An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day Photo Contest Voting!

Happy Late Valentine's Day, and let's celebrate with all the pics that were sent in! I am sorry if some of them are small.
Here they are:
Rebecca and her friend celebrating Valentine's Day!
Kanani, Rebecca, and Josefina are having a huge special Valentine's Day Party!

Jess goes Valentine's Day shopping!
Felicity and Natalie are having a great Valentine's Day
Elsie just got a special Valentine's Day box of chocolates from her friend!
You may vote for yourself, and you can vote only two times. The poll thing i made wasn't working so I will just have you comment with your vote.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Spring Releases!

Hey everyone, AG got a ton of new releases and some of you probably already know, but for those of you who don't, I'll show what they came out with!
All the new things are cool and I can't pick a favorite, show all just show it all!
Yes, Molly got some new pajamas. I recently got Molly (about a year ago), and I have been wanting to get her pajamas ever since. I was at first disappointed when they took away those cute red striped pjs, but now I really like these. They look great on Molly!
Molly got a new bed too! I hadn't been that big a fan of her old bed, since I thought it was too plain, but I really like this new bed! The yellow is really nice, and it is something that would've been in a house from the 40's.
Caroline got a new outfit!! This outfit is SOO CUTE!! It would be great for my Little House on the Prairie Photo Stories, and I will definitley be getting this outfit!
Caroline also got some more accessories! She got this cute calf Garnet! This would be another good thing for my Little House Photo Stories.
This is the new Easy Breezy Outfit!! I love every part of the outfit, but I especially like the shoes! They go great with the outfit, and I have no shoes like that for my dolls!
This is the new Plaid Party Dress! It is pretty cute, but I sort of think it looks a little like that Pretty Plaid Outfit (is that what it is called?). I really like plaid, so I may or may not get this dress. I really like the hair clip!
Here is this Sweet Spring Dress! I really like this new dress. The dress is adorable, and I love the shoes. They look like ballet slippers, only they aren't. The dress looks great, and I like the length. It is not too short and not too long. I also really like the hair clip.
This is the new Lots of Dots Bath Wrap!  I like this dress and I think it would be cool for doing a summertime photoshoot! The slipper/flip-flops are really cool too! The dress is cute, but it looks a little short on the dolls. I guess it supposed to be more of a bath wrap though. It also looks a little square for some reason, but it is still really cute and I think that I might get it!
Here is the Cycling Outfit! This outfit is really cute, and I think it would be a cool outfit to own! It has really cool shoes and I like the jacket.
This is one of the coolest things ever! The Trail Bike! It is so cool, and I think that I like it even more then Julie's bike! It is actually just $100. That is a lot of money, but I would've thought that they would sell this bike for something in $200 - $250 price range.
Here is the pet trailer that can attach to the back of the bike. I don't know if you can fit more then one pet or not. I really want the whole bike set.
 This Pet Birthday Party Set is really cute, and I think it would be fun to have. I LOVE the cake, and I am totally into dogs, so this set is pretty cool! I love how it comes with a party hat for the dogs, though i think that it should've come with at least two party hats. However, the set is $20, which is a lot, but not for American Girl Accessories.
 This is the new Doll Boutique and it looks really cool. I like to get these kind of American Girl Craft Book/Kit things, so I will hopefully be getting this one. So far I have the Doll School one and the AG craft/making things for your dolls one. They are both really cool!
 I think that this Stitch and Send Craft set is pretty cute. It is nice but I don't fully actually understand what you do with the stitch and send activities, so I will have to buy it to really figure it out I guess.
 They came out with a first ever mystery for Caroline! I can't wait to read it. It is about the time when Caroline hears that there may be British spies lurking in Sackets Harbor, so Caroline gets worried. Then her papa's old friend shows up and lots of things begin to go wrong in the Shipyard. Who could be causing all this trouble? Workers that she trusts, or Papa's friend?
 I really like Julie mysteries, so I will be getting this one from a local library or bookstore really soon! It is about a time when Julie is really excited to take care of Lucy the talking parrot while Ivy is on vacation. But then, Julie starts having trouble adding on the responsibilities of having to take care of a parrot, and it is becoming more then she can handle. Then Julie discovers that an old friend is hiding secrets from her, and things begin to go wrong. What is going on?
There are also many more new spring release things that I will show you later!
By the way, the Valentine's Day post deadline was today, and results will be up either today or tomorrow! Thanks!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Contest Expansion!

Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that it is not too late to enter the Photo Contest. I have extended it until this coming Friday or Saturday!! So remember, it is not too late to enter! If you have any questions, or if you want to email a pic to me, please send all of this to:!
Please join!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo Contest!!

Hi guys, I know that most of you know about the photo contest, but for those who don't, I'll just quickly tell you!
Send your photo to my email at and enter for a chance to win a cool new AG Craft prize!! We haven't been getting many entries and we would love for you to enter!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Trip to American Girl!!

