An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, May 22, 2015

Grace's Photoshoot and an Announcement!

Well, earlier I posted that I was back in the AG blogging world, and here I am! This is just a post with a small photo shoot starring Grace (w/Shola making a small appearance and Kirsten too!). I just wanted to post something to get me started back from my blogging break. At the bottom of the post is some small news/mini announcement about a new photo story change that I am making to a new photo story that you may/may not know about!

I love this pic I took of Grace. It captures her so, so well. She's shy and casual, but she has an air of style about her! XD This is my favorite shirt on her, even though I didn't really expect it to be!

Shoes. I love the shoes that came with the skateboarding set. They look really cute with a pair of shorts and this shirt. They are so easy to get on and actually have mesh sides (AG should pay me as an official advertiser! XD).

Grace and Kirsten hair comparison for no reason. After all, their hair is obviously different colors and it is somewhat noticeably a different texture too.

Kirsten and Grace side by side. Grace is slightly taller, even when both girls are flat feet against the ground. I'm kind of confused about that, and when I put all the girls together they are all different heights - like people. XD (Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, Ivy was about the tallest and Kit was about the shortest)

Grace has become great friends with the others. I know I started out a photo story earlier in the year, but she became friends and they got over anything they had been fighting about, quickly. Well, Grace may not be totally comfortable with Ivy and Payton right now..yet. XD
Grace's charm bracelet.

Eiffel tower.
I love the charm bracelet!!!

Shola and Grace. Grace actually looks really old in this pic, like as in 15 or 16 years old, I think. I really like the height difference between the H4H girls and the AG dolls.
Shola looks up to Grace.

Grace and Grace!? Yep, the two Graces (Grace #1 and Grace #2 instead of Thing #1 and Thing #2). The Graces are friends. XD

Grace #2 (the dog) is mainly just focused on stealing the spotlight. What's new with that funny basset hound?!

"Play with me!" Grace #2 the Dog always seems to be parking...even when Grace had an important phone call meeting. Oh Grace #2.

Grace is getting into her character. This is actually about to be where the announcement is, so keep reading if you are interested it (you better be! XD JK XD). :P
The announcement: Some of you may remember when I did a small "pilot" episode or kind of a test to see how the readers would react to a photo series I came up with, about a girl named Virginia who lives in NYC with her older and younger sisters. Well, I've decided to start filming the official first episode. I have made one minor/major adjustment. Instead of the main character being Payton, I decided that "Ginny" the character would be better played by Grace! SO, Grace is the new Ginny from NYC! I've also made a few tweaks to her personality that you'll see whenever I post the first episode.
One of the adjustments to the photo series' main character, Virginia (Gin/Ginny) is whether or not to give her glasses. So, I'd like for everyone to tell me in the comments whether you think she should have glasses or not, because I really would appreciate some advice from readers!
Here is a bit of her personality: Ginny is rambunctious and desires to be different. She likes to tell things how they are, outsmart her parents, study her older sister, and "teach" her younger sister. She's very much her "own" person. I see her as having glasses like the picture below, but I really don't know! XD The pic above shows her without glasses in her character and below is the character with glasses.

With glasses!

Grace with Shola!

Shola is wearing an obviously-too-big outfit. I was desperately trying to find more ways to fit all the outfits to her. This is kind of cute, but just too big to be realistic, I think.

Shola and Gracie! Random pic. XD


  1. I like Grace as Ginny both ways, maybe she could have glasses and alternate between glasses and contacts?

    1. I think that could work! Thanks for the suggestion!!! : )

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! I checked out your blog and it is amazing too! I can tell that you put a lot of time into each picture and you are really creative! I commented on your latest post, but I could not find the follower button on your blog, but once I find it, I'd love to follow your blog!
      This comment made my week!
      Love your blog!
      ~Ellie : )

    2. Your so sweet! Thank you so much!
      ~Eva :)

  3. In the first pic of Shola and Grace, Grace looks like Katniss from the Hunger Games.

    Now, let's take Shola out and replace her with Lilian..... :D