An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, October 6, 2014

Quick Candy Corn Photoshoot!

First off, American Girl Place 1234, if you are reading this, please know that I tried to follow your sight, and it said that I followed it, but  went on your blog and it is not showing up that I followed you. I am really sorry that for some reason, it keeps saying that I follow you, but it is not showing up that way. I see that you also have over 25 followers, so I am very happy that you reached your goal - I will try to follow you again later. End of message for AGP 1234 :P :)
I'm still taking pictures for my next Little House on the Prairie episode, and I wanted to post today, so I decided to use some candy corn that I got at the grocery store yesterday as a the subject of today's photo shoot. Since I am working on improving my photos, I knew that a photoshoot with my favorite candy (that I only get in October) was the perfect thing! There are only a few pictures (like 3), but this is really just to get us excited for fall!
Felicity was excited to eat her three candy corn (which I earned for her! XD)
I am probably going to make this the header picture on my blog because it is getting sort of old looking at Samantha's face every time I come on here. I love Samantha, but I like to change things up frequently when it comes to pictures on my blog!
Besides, this is sort of one of those "welcome to fall" sort of images, don't you think?

Lanie and Felicity got a little silly and started trying to feed each other candy corn after it got boring trying to eat it themselves! XD 
Felicity managed to take a huge chunk out of her candy corn!
Yes, candy corn is my favorite candy and I am thinking of (with my mom's help) creating a candy corn muffin or cupcake recipe. If I do come up with a tasty, successful recipe, I will give it