An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Julie and Jasamine's Adventurous Day

All the other girls were finishing all their Christmas Break homework, but Jasmine and Julie had already finished. They decided to go have their own play day around the farm. Jasmine was interested in seeing more of the farm, since she had only been there for three months, and with all the schoolwork she hadn't had time to explore a whole lot. Today was her real chance to go have fun. After asking her mom, Jasmine went out with Julie. They couldn't wait to start their day!!
Julie and Jasmine were excited that it was an unusually warm day, so they brought out some of their summer stuff!

"Come on, let's make a wish with this dandelion!" Julie said excitedly. Wishes were such magical fun things.
"Wow Julie, I sure hope are wishes come true!" Jasmine said with a dreamy sigh.
"Well, why don't we relax for a while. It will help us have more energy for later," Julie took her hat off and the girls sat in a big chair and began to get into a big conversation.

Then, the girls decided to go climb the big tree. It would be hard, but fun of course!
"This sure is hard work Julie!" Jasmine said as she tried to get her hanging foot onto the branch.
"Don't worry, the first time you climb is always the hardest, the second time will be easier!" Julie was making her way up the tree with easily.

"Come on up higher Jasmine, the higher you are, the more fun it is!" Julie called down to Jasmine as she watched her swing from the lower branch.
"Almost up Julie, I'm almost up!" Jasmine cried out as she tried to get up higher.

"I'm gettin' there, I'm getting there!!" cried Jasmine as she saw how high she was getting every time she switched to a higher branch.
"Wow you can see everything from up here! Even our main house and some of our cabins! Thanks so much for showing me all this Julie!" Jasmine looked up at Julie who was sitting just a little bit higher then her.
"Come on Jasmine, get just a little higher! Don't worry, you can totally do it!" Julie looked down at Jasmine who was getting higher and closer every minute.
"Yay, I did it!" Jasmine hugged Julie when they were finally sitting next to each other. This was such a special day that wouldn't ever be forgotten.
"You know what Jasmine, sitting up here in the trees sure makes me feel like doing some cool tricks!" Julie got a mischievous grin on her face, and suddenly, she was getting higher in the tree, doing crazy tricks all the way.
"Bet you can't do this!" cried Julie as she hung from the tree by her feet. 
It did make Jasmine a little scared, but she knew that if she could do gymnastics on a mat, she could probably do them in a tree.
"Oh yeah, I can do that too!!" Jasmine cried out with a big smile on her face.
Playing up in the trees had been great, but Star needed some exercise too, so the girls brought him out into the fun. Jasmine brushed his mane, and his tail while Julie stayed up front and stroked Star's head.
Julie grabbed the camera and took a bunch of pictures as Jasamine came closer and closer. Jasmine loved horse riding and was getting better and better.
"Smile for the camera Star!"Julie said giggling.
Jasmine took Star on a short walk along the rocky shore. Star loved walking along the shore. Suddenly, Jasmine broke Star into a trot, and Star began to go faster. It was so much fun!
When Jasmine got back, they set Star out to run, and the girls relaxed. Jasmine couldn't wait to read the latest Beach Sport Magazine that Kanani ordered. Jasmine was really interested in surfing more during next summer.
Then, Julie wanted to try to get back into rollerskating. "Hey Jasmine, will ya take my picture or a video?" Julie called to Jasmine. 
As Julie rode by, Jasmine took a pretty good action packed video. 
"WHOA WHOA AHHHhhhh-!!" cried Julie as she went head first into the grass.
"Shoot," said Julie.
"Well, at least you didn't get hurt Julie, but I still think that we should be done with roller skates for the day," said Jasmine as she helped Julie up. "How about you get on the rollerskates and ride me around on Star while I draw a picture of the shore for my advanced art club? it would help me out a whole lot," Julie looked at Jasmine with pleading eyes.
Jasmine knew that Julie had to do a sketch of something during Christmas break and she hadn't done it yet, so Jasmine agreed.

"Have you got any good sketches yet Julie?" Jasmine asked.
"Not quite yet, almost though!" Julie said as she concentrated on drawing.
"Do you have anything yet Julie?" Jasmine asked as she tried to guide Star.
"Not quite yet, I messed up on my last drawing!" said Julie as she tried not to mess up. 
"Well, can you hurry up, it's sort of hard to skate over a bunch of rocks," said Jasmine as she struggled to stay up while leading a horse.
"Alright, I've got the picture, how about we play a game of Fairy Tag now? You're the fairy first!" cried Julie as Jasmine got her skates off and Julie dismounted Star.
"Hey, wait up!" Jasmine giggled as she threw the skates and ran off with the special Fairy Tag leaf.
Soon the girls were soon running around and laughing! Julie's hat even flew off!
But suddenly, Julie was running so fast and she couldn't stop in time to get away from the chair! OH NO!!
"Oh No!! Someone, anyone help me! I'm all tangled up!" cried Julie as she flopped around trying to get the chair off her feet.
"Jasmine ran as quick as she possibly could to rescue Julie. She couldn't let her friend stay there!
She tried to get it off Julie, but it wasn't coming. Jasmine was struggling.
Finally, she got one foot out, and then the other. Julie was freed!
"Look it's getting pretty late, and besides the others are playing kickball out front, I can hear them. Let's pack up, get dressed and then go join them," Jasmine said as she helped Julie up for the second time that day. She hoped Julie hadn't gotten too hurt.

The girls had had a great day, and ending it with a nice session of kickball was a great idea. Sometime soon, all the girls are going to go out on a big camping trip they hope. Hope it happens!
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