An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little House on the Prairie Full Episode of: Laura's Horse

One day, Pa said that he had a surprise for Laura if she came outside.
Laura was so excited and she had no idea what it was.
"Oh Pa!" Laura screamed excitedly. Laura had her own horse now! She didn't have to ask if she could ride her Pa's horses, she could just ride her own now!
Laura ran to hug her Pa. She was so excited to have her very own horse!
"Oh thank you Pa," Laura would've said more, but she was speechless. She couldn't believe that just minutes ago she didn't have her own horse, and suddenly, now she did!
"Your welcome Laura, I'm glad you like it!" Pa looked happy that Laura liked her new horse.
"Well, I'm going to get on to work now, maybe we can practice some ridings skills when I get home!" Pa said.
"Come on Mary! Stop all your weeding! I just got a new horse and I want you to take her for a ride with me!" Laura could barely speak clearly, she was so excited.
"Alright Laura, but after we need to finish chores," Mary got up and ran along with Laura.
"Laura, what a beautiful horse! Wow, you sure are lucky to get a horse from Pa!" Mary was in awe over the beautiful horse that Pa had given Laura.
After saddling the horse (whose new name was Candy), Laura began to ride as Mary cheered her on.
Slowly Laura began to trot. Candy was unlike Pa's horse that she was allowed to ride. Pa's horse was gentle and he was sort of old. Candy was very spirited and she wanted to go fast. It took all of Laura just to slow her down.
But soon, they were going super fast! Laura was having a great time!
"LOOK OUT LAURA!!" Mary shouted urgently. Laura and Candy were heading for a big black thing super fast. Candy would jump over it, but Laura didn't know how to jump over things with horses yet.
Lauar didn't know what to do, so she just hugged Candy as tight as she could. But it wasn't working. Laura still felt a little nervous as Candy prepared to jump. But Laura knew what she had to do. She would work super fast, and then it would work.
As Candy began to jump, Laura reached up and grabbed a tree branch that was closest. 
Candy jumped and then circled around.
She then saw Mary trying to catch Candy.
Laura decided that she would have to jump onto his back to rescue him. Then, she got her chance, Candy was running right under the tree! She had to jump onto his back!
Quickly, she hurled onto his back as fast as she could. Would she fall?
She did it! She stopped Candy!

Then, the girls rode home.
The End

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