An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi, it is me Lanie Holland!!! I live on American Girl Farms with my seven friends, their families, and my family. I have a mom, a dad, an older sister Angela, and a younger sister. My hobbies are: planting veggies and other crops, learning about birds, hanging out with my bunny Lulu, taking my friends on nature hikes around the farm, using Kit's camera to take pictures of cute wild life, eating pizza, camping, listening to Kit's stories, playing basketball, playing tag, playing four square, also I like being in the jumping rope contests at school, eating at the Happy Panda, walking around town, going to water parks, surfing, collecting shells, listening to bird calls on my bird radio, catching butterflies, riding horses, and playing pranks! Yes, I do love playing pranks, in fact I played a good one on Kit last week, even though she got scared. But yes, I love horseback riding. Some people say that you can get hurt, but my friends horse back ride and I have never gotten hurt. People sometimes call me a brave girl, since I love anything that sounds super scary and fun. Ever try going on the thrill roller coaster that has made all your friends sick? Well, I am not like Ivy's older brother Andrew, I actually know when something sounds just downright dangerous, or when it sounds scary, fun, and pretty safe. But I am not just brave because I go on all these roller coasters, I am brave because I go on long three day nature hikes on undiscovered trails. Of course I go with a parent or Kit's older brother Charlie, since he is already eighteen. I am mainly just a nature girl and I could go into long detail about all my adventures. I have lots of scrapbooks made by Elizabeth, of my nature hiking. It is super fun and so exciting. But I also really like to discover nature in my schoolyard. Instead of playing four square or tag every time I go to recess, sometimes I take a break and go nature hiking in the bushes. One time I found a whole place where rabbits slept. I would have discovered more but my older sister Angela was yelling at me since it was time to get a move on to the buses.:( But I still looked the next day. Luckily, I am friends with all the girls that live in my farm, so I felt completely okay with taking Kit's camera, because I knew that she trusted it with me. Just don't tell her that I almost dropped it on the pond behind the school while I was taking a picture of some baby fish swimming in a school. I thought it was funny since the fish were in a school and I was in a school! Some of the kids at my school didn't really get it, but Kit thought it was cute. I even wrote a little caption saying that, underneath the picture of them in the scrapbook. It is so much fun to look at baby animals, but it is also a super fun time when I play with my friends! Bye For Now!!!!

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