An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Camp Out!!

One Day, all the girls decided to go about a mile away from their farm and camp. All the girls packed their bags very quickly and went off for some adventure!

All the girls got there and started the fire. Everyone crowded around to get warm, since it was starting to become nighttime!
"Yum, aren't these s'mores so good?" said Felicity.
"Yeah, I want s'more s'mores!!" laughed Kit. Kit began to eat some more s'mores. When she was on her fifteenth s'more, she felt real sick to her stomach!
Kit began to feel even more sick. She couldn't even finish her last two s'mores! But that was okay with Goldie and Gracie, because it left a treat for them! Let's hope that Gracie and Goldie don't get a stomach ache like Kit!
After Kit finally felt better, Lanie suggested that everyone go on a nature hike. Only Kit and Felicity felt like going with Lanie, so here they are with Lanie leading the way with her lantern!
At the end of the night, all the girls finally fell asleep. But it looks like Gracie and Snowball wanted to lick some spilled s'mores of Kit's sleeping bag and face!:)

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