An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hi, It is me Kit Kittredge! Actually, my name is Margret Mildred Kittredge, but I prefer Kit. If you say my last name and my nickname, it sounds good! I have a dad, a mom, and an older brother Charlie. Also I have a dog named Grace, but she is sort of like the family dog. I live with my family, my seven friends, and their families. Good thing we live on a big farm! My hobbies are: riding my scooter, sewing, planning parties, typing on my type writer, painting, hanging out in my tree house, camping, eating marshmallows, roasting marshmallows, eating at the Happy Panda (Ivy's grandparents' restaurant!), playing four square, jumping rope, playing flute, sleeping, going to school, reading, dreaming, learning to ride horses, helping, walking, playing with dogs and other furry friends, and of course, writing!!!!! I have been doing journal classes since first grade, and I never plan to stop. It teaches me to be better at writing, and it really lets me tell my story and others' stories. I love crowding around with my friends discussing my latest newspaper, or talking about things they want added to the newspaper! I also do play an instrument, the flute. It is hard, Felicity is so much better at it, but I still try. I know that when you read my hobbies list, I put going to school on there. Well, I can't lie, I just love going to school. I even have signed up for extra classes, my schedule is always busy. I do math, science, reading, writing, grammar, social studies, geography, and history. If you talk to me about Laura Ingalls or another pioneer, be prepared to sit there for a while as I talk about her and the amazing things she did. Yes, Ivy thinks this is crazy, since she cannot stand history, but of course she would never be mean about it! I love telling stories, though don't tell me a scary story, I get scared very easily!!!! Well, I better get on to interviewing all the other girls, so here we go!

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