An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Shaved Ice Stand!

One day, Kanani left for the beach and left Kit in charge. This was not a good idea, since Kit hadn't slept very much the last night!
Later that day, Kanani decided to come back and get some shaved ice and see how much shaved ice Kit had sold! Kanani hoped that Kit hadn't eaten all the ice before she had sold it!
Back at the American Girl Farms Public Shaved Ice Stand, Molly, Julie, and Lanie had had the same idea as Kanani, and decided to check how Kit was doing. When they got there, Kit was sitting in the camping chair with sunglasses with a magazine. She wasn't really awake, so they figured she had been sleeping for some time. Everyone thought of all the customers that had to leave because she wasn't responding to them. 
Soon after, Kanani came back and found a very upset Molly, Julie, and Lanie. 
"Kit has just been sitting here sleeping and reading, who knows how many customers we have lost today!" said Julie sadly. Kanani was very upset, though she would never be mean to her friend. She told Molly, Julie, and Lanie to go back up to the house, and she would take care of it.
Kanani reached to grab the sunglasses off her eyes and the magazine off her hand. Kanani didn't want to be mean, but she had to be strict since she was supposed to helping her parents make money!
"Kit, what on earth have you been doing? Molly, Julie, and Lanie came up to check on you, and you were asleep, think how many customers we lost!" said Kanani.
"Well, Lanie, Molly, and Julie can get shaved ice for free since they live here," said Kit.
"Yes, but all the other customers that could have come and then left when they realized you were asleep!"
Kit agreed and she never fell asleep at the shaved ice stand again!

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