An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jasmine and Julie Receive a Letter!

It was nearing dusk, and the girls at American Girl Farms were starting to wind down and head inside for relaxing time and dinner. But, Julie and Jasmine were sent to get the mail. In the mail, they found a letter! They quickly hurried up to their room to read it!
"Here, you read it Jasmine! I'm nervous!" Julie said handing over the letter.
"Alright, hold on, let me open it!" Jasmine said her hands shaking. They had no idea what it could possibly be!
"Let's read it together!" Julie said suddenly changing her mind.
"Sure!" Jasmine said happily. She didn't like to do things on her own.
Here is what the letter said:
Dear My Wonderful Dolls on American Girl Farms,
I am pleased to say that the website that I started up for you guys about 1 year ago is now very successful! Everyone enjoys it, and it is very fun! But there is one surprise for you that I must tell you. 
Well, by now, you guys know what followers are, -  you know followers on a blog! Well, this wonderful blog of all your adventures has racked up to 15 followers! That is a lot!
Elizabeth, the Owner and Friend of American Girl Farms
"Wow, we have a website with 15 followers???" Julie exclaimed!
"Well, it seems like that is what she is saying!" Jasmine said happily.
"Cool!!" the girls said together.
"Let's do a shout out to everyone on the blog!" Jasmine laughed grabbing her camera. 
"Hey, just a shout out to all you guys that look at this blog! We really love to see your comments and page views!! Also, we are thrilled that we have 15 people following us! We'd love if more people could follow us, and our new goal is for 45 people to follow us this year!!!!!" The girls said looking straight into the video camera (as shown in the above picture!). 

Thanks to 15 followers and to all our viewers! Thank you so much!


  1. Hey! Love your blog a LOT!!! This is Ari9581 (from the AGMB), and Clara (Bailey) says hi to Missy (Jasmine)!!! LOL

  2. LOL!! Hi Ari and Clara (Bailey)! Missy (Jasmine) says hello! :)