An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jasmine and Felicity Plant a Mini Garden!

Felicity and Jasmine had started to become influenced by Lanie, so they decided to plant their own garden (this one was not a butterfly garden or pizza garden)!
They went to find some plants that wouldn't be too tall or too short, they wanted just the perfect size! Off they went to the Green Growing Market to buy some "starter" plants! They ended up with basil, parsley, and spearmint! They sure hope the spearmint grows fast! What's summertime without some yummy spearmint water, right? :)

Guess what? All this can be grown right here in this Herb Can! The girls can't wait to eat the herbs! The can was almost as big as they are!
Felicity took out the seeds. They sure are tiny!
They peeled off the metal lid! They had to be careful not to get their hands all caught in the metal!
Jasmine watered all the soil! Not too much water Jasmine!
Then, together, they added the seeds to the soil and smoothed  more soil over them!
We hope they start growing soon! There will be a celebratory post for the first bits of plant we see!!
I guess we are now just left to wait!

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