An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, May 22, 2015

Felicity's Photoshoot!

If you saw my post before this, you know that I won a giveaway from American Planet and American Girl Fan (Liz)!
I decided to do a photo shoot with the new outfit!
This is the full outfit! It all goes together so well!
The front of the dress has such an interesting pattern on it. The dress is so soft and silky.
I would recommend ordering from American Planet!!! (or entering a giveaway!) In some ways, American Planet is even higher quality than AG!
The necklace! It is so cool and elegant!

The headband!
Oh I love Felicity's hair style - it is very elegant. If you keep scrolling, there are some better pics of it!
Interesting face picture! Felicity is SO unique looking!
Another creative shot...
The shoes!!! I love the sparkle and the sparkles do NOT come off, which is a huge plus!
Instead of the traditional AG Velcro, there is a zipper!!! AHH! So cool! This really is a quality dress!
More sparkles!
A better picture of Lissie's princess hair style!
Closer up pic!
I love Lissie's hair. You can do every style imaginable on it! I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for this hairstyle if anyone is interested. XD
(This is like, months late. I actually forgot to hit 'publish' and didn't realize until now. Whoa. Whoops.)


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  1. I love your blogs header! Congratulations on winning that dress! The fact that it has a zipper makes it even more awesome :)