An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vote for Me Please!

If you could, please vote for me in American Girl Fan's costume contest. My picture is picture 27 and it's called Ellie's Picture! Please vote! It would mean a lot! 
Go to to vote for me! Thanks!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Awesome Doll pictures

I've gotten really into doing these cute collages with all the pics I take. Here is my first one!
photo edited for free at
I think this college is totally awesome. It shows my dolls from last Christmas! They are all really great friends, and I think they really look good! Hope you like them!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caroline Abbot!

OH My Gosh! Caroline is finally here and I'm so excited! They also got some new stuff for the My American Girl Dolls too. I really like Caroline's bonnet, and her dress goes great with it. Caroline looks a little like Lanie Girl of the Year 2010. I'm not sure if I want her, I think I might have enough dolls. But maybe........

This boat is amazing. It is a cute little skiff and it can really hold two dolls. I would have to raise a lot of money to get it for $175, but maybe for Christmas. The price is really high, but everything else is great! I love how it says her name on it! In the past couple years American Girl has started making much more things for the dolls then just the clothes. It's really cool.
I love anything that comes with American Girl Food! The basket is so cute and it looks like something right out of Little House on the Prairie! The apples look so shiny! I hope I get this for Christmas. This set rocks!
Caroline's Holiday Gown is amazing! I will so be getting this! The gloves are so cute, and I love the purple color. The shoes look so cute, and I think the outfit will soon be in my house!
I think this is the biggest set American Girl has ever made, or maybe Lanie's Camper was bigger. I don't know, but this sure is a cool set. $300 is just way to much to pay for it, but I haven't seen it in person so I don't know. Maybe they will lower the prices later. I'll be trying to raise money for this one! How cute is it? In the catalog I saw how Caroline can sit on the bench, but she looks really uncomfortable and squished, maybe they will make it bigger in the future. Or maybe it just looks that way in the catalog. I love back drop scenes for my dolls, so I will definitely be trying to get this. It looks like it comes with lots of accessories.

Overall, Caroline's collection is great and I can't wait until they come out with some of those American Girl Mystery Books for her. She seems really cool and I can't wait to read and find out more about her style. 

American Girl Video

I'm sorry to say that I can't show you the American Girl Doll movie. I will have to show you it in pictures I guess. I took the pictures and I'm trying to slide them all together. If anyone can tell me how to do this, please let me know by posting a comment telling me or giving me the link to a how to video.
Sorry that I can't get it to work, all I need to do is slide it together and then I can show it to you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted!

Sorry i haven't posted. I have been working really hard on a super awesome camp out video starring some of my dolls. Keep checking back for it! COMING SOON!! In the mean-time, I will be posting some pictures and keeping the blog updated. The expected time for the video to be ready would be sometime in early September. I know that it sounds like a long time, but check back all the time, who knows, maybe I'll finish early. You'll love this video!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ivy, Kit and Lavender

I was just took a random picture of my dolls here it is:
I'll post some more soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ivy and Kit's Back to School Photo Shoot!

Kit and Ivy decided to try on there new back to school clothes. Here they are!

The girls had a lot of fun trying on clothes, even though they don't want summer to end.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

American Girl Store!

My cousin and I went to American Girl store, and we had the best time ever! We had gone the last year, but this year was even more fun!!! Sorry I didn't take that many pictures, but I do have a couple pictures that I took that I will post later!
We got to the store and we saw Julie's car and had a lot of fun. We had tea with the dolls in the American Girl Bistro, and then, my cousin got the new girl of the year Mckenna!!!! Also I got Just Like You Doll 53! I thought her hair looked fun to style! I'll post pictures later!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

American Girl Store!

I am so excited to go to American Girl store! I am going this Friday! THis is going to be so awesome! I am going with my cousin and we are going to have a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Find!!!!!

I was looking at a thrift store, and I found a bunch of American Girl Stuff!!!! They had Kit's bed, Felicity's Bed, a lot of clothes for the doll, a pink salon chair, Coconut, Licorice, a really nice sleeper for Bitty Baby, and Samantha's desk!!! All of it looked really good! I thought I might get Licorice since I can't find her online or in catalog. My nana got me the Bitty Baby sleeper with a moon and a lot of stars, and my parents got me Samantha's desk!!!! Both finds are totally cool!!!! I will put pictures up later! But here are some pictures I found online of the desk!

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Stuff!

I am just so excited to go to the American Girl store with my cousin! She has a Just Like you Doll, Julie, and Rebecca! We are going to have so much fun! Here are some more things I can't decide between!
I really like this Flower Garden Dress! The headband and dress is cute, but I don't really like the shoes.

This dress is so cute! I love the hair clip and the flower! The socks are cute too!
These are two of the other things I want, they are both cute!

American Girl Store

I decided that I want to get my doll Julie's ears pierced at the store, and I think I want some cute accessories! Also, if you know, would you please tell me if Licorice the cat is retired? I haven't seen her in the catalogs or online, and I was really wanting to get her. Well, here are several accessories that I need help deciding between.
Molly's schoolbag set! I have been wanting this accessory ever since I got Molly, so I think I might want it, even though I don't have her school dress or desk.

