An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Photo Shoot...

I really wanted to get outside again today and shoot some pictures, and I loved the outfit I came up with for Grace, so I got outside and did a photo shoot! It's quick and doesn't really have a theme - I just wanted to practice my photography in nice lighting!
I'm still really, really trying to improve my photography, so any tips and suggestions would be appreciated! Tell me what you think.
Grace's outfit! Her face is a little blurry, but the camera focused in on her outfit - which is fine with me! I used my favorite outfit: the AG purple shirt and skirt. I'm pretty sure they retired these two items. The cardigan is from the Journey Girls Meredith doll. The coloring matched the stripes on the shoes, which are pictured below!
The shoes! The coloring of the stripes on the shoes nearly matches the cardigan. I have always loved these shoes!
The foil star with sequins! Ahhh! My favorite shirt!
The highlights in Grace's hair were looking beautiful in the fading sunlight. I love her side braid and haven't taken it out just because I love it so much and don't think I could replicate it the same.
Grace is just so beautiful. Her face is just so unique - with her unique freckly pattern and everything.
Grace in the sunlight. I love how the sun cast a small shadow on her face as she sat on the hill in my backyard!
Those green spots are tiny weeds. I took this picture while the camera was in the grass! It turned out looking a little weird, but I thought it was interesting enough to share!
I loved this picture. Sometimes pictures of dolls with their eyes closed look weird, but I like the ones I took today!
I've seen people do this heart thing with their hair, and I couldn't resist trying it out with Grace's beautiful hair! I thought that these sort of pictures were sort of overdone, but I just could not resist!
Now for my favorite picture from the photo shoot:
This! I love how her hair is shaped into a heart and she is just lying in the soft grass in such a serene way!
So, that is all I really have for that photo shoot, but I want photography tips on what I could do better when I do photo shoots like these! XD
Oh, and I promise I'll try and come up with a theme for the next photo shoot. This photo shoot was sort of all over the place.
Oh, and remember to check Part #1 of the latest episode of the Princess Annabelle series down below in the previous post and tell me what you think the comments!   


  1. I'm so glad you chose to share the 6th picture! It looks really awesome and unique :)

  2. These pictures are fantastic! Great job! Grace looks awesome!:)

  3. Check out my blog and see if you like it. :)