An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Doll Clothes Idea & Outfit of the day: #5

Today I had a great idea for a doll outfit (I love creating outfits out of all the doll clothes I have - there are so many different combinations that end up looking really, really cute!)
Anyway, let's take a look at the outfit of the day and the idea that inspired it!
Idea: They say that you're supposed to eat all the different colors of the rainbow, but my dolls and I think that you're supposed to wear the colors of the rainbow too! Go through your doll closet and chances are, your dolls have an article of clothing or an accessory that matches up to a color of the rainbow. Today, Jasmine had a meeting with Roy G. Biv, so she had to wear the colors of the rainbow! XDXD (Roy G. Biv is how many people remember the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, & violet)
I had trouble finding something of the indigo color in my closet, but if you find something indigo in your doll's closet, please let me know in the comments! I'm out of ideas for outfits with the color indigo!!! :P
Here is the headshot of Jasmine! As you can see, Roy has already been established in her headshot (red headband, orange cardigan, yellow graphic tee) 

Then, the violet-ish skirt

I also turned this into a photoshoot, so here is a little picture of Lanie's logo on her clothes - I think that has been my favorite logo out of all the different GOTY logos/symbols. This orange sweater has been a staple in my doll's closet. It looks good and makes every outfit a bit fancier. 

This graphic tee is my favorite! So many people seem to have this tee, so I'm guessing that they like it a lot too! It goes with nearly everything and is just so playful and like something a real girl would wear. 

The little traditional AG logo on the bubble skirt. This skirt is practically a staple in my dolls' closet. It can be layered and worn by itself, and there are just SO many opportunities for a cute outfit with this skirt! 

The blue shoes! These rain boots are adorable and I LOVE them! 

The 'bird's eye view'! I love how Jasmine's head is highlighted and clear and everything beyond the top of her head is blurry. It's kind of neat looking, don't you think? 

For the green, I chose this little accessory of Kit's. It is outlined in green and IMO, it goes well with the outfit! 
Accessory: Kit's (original) Accessories
Cardigan: Lanie's Butterfly Outfit
Shirt: Lanie's Nature Outfit
Boots: Lanie's Nature Outfit
Headband: MAG 2012 Holiday Outfit
Skirt: AGP Exclusive
Camera: Canon Powershot