An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, February 27, 2015

I Won a Giveaway from American Girl Fan!

*I'm not bragging in this post - I'm just really excited and since it is AG related, I figured I'd post it.

So I entered a giveaway earlier at American Girl Fan Liz's website and I won (which I am excited about it!)
Well, I had it shipped down to my grandparents house (since I can't give out MY address, just my grandparents') and they put the stuff in another box and rush shipped it off to me and I am just getting it! (My grandparents got it about a week ago though - it arrived pretty early!)
I am going to post a photo shoot starring Felicity (who looks amazing in the dress, I think) later on (the pics are already taken, now I just have to post them!)
Anyway, this is just a post about the dress and accessories itself! (Which is from American Planet!)
Here is the full outfit (and a sneak peek of the photo shoot)
It came with a necklace, shoes, a dress, and a headband!
Here is the box it came in, plain white and very nice with a very professional looking 3D almost logo. Wow, a lot of people go all out with Etsy, don't they?! I was amazed!
Inside, she included a tag giving wash and care instructions and a business card featuring the same pleasantly elegant yet simple logo.
The outfit was wrapped in this beautiful paper with a cute little ribbon! I was so amazed at the care that went into the packaging! Way to go Char and Liz! : )
Then, being the awesome, nice, so cool person that she is, Liz included a little card addressed to me! It was just such a nice, personal touch. Everyone who has ever spoken to Liz on her website or through email has to agree that she just makes you feel like a close friend from the start, doesn't she?!
The beautiful pattern on the card.
The nice note inside! I love her handwriting!
Then, inside the dress is an awesome little tag just like you would get on a human's clothing! So professional!
This is a positively amazing set and I'm so glad that Liz has these awesome giveaways! Thanks Liz!



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