An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jasmine visits a Friend!

Today was Memorial Day! It was a very special day, so all of American Girl Farms did a blowout barbecue! Jasmine had a friend over and the girls had a great time! The cookout was at a park, so they loved to play on the playgrounds there!

The girls were SO excited to see each other. They live far away from each other, so it was a real treat! Jasmine's friend's name is Hannah!
There they are relaxing by a tree! They were SO excited.
Later on, they relaxed on a bench.
Here's a close up!
"Hey, Hannah, come on up here!" Jasmine called from her rock wall.
Be careful Jasmine, don't slip, watch your feet!
"I'm coming Jasmine! This is fun!" Hannah called to her friend.
Jasmine decided to climb a little higher. Hannah had actually almost reached her.
"Wow, we finally made it!" Hannah said breathing a sigh of relief. It was so hot out, and she thought that they wouldn't ever make it almost to the top.
"Yeah," Jasmine said gasping for breath. The wall was 10 feet all the way up!
The girls spent the rest of the day eating and laughing. They had a ton of fun!
Oh, and just so everyone knows, my real friend actually came over for the barbeque in the park! Yes, Hannah is her JLY doll! I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day!


  1. Your blog is so awesome! This is Ari9581 from the AGFMB, and your blog is by far my favorite! Keep up the good work!