Kit's party set! I think this is so cute! It would be great for my doll's parties I think they would really enjoy it.

I really like Julie's bunny Nutmeg! The little carrots and his sleeping basket are cute, and I know that he would go great with Lanie's bunny Lulu!
I love the color of the scarf and the ball on the top of the hat! It is so cool and I don't have very many hats for my dolls, and only one other scarf!

I love the root beer floats and the grill! This would be great for a party photo story!
I love this set!! Tacos are one of my favorite foods and the drinks look good too!

This skating set rocks, but I still don't know if they can actually stand on the skates.

I think that I might want some more stuff, but I post later about those things!

Trip to the American Girl Store!

I will be going to the American girl store this summer, and I have started thinking about what I want. I will probably get about two outfits, and some accessories, but I don't know what to get. What do you think looks the best out of all these?
 Kit's school skirt setKit's Birthday dress

Kit's nightie

Molly's Swimsuit

Molly's pajamas

Molly's polka dot outfit
This is all I can think of so far, but I am sure I will come up with a longer list, which I will put on here. Please leave a comment and help me decide!

Did you hear about all the new things for Julie and Ivy? They will have a Volkswagon car! But I still don't know how many dolls can fit into it! But it is so cool! I am going to the American Girl store this summer, so I might get both outfits. Julie's outfit is really hippie! I also really like the car wash stuff! I want to get the whole set, but the car seems really big and expensive. The car and the rest of the set come out June 28, 2012. Do you want to get this set?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ivy and Kanani!

Ivy and Kanani decided to go out for a little fun around American Girl Farms.
Ivy and Kanani decided to take their little sister Lavender for a ride on the horse. Lavender had a lot of fun.
Kanani and Ivy played in the trees. Kanani was getting really crazy!
Kanani and Ivy decided to ride Kit's scooter around. There wasn't room for Ivy to stand, so she just sat in front!
Along the trail, Ivy found her name on the trail! She was very excited!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Relaxin' with Lanie and Kanani!

Kanani's dog Barksee is snuggled up with Lulu, while their owners go for a walk.

Lanie and Kanani were bored. Everyone else was doing their own thing, so Kanani and Lanie had an adventure. They skateboarded up the hill.
Then they skateboarded down the hill. American Girl Farms had many hills, so it was a great place to ride bikes, horses, and skateboard. 
Then, they decided to race down the hill sitting down. Both of them had a blast!!
Kanani and Lanie traveled along a trail. They soon came to some rocks. 
"Aren't these rocks cool?" said Lanie. 
Each girl grabbed one rock and decided to set off. 
Then, they decided to enjoy a picnic lunch in the trees. Lanie was very comfortable!
Kanani had a lot of fun too!
Here they are enjoying their lunch!
Along the trail, Lanie found her name written with a wonderful butterfly. This was funny, since Kit had found her name on the trail yesterday.
After the walk on the trail, Lanie decided to exercise Star. Kanani watched, and Barksee was really interested in Star!
Lanie rode Star around as Kanani shot some great pictures on her camera!
At the end of the day, Lanie and Kanani came back to relax on the front porch. They both agreed that it was the best day ever!:)

Summer time with Felicity and Kit!!!

This is a picture of Star the horse with a butterfly in her hair! Felicity and Kit thought it was an amazing picture!
Felicity and Kit decided to take a ride around American Girl Farms. Here they are waving goodbye to Julie!
Felicity and Kit decided to take a little break, and sit and talk in the trees!:)
Kit and Felicity were walking on the trail, when they noticed someone had written Kit's name in orange and red! The sunshine was Kit's favorite part!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Shaved Ice Stand!

One day, Kanani left for the beach and left Kit in charge. This was not a good idea, since Kit hadn't slept very much the last night!
Later that day, Kanani decided to come back and get some shaved ice and see how much shaved ice Kit had sold! Kanani hoped that Kit hadn't eaten all the ice before she had sold it!
Back at the American Girl Farms Public Shaved Ice Stand, Molly, Julie, and Lanie had had the same idea as Kanani, and decided to check how Kit was doing. When they got there, Kit was sitting in the camping chair with sunglasses with a magazine. She wasn't really awake, so they figured she had been sleeping for some time. Everyone thought of all the customers that had to leave because she wasn't responding to them. 
Soon after, Kanani came back and found a very upset Molly, Julie, and Lanie. 
"Kit has just been sitting here sleeping and reading, who knows how many customers we have lost today!" said Julie sadly. Kanani was very upset, though she would never be mean to her friend. She told Molly, Julie, and Lanie to go back up to the house, and she would take care of it.
Kanani reached to grab the sunglasses off her eyes and the magazine off her hand. Kanani didn't want to be mean, but she had to be strict since she was supposed to helping her parents make money!
"Kit, what on earth have you been doing? Molly, Julie, and Lanie came up to check on you, and you were asleep, think how many customers we lost!" said Kanani.
"Well, Lanie, Molly, and Julie can get shaved ice for free since they live here," said Kit.
"Yes, but all the other customers that could have come and then left when they realized you were asleep!"
Kit agreed and she never fell asleep at the shaved ice stand again!