An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jasmine's Photo Shoot!!

The weather today is just perfect for a photo shoot, so all the dolls and me on American Girl Farms took a break from school and went out to take a quick photo shoot. Jasmine was the main photo shoot girl (Felicity does make an indoor appearance)! We are going to start off with the outdoor pictures we took!
Jasmine loved relaxing in the cool, but yet warm grass. It was so refreshing!
A close up of her lying in the grass!
There she is in the patch of spring flowers! (They are hard to see, but they are there in shades of blue, yellow, purple, and pink)
Jasmine picked a flower and wove it around her hair clip! Isn't it beautiful?
There Jasmine is looking out at the rocks and fields! Doesn't  her hair look beautiful?
She posed with this strange looking flower never before seen on American Girl Farms!
Trying to get some shade!
There she goes, walking through the flower patch! Look, I see some white flowers too!
So, those are all the outside pictures! We now have some inside pictures taken last night! Here we go!
I really liked this one! I think I got the lighting just right!
Jasmine lying across the piano!
Jasmine posing with one of the sun flowers my mom got for Mother's Day!
Felicity and Jasmine are really good friends (all the dolls are!)
There they are at the huge sleepover/party at American Girl Farms on Saturday night! They had, pizza, donuts, and marshmallow oaties (a much healthier version of Lucky Charms from Whole Foods!).
Well, that is the end of the photo shoot, we hope you enjoyed it! We have so much more to show you, so please, stay tuned! We will hopefully post more today!
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