An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Sunshine Award!

Madi, from Delightful World of Dolls ( nominated me for the Sunshine Award!!! I am so happy and thankful! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much, Madi, I love being awarded - this means a lot!!!! :)
For those who I nominated (you will get a comment on your blog telling you that I nominated you), please look at the bottom of this post for instructions on properly receiving your nomination! ;)

5 Random Facts!
1. I volunteer at an animal rescue shelter with my family and I go almost two times a week!
2. I love sailing and go on my grandparents' different sailboats often and can nearly sail one myself (that is how I am like Caroline)!
3. I am currently working on a sewing project! I'm working on a modern dress and a historical 1940s' dress! I'm so excited to get them all finished (though I am having fun enjoying the process - even if it is hard!)
4. I love selling things and am very 'money motivated!' XD I love lemonade stands, shops, bake sales, etc.
5. My favorite things to wear are my pairs of Liberty overalls (real overalls - not any of the crazy ones that are sold in stores today)
Now for the questions!!!
1. How long is your hair?
A: My hair is super long - I can sit on it, so it is a few inches past my waist.
2. Do you have any AG doll pets?
A: Yes! I have multiple dogs (Coconut, Julie's dog walking dogs, Kit's dog Grace, Kanani's dog Barksee, Kailey's dog Sandy, Chocolate Chip, and a few more), I have two AG horses (one is a foal), Caroline's Calf Garnet, Lanie's Bunny, and then two cats (Ginger and Licorice). Since I love pets, whenever I have money to spend or someone asks me what I want for Christmas or something, I usually choose an AG pet!
3. What is the weirdest moment in your entire life?
A: I have had so many weird moments in my life, it is honestly really hard to choose! XD I guess the weirdest one is when this little boy(I mean really little - like four), ran up to me in the kids section in Target, grabbed a Disney princess Barbie off of the shelf and reached up to shove it in my face before running off out of the aisle. I never saw him again, and there wasn't a parent in sight. It happened so quickly and came out of nowhere, so I was really caught off guard and I like, was just standing there wondering what had just happened and it was really, really weird! XDXD
4. Who's your favorite cousin?
A: I have a lot of cousins, and I hate to choose just one because I think are my cousins are cool, but I think that my favorite one is my girl cousin who is closest in age to me out of my cousins (there are a lot of other cousins close to my age though - but she is the girl closest to my age). When we get together, we are like sisters!!! :)
5. What is the most amazing accomplishment that you are  super proud of?
A: I think my biggest accomplishment that I'm proud of is when I really started mastering my three instruments (cello, flute, & piano) and I was invited to join an adult orchestra before any other kids were invited to join! It made me feel so happy to have been the first one chosen (I played with the adult orchestra for months before any of the other kids were chosen). I felt like they were so proud of my accomplishments to ask me to join the orchestra that I began to feel really proud too!
Thanks again for the awesome questions and nomination, Madi!
Here are the 5 blogs that I'm nominating (in no particular order)!
1. Vinyl Girls =
2. Simply Dollightful =
3. My AG World =
4. The Dolls of Maple Street =
5. Five Friends in College = (thanks for commenting so much on my blog, Allison!)
 Here are the 5 questions for everyone who was nominated to answer!
1. Where is your favorite place to shop for dolls clothes (besides AG, of course)?

2. Is there any doll that you regret not buying or receiving before she was retired?

3. What inspired you to create your awesome blog?

4. Do you mind taking risks with your dolls (taking them to the sandy beach, sticking their feet in a lake, doing photo shoots with them near pools while it is windy, etc.)?

5. If you could only look at one AG blog for the rest of your life (besides yours), which blog would it be?
The Rules: State 5 facts about yourself, answer the 5 questions given, nominate 5 people, and then give them 5 questions to answer!

Enjoy the questions and thanks once more for nominating me, Madi!


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