No one probably remembers when I posted about my trip to American Girl Store where I said I would post pictures soon. These pictures are all the way from last summer, so really, it is very late to be showing these. But better now then never, right? Here they are:
I went to AG Place with my cousin and my parents. We had a LOT OF FUN!!
My cousin and I were each planning on getting a new doll, and my cousin and I really liked Emily. I really like her pajamas.
Here is my Julie doll after she got her hairstyle. We are at afternoon tea in the Bistro. Also, Julie had just finished getting her ears pierced!!
My cousin chose to get McKenna, the girl of the year 2012, she is SO pretty.
Two of my cousin's dolls, McKenna, and JLY Morgan! All the dolls really enjoyed the tea.
Molly and Julie were having a great time too! (Sorry that my mom's arm is in the pic)
Molly, stop stealing my mom's Starbuck's coffee!!

Is the tea delicious Molly??
I might show some more pictures later!
By the way we were at Washington D.C./Virginia Store.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hey everyone, just to let everyone know that we are in our last few days of the contest and I haven't gotten many pictures. All pictures must be in by the 11, so that I can post them and give everyone enough time to vote on which picture they like best!
Please send in your picture, I would love to look at them, and remember the cool part of the contest!! THE PRIZE!!! YAY!!
I just wanted to remind everyone who wanted to enter a picture!
I really hope you enter!!
So far I have 1 entry!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cool New Bike Seat Review!

So the dolls on AG farms have just gone to sleep, and the owner of AG Farms (me) should really be going to sleep too, but I just need to show you something cool that I got for Christmas and I finally got to decorate it over the weekend and now I want to share some pics of the present! Here they are!
Yes, this is the Doll Bike Seat that I have always wanted!! I got it for Christmas and decided to do a photo shoot with it today! It fits all Bitty Baby and American Girl Dolls, and other dolls of those sizes!
A side view!
It came with some REALLY cute and hippie decals. I totally love it! I got to decorate it the way I wanted it and I think that it is beautiful!
This pic is just showing the Ride Along Dolly logo, and then the Decorate Yourself Decals logo.
Before going to sleep, Jasmine came in for a small photo shoot so that everyone could get the full idea!
As you can see, Jasmine and all other AG dolls look very comfortable and ready for anything while riding in this cute seat!! This weekend I will take a pic of it on my bike!
The strap is one of those things where you click two pieces into each other. It is really simple to strap her in. As you may be able to see, Jasmine fits very nicely and snug into this seat, which means that she is safe and really secure on fast rides through the neighborhood!
Then, I thought I would show you the other stuff it came with. It came with all the tools (in the little plastic package), and a direction booklet with step-by-step pics so my dad can't get confused while fastening it to my bike! :)
You can order this off, and they have a variety of seats to choose from, but I chose this one because it got the best reviews. But they all looked really nice!
Hope you get one and you and your dolls have a ton of fun!!
Now I better go to bed..... The dolls are sound asleep!


Cool Finds!!

Hey guys!! You guys might not have known this, but I LOVE shopping at Thrift Stores and Goodwill and stuff so that I can find things that my dolls will love!! I never find much, but I visited a new Thrift Store, and it is GREAT!!
I found a couple things that I really wanted, and my mom let me get them! I was so happy, and I think the things I found are pretty cool! I'll post some pictures of them right now!
I got this cool little trunk/nightstand that is a perfect little table to use as a nightstand, a toy box, or even a trunk for someone like Kirsten. Guess what?? It was only 99 cents!
It opens up and the hinges on it are in very good condition, they don't squeak while they open, and they are very clean and in good function.
This is Jasmine standing next to it, so that you can see how big it is against my dolls. It is maybe a tiny bit too small, but it is still a perfect piece.
Then, in the baby doll section I found this cute little baby. She is the perfect size for a baby sister for my AG dolls! She is so adorable, and she was only 49 cents!! She does have a couple scratches and some marker markings on the back of her head, but I got it all off as soon as I got home. I used the Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge.
Look, it is Jasmine with her new baby sister. Since Jasmine's name starts with the letter J, I decided to name the baby with that first letter too! The baby's name is Jade. Isn't it So cute??
The best part is that you can pose her to look like she is playing and rolling around. She can do several cute baby poses, and I am very pleased with her quality!! She was such a great bargain, and she is turning out to be a perfect little sister for Jasmine!

