An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jasmine's Morning Walk

Jasmine took a walk around American Girl Farms early this morning along with Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Chip had been feeling a bit left out after the latest dog addition to the farm family; Sandy, kind of took over. Jasmine just wanted to spend some time with him to make sure he felt wanted.
The two of them had fun!
Jasmine traipsed through the vibrant, green grass in her rainbow outfit (see the doll outfit of the day post right before this one)
"Oh wow," Jasmined smiled, bending down to look at a stray blue flower amongst the grass. "I suppose there won't be many more of these now that fall is starting to take over! What do you think of it, double C?" (the nickname for Chocolate Chip XD)
Chocolate Chip ran up to the Jasmine and the flower to show his approval. 
Jasmine and Chocolate Chip continued on, Jasmine's blue boots squeaking slightly ever so often on the sidewalk that was still a bit wet from the falling leaves and rain. 
"Ugh, these boots sure do make a lot of noise, don't they, Chocolate Chip?" Jasmine sighed. Just as she was about to regret wearing them, she saw a great tree that looked perfect for climbing! These shoes were the perfect shoes for doing just that!
Jasmine ordered Chocolate Chip to stay down at the bottom of the tree. Soon, Jasmine had climbed high. She had also sort of skinned her knee too, but that didn't really matter. 
Chocolate Chip stood at the bottom of the tree's trunk barking repeatedly. "I'll be down in a moment!"   Jasmine called down to him as she tried to find the best way to dismount from the tree and get to the bottom in one piece. 
"Oh wow, some fresh fall leaves!" Jasmine smiled. Chocolate Chip and her crunched through them, stopping to play fetch and roll around. 
"Woof! Arf! Bark! Arwoof!" Chocolate Chip did his series of different barks; indicating that he was having a great time. 
"I'm having fun too," Jasmine smiled, "But let's get home - I have to get to school. It's school picture day today, you know!" Jasmine talked to Chocolate Chip like he could really understand because she truly believed that he could. She had great faith in animals in that way. 
The following pictures are some bonus shots I thought were kind of cool. Since I can't actually show my face, I thought it would be sort of neat to show my doll's shadow next to mine!
Here are the two of us on the sidewalk. As you can see, I am waving and she is directly next to me. Oh, and yes, I am wearing a baseball hat. 
This is me standing up. Don't I look so big compared to Jasmine? I look even bigger compared to Chocolate Chip. 
Bonus picture of my favorite, favorite, favorite shoes in the whole world (Keens) - and my favorite Land's End skirt! XDXD (Unecessary, but oh well XD)

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