An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Show!!

Little Miss Model Lanie decided to do the fashion show that was requested by The Dolls one of the blog followers!! yay! So, here we will give everyone a small fashion show of some of Lanie's favorite outfits.
During the fashion show Lanie will tell everyone how you can make the same exact outfit with the stuff you might have in your AG collection.
This is the Happy Hula Girl Design that Lanie loves wearing on the beach and out by the lake at the AG doll farms. 
How Lanie made this outfit: Kanani's Hula Outfit, Julie's sunglasses, and some foam sticky hearts from a tub of stickers that you can buy at Michael's Craft Store. (Lanie puts the stickers on her glasses)
This is the Hippie Chic Design that Lanie loves to garden in, and she enjoys wearing it to picnics and sometimes to school.
How Lanie made this outfit: Julie's Meet Outfit Pants and shirt, Julie's sunglasses, the foam heart stickers (see Happy Hula Girl Design), and a hair tie from Justice Clothes Store for Girls.
The Party Girl Design that Lanie wears to parties.
How Lanie made this outfit: Kanani's Party Dress
Pretty Garden Dress Design that Lanie wears to formal events.
How Lanie made this outfit: an Easter dress that was bought at a clothes store ( it came with a matching dress for a person too), and a small sweater type thing that I got off Necessary Extras Doll accessories store.

Well, that is it for this part of the fashion show! I may be able to make more fashions later, but Lanie has been modeling a whole lot lately! :)

Please Note: I am in the process of getting to everyone's requests! Just hang in there, and they will be posted soon! Thanks for waiting guys! Not to much more of a wait! Should be up this weekend, and I am off school today, so I will hopefully get some more things up by tomorrow!
Which outfit is your favorite?

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