An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Doll Outfit of the Day & Idea #6

Today we're going to do something a little bit different for the doll outfit of the day and idea. Instead of creating an outfit for the AG dolls, I used a Hearts 4 Hearts doll! I don't talk much about them, yet I have 3 of them that I love so much! Since they are inches smaller than an AG doll, sometimes it can seem hard to make up an outfit for them out of all of your existing AG clothes. H4H does offer clothes for their dolls, but the clothes are not carried at my local stores (though sometimes there is the stray one at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx.)
Here is an idea for your H4H doll's wardrobe! The idea is not really said in words, you have to look at the pictures to see the idea and how to create outfits for your H4H doll(s).
First off, I LOVE the idea of H4H dolls! They are educational and a good idea for learning about the life of girls in other countries. I also like that some of the profits go to charities and all that, I think that is really special.
Here are the three that I own (from your left to right): Nahji, Shola, & Mosi! They came with these names, and I think that each one is so unique, just like their appearance. After nearly a year of play (I got Nahji & Shola last December for Christmas and I got Mosi in January for my birthday), their hair has held up extremely well and is still as silky and smooth as the day they came out of their packages, which is an amazing feat for a doll's hair! So yes, I think their hair may be a tad bit better quality than AG.  
Mosi's little feather is so cute (no I have not taken it out nor do I plan to).

Here are all three doll's hands together with Nahji's hena tattoo (I think that is what it is called). This is just such a cool symbol of peace between kids from different countries, don't you think?

Most Groovy Girls clothes fit on the H4H dolls (or pants at least - I haven't tried out shirts or dresses). These sweat pants are so comfortable looking and detailed!

Here they are actually on Mosi! They aren't too tight, but because of the elastic, they can form to nearly any doll body shape as long as the legs can fit through (it of course won't fit on an AG doll).

Then, a select few AG shirts actually do look okay on the H4H girls. Here, Mosi is wearing the owl graphic tee from Lanie's Nature Outfit.

It actually is pretty big, but if your doll is feeling particularly trendy on that day, they can always tie off the excess shirt with a little band. (My dolls rarely feel trendy, but Mosi agreed to model it anyway - in fact, it sort of looks cute here)

The AG berets look good on the H4H dolls, despite their heads being considerably smaller. Here is the back of the beret!

Then, this coat is kind of big on her, and it looks a little silly, but it still works if she is feeling kind of artsy. This jacket is from Lanie's Nature Accessories.

The little dragonfly on Lanie's jacket! So cool!

Here are all 3 girls with their hair spread out! All my H4H dolls seem to have darker hair, but each girl has a different hair color, though in this picture, it may appear as though they all have the same color.

Shola! I did a review on her much earlier in the year (I am not good with posting links in my blog posts but it is there in either the January 2014 posts or the December 2013 posts.)


Nahji (I never was able to get her nose ring back on correctly.
Well, the idea was just kind of how to create an outfit out of H4H dolls out of AG clothes. I know it isn't much of an idea, but I thought it was sort of interesting and this was the best category to fit it under!

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