Abigail had thought that this was easy.
"Please play your scale and then the piece," the judges ordered. Elizabeth nodded.
Elizabeth played her scales, which were easy, and then began her piece. The notes danced out slowly, gaining and gaining more and more speed.
Soon, the piece was had two more measures left of the music.
Squeak! A huge squeak came out of her violin, but Elizabeth covered it up and tried not to show that it had fazed her.
She had never felt readier to get out of a place.
The girls at home hugged her excitedly. "How did you do?" Jasmine asked.
"I think I did pretty good," Elizabeth shrugged. "I don't think it came to me quite as easily as the others."
"But what matters is that you did your best!" Kit called from the kitchen.
"Where is Kit's voice coming from?" Elizabeth asked.
"I don't know, but Julie needs to get off to basketball and I need to get off to gymnastics!" Ivy told Elizabeth as they dashed out the door with their parents.  
Elizabeth rushed into the kitchen with the others to see Kit. Sitting out, were cupcakes and muffins and cookies!
"Who made all this?" Elizabeth asked.
"I did," Kit whispered. "Now come on! Let's eat!"
All the girls grabbed cookies, muffins, and cakes.
"Congratulations," Kit hugged Elizabeth. "I know you'll get in."
"Thanks," Elizabeth smiled.
"Now go on!" Kit laughed, "Grab a cupcake! The red frosted one is for you! It matches your outfit!"
Elizabeth didn't know whether she'd get in or not, but right now, she had what she needed; her delicious cupcake, and best of all, her friends by her side.
I'll try to do another photo story in about a month or two about whether she got in or not! (I can't promise when though)
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A New Photostory Series

I have been looking at the poll the past couple days, and currently, "More Little House on the Prairie Photo Stories" and "New Photostory Series" are the two in the lead!
So, I don't want to start a new photo story series right away (just because I already have the Little House stories, the AG Farms stories, & the Princess Annabelle stories). However, within the next month or so or whenever I have time (I don't want to make any promise that I can't keep).
Well, my idea for the new photostory....
It is going to be titled "New York City, Virginia." The girl's name is Virginia, but everyone calls her "Ginny." She has two sisters, an older sister Georgia, and a younger sister Carolina (yep, they are all named after states!). She is very different from all the other girls and she knows it (and enjoys it). She is a bit funny and the series is just about her life and everything that happens in it. Like I said, I'm not going to start the series right away, but I figured that I would do a little "pilot" episode just to see what the feedback and responses are. Please, please leave honest feedback - I don't want to be working on a photo story series that no one enjoys reading!
Ginny's Saturday Morning Routine & Meet Ginny