I am hoping to make a weekly trip to the thrift store, and if I find anything good I will post what I get on here!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Jasamine and Kirsten to the Rescue Part 1

One day, Jasmine and Kirsten were walking home from school late. They had both gone to art club, so all their friends were already at American Girl Farms since they didn't go to Art Club.
"Art club sure was fun!" Kirsten said thinking of her awesome craft she was making.
"I know," thought Jasmine. She was making posters for the Recycling Team.
"The thing that got on my nerves was that my friend Hailey was trying to text on her new friend while I was telling her a story, and then...." Kirsten said trying to tell Jasmine about her day.
"Shhh, I hear a dog barking!" Jasmine was a true animal lover and she was always looking for the chance to help dogs, cats, horses, and even rabbits.
The girls set off in the direction of the barking.
A small West Highland White Terrier was standing among the rocky path barking up at the tree and the girls.
A cute little Tuxedo cat was high up in the tree looking up at the sky and silently licking her paw.
She didn't seem to mind being up there, but the girls thought that they should take an effort to save her.
Jasmine climbed higher and higher up the tree, until she could almost reach out and grab the cat!
Soon, Jasmine had reached the cute kitty, and she hesitantly began to grab the kitty into her arms.
By the time that Jasmine was almost to the bottom of the tree, her hat had fallen off and she had almost dropped the kitty twice. It was hard climbing while carrying a cat!
Soon, the kitty was safe in Jasmine and Kirsten's arms. Wait to see what happens next, in Part 2 coming out Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I got a New Gadget Thing for my Blog!

Hi everyone, I just got a new gadget for my blog. It shows which posts are the most popular!! Yay! Now you can see which post everyone likes the most!

The Best Photo Contest Ever!!!

Hey everyone, we are having a photo contest and I would love it if people could send in a picture to enter. The photo contest is going to be really fun, and I can't wait! I hope you are excited too!
The deadline for pictures is Feb. 11, so quickly send them in! The dolls and I can't wait to look at them!
Ask a parent's permission first because I don't want anyone to get in trouble.
Now, every contest has to have a prize right?? Well, we do have a prize for the 1st place winner!
It is an American Girl Craft! I can't show a picture because I am not sure what craft it'll be yet. But, as soon as I figure out what one it'll be, I will post it right on this blog.

Yes, you will need to give me an address of some sort so that I can get the prize to you. Only give your address after you win, don't send it in with your picture.

Send all pictures to:

Thanks guys, and remember: HAVE FUN!!!!!! YAY!!! First contest on this blog!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jasamine's Sickness :(

Today, Jasmine wasn't getting up even though it was 9:00 in the morning and she had missed her and Elizabeth's daily morning horse run.
"Wake up Jasmine! You slept so late you missed our morning horse run! I sure did miss you when I had to ride by myself! Are you alright?" Samantha asked as she tried to pull the covers from around Jasmine's body.
"I don't know Samantha, I don't feel so good. My body feels all wobbly. I might have trouble standing up. I have a bad headache and I feel really hot. I think I might be sick," said Jasmine quietly.

"I better go call the doctor! I hope Dr. Rosendale is able to make house calls!" Samantha was trying not to be frantic, but trying not to be just made her seem more worried.
Soon, Dr. Rosendale was checking Jasamine.
"It seems to me that it might be more then a cold, I think she might have come down with a horrible case of the flu," Dr. Rosendale said with a hint of worry.
"Dr. Rosendale, is everything going to be alright, what should I do?" Samantha asked worriedly. 

"Well, make sure that you wash your hands so that you don't get sick, give plenty of cold liquids, make sure she stays in bed for about two days and I should be back to check on her. Give her any foods or things she wants. But I mean for you to follow these instructions very carefully or else it could get worse and turn into pneumonia," Dr. Rosendale said. 
"Thank you doctor," said Samantha quietly. Samantha was worried for her friend, and she couldn't imagine if the flu turned into pneumonia.
Samantha went to go make breakfast with all the other girls that were sitting in the kitchen. Jasmine just tried her best to fall asleep, but she felt so hot and sick. Dr. Rosendale had said her fever was very bad and they should try to bring it down. 
Jasamine's mom did come in and bring her some things, but then she had to leave for a buisness trip.
Licorice was there to keep her company.
"Is there any thing any of us can get you for breakfast, or maybe something to play with. Do you want your Molly doll?"
"No thanks Lissie, but I might take some food or something," Jasmine was losing her voice and she was acting very sick. 
Felicity sat down with a pad of paper and pencil and she began to take Jasmine's orders.
"I think that I'll take a cool strawberry drink that Samantha loves making, and I think I might want to watch a movie, maybe I'll take some popcorn too," Jasmine spoke slowly and then finally she leaned back and waited as Felicity began to get her some things.
Soon, Jasmine had all of her things she had ordered and she was starting her road to recovery. She had her strawberry drink with extra ice to bring the fever down, a bowl of buttery popcorn to help her feel full, and a movie that was playing on Lanie's laptop that was sitting on Kit's desk chair. 
Then, Felicity came to give Jasmine a break, and to deliver some special orders from Dr. Rosendale.
Later in the day, Jasmine was starting to feel a tiny bit better, but she is still very sick.