An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hi, I'm Julie! I live on American Girl Farms with my seven friends. I have a dad, a mom, and an older sister Tracy. My hobbies are: making necklaces and purses, reading, eating junkfood and chips, listening to the radio, camping, playing basketball, riding my bike, making chocolate fondue with my friends, and solving mysteries! My style is hippie, and I adore anything Tye-Dye (except for the Tye-Dye sign on my sister's door telling me to keep out!) I love making groovy necklaces and other purses and bags. I love it so much that I convinced my mother to open up a store with me, called Gladrags. It is right at the front entrance of our farm. It is a big hit around the town, and over half the kids at school have a denim backpack with cute patches on it made up of my friends' jeans! We always reuse and recycle! My friends think I am good at solving mysteries, and getting into trouble!:) But mainly they say I am pretty smart, even though I somehow got a C on last week's spelling test.........

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