"Hi! I'm 11 year old Virginia, but the name I go by is 'Ginny.' I live in a tiny apartment in New York City with two sisters and a mother and father. Only my father is normally away; you see, he is an actor, writer, and illustrator. I believe that is why we live in New York in the first place. Our apartment might seem tiny, but it is all I've ever known. Oh well, I guess I may as well walk you through my Saturday afternoon and morning routine - oh, but wait! I have two important people to introduce!"
Here are my two sisters and me standing in our bedroom! Georgia is the taller girl in the back with the purple shirt. She is my older sister. Sometimes I call her George or Gia (she hates being called both those names, which may be the reason I call her them). Then there is Carolina, the younger sister who has decided to grace your presence without any clothes.
It even took a good half hour to get her to stay still enough for this photo. My mother says she will listen better when she is older. That is a wish, not a fact, by the way.
Georgia is 14. She can be really nice sometimes, despite her weird behavior. She really does listen to me, which I must admit, I like (considering no one else ever has time). She likes playing games with me and doesn't mind getting wrapped up in one of my adventure ideas (no, I do not bribe her with ITunes gift cards. I promise).
She isn't completely great, as we all have our shortcomings. She always says obviously when things are certainly not obvious. She is obsessed with her skin and is sometimes too caught up with her friends to be with me.
Cara is my younger sister. She is three and a little....well...I don't know how to describe it.
You'll learn more about her later on.
Now, let's go through my boring Saturday morning routine. Normally, I have an exciting Saturday, but this is just the routine for the boring Saturdays.
First I wake up and do my hair (I am not one for all that 'beauty' stuff, but I do like to do my signature style - it keeps everything out of my way).
Then I make my bed, which involves a game-show-like routine where I figure out how to stuff all my pillows and dolls under the covers with as little lumps as possible. It's a challenge, but after a few years, I've gotten much, much better at it.
Then I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take my headgear off. Somehow, every move I make, I have an unnerving feeling...Perhaps because Cara is screaming to let her in and trying to stick her face under the door (yes, that strange object under that door is Cara.
(Oh, and as a side note, that is not dust under that floor gap - it is cement.)
Then my mom goes down the hall to the NYC Apartment Ladies Club. Meanwhile, I "baby-sit" Cara. Somehow, I think that it should be called 'extreme marathon' rather than "baby-sitting". 
After a few hours, my mom comes home and makes us lunch. Really, my mom is so into health food for lunch, that I end up having a small sandwich and some carrots and other UFO vegetable-tasting food. Honestly, I hate lunches on the weekends - on the weekdays I go to the diner beneath my apartment. They always have a refreshing milkshake and some curly fries ready for me (yes, unhealthy, but at home, my parents are both health-food nuts - sometimes I need to escape!).
After lunch, I'll read a book from the library. Luckily the library is big, but I still think I've exhausted half the children's section. Saige is my favorite though - I love the story that incorporates animals, art, and hot air balloons all into one book!
As I read my novel, my sister reads too - only her reading material is less respectable, considering that reading about skin and nails will not boost your IQ (this is quite obvious, as Georgia would say).
Oh well, at least the girl on the front has pretty hair. I wish my hair were auburn-ish.
After reading, my sister says that she obviously needs a nap and down she goes and I prepare for my special run.
Yep, I get my exercise in a very interesting way on Saturday afternoons.
After my sister is asleep, I...
Prepare for what I have famously called, "The Waltz to the Land of Sweets" (a play on the Nutcracker dance). It mainly involves running quietly to the fridge and grabbing all the sweets I can get my hands on.
Warning: This is not a good habit. Please do not try at home.
Remember, I advised you.
My clothed feet hit the floor. I then slide and run at the same time to the kitchen which I can see from my room - my apartment is so small.
I silently open the fridge.
Alas! Two frosted cupcakes that I can already taste. I grab one so that I won't be obvious (oh, and if you are wondering how they got in the house - I snuck them in and I hide them in a secret spot in the fridge that no one has noticed yet.)
My hand tingles as I reach for the lovely dessert. I then usually will snatch it up and race back to my room to enjoy my snack greedily - eating quickly and opening nail polish bottles so that my sister will smell the nail polish and not discover that I am eating the enemy (cupcakes ruin skin).
See, I told you I am different than everyone else! What do you think?
I don't know how she has turned out - I'll be at the "drawing board" for a few months...Until then, what do you think of this new character?  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Outfit of the Day #8 & a Photoshoot!

Since we did a tip yesterday, I am not going to do one today (simply because I couldn't come up with one!) However, in place of the idea/tip, I am going to do a photo shoot.
I go on Clarisse's Closet all the time, and that blog really inspires me a lot! The choice of clothing is completely on point color wise and weather wise! Well, I came up with my own outfit of the day (I do not use her ideas, she just inspires me, that's all).
Here is the whole outfit put together!
I thought the outfit looked kind of cute against this whimsical background! Since it is getting much colder out, Felicity can no longer wear her leotard without anything covering it. But, with these thermal tights, heavy jacket, and green combat boots, Felicity is feeling great about the cold weather (which she enjoys anyway).
Felicity, who is just about as untrendy and herself as she could be, still couldn't resist taking a "selfie" (ugh, I am NOT a fan of that word, but I must admit, it is sort of creative)!
I LOVE these boots. The versatility of them is amazing!
I've always liked the ballerina on the OG ballet outfit! In many ways, select AG outfits can be even cuter than AG outfits!
Just for fun I decided to do this interesting shot. I live how her feet are in the light and she herself is out of the light. It seems like it would've been a better cover for the Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight movie than the 'all over the place' cover they decided on.
I wasn't sure if the headband was going to clutter up the outfit too much, but I tried it anyway and I think it looked nice against her hair color. I've never been a fan of headbands along with ponytails, but in this case, it looks okay, actually.
Interesting view of the whole outfit (you can even see the shoes in the right of the picture).
Now, let's move on to the photo shoot!
I put together my top 3 favorite shoes, and I'm not very happy with how the picture turned out, yet I felt that it looked okay enough to post. (I am a bit of a perfectionist, which isn't the best thing, but oh well! XD)
Felicity decided to take a climb up on a wooden beam in the barn! (This is really a drop-leaf table for those who were wondering - but it is wood, and makes a pretty good background)
"Hey look! I can actually balance on this easily!"
"I wonder why Ivy was so stressed out about her beam routine - this is super easy, even in these clunky combat boots! Maybe I should quit ballet and become a gymnast! Suppose I'm a prodigy?" Felicity began to get excited as she began to think she had completely 'mastered' the balance beam. XDXDXD
"This is so, so easy and...whoa...whoa -" Felicity's ideas of being a gymnastics beam prodigy were quickly dashed in one quick incident.
Felicity quickly fell, flailing, from the makeshift beam.
(I surprisingly got this photo on the 1st shot - you can kind of see my hand in the left corner)
"Phew! I'm all done my beam routine for now!" Felicity gasped as she came back up off the ground, unhurt.
"Hey look!" Felicity began again, "I can balance easily at the corners of the beams! I barely have to hold on!" Felicity got excited.
Elizabeth soon joined Felicity on the beam. Elizabeth needed to take her mind off her violin for at least a good hour or two.
"This isn't easy!" Elizabeth stuck her arms out for balance.
"Oh, well, I thought it was easy, but you're right, it isn't easy at all!" Felicity agreed, "I...whoa..whoa-!"
"Whoa!" Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief when Felicity was stable once more.
"You can't break your arm or leg before Nutcracker auditions or the Nutcracker workshop!"
"Yes, you're right!" Felicity nodded.
The girls decided to sit and talk for a bit - engaging in a safer activity.
"Bye for now!" From Felicity & Elizabeth

Monday, November 17, 2014

Doll Outfit of the Day & Idea #7

Okay, so today the outfit of the day is really just Felicity's meet outfit, but wait! Don't stop reading yet! The idea is what is going to be the main attraction today, so if you want to save money (possibly) on something from AG, continue on! :P
Everyone knows about Cecile & MG's (and now Addy's) Crinoline & Chemise, right? Some of you may even own it or have been wanting to purchase it. Well, now, unless you are really in to the historical accuracy of your doll's underwear, you will not have a need to purchase this pricy set!
Because today I am going to show you how to make the skirts just as full as they would be with that Crinoline & Chemise!
Let's quickly cover the idea of the Crinoline & Chemise. It is nice and looks to be well made and historically accurate. This tutorial/idea will not be to make a historically accurate crinoline set, but it will still be perfect for those who want their dolls to have a full skirt, yet they also want to save up for that certain item that happens to be really expensive (this, most likely, sounds exactly like you, right? XD I know it sounds like me!)
Essentially, the Crinoline & Chemise set is just an overpriced hoop that goes under a doll's dress/skirt and will most likely never be seen (or at least that often).
So, let's get started! Basically, the idea of this is to just round up as much underwear and white stuff as you can and put it on your doll. XDXD
Well, let's get started!
First, put on some sort of underdress. I used one from Felicity's meet outfit. For even more fullness, I put on 2 underdresses (from both Felicity & Elizabeth's meet outfits) 
(Optional) Next, add some sort of black tights/leggings. This is completely optional and adds little fullness to the skirt, really. I just put them on her because I was dressing Felicity up for her Princess Annabelle photo stories.
If you have any pantaloons or something similar, they would be good to add. If you don't they are fairly easy to sew up (any of this stuff is and it doesn't have to be perfect because no one is really going to see it anyway!
Next, add on some sort of underskirt (Josefina's meet skirt might work).  
Now, put your chosen dress on and look at the fullness! It is just like a crinoline and chemise set from AG, only chances are, you have saved some money!
If you don't have pantaloons, a underskirt or dress, and do not want to or do not know how to sew, than this might ended up being impossible or costing you more money, so this is just an option for those who do have the materials/clothes on hand! I hope you find this little tip/idea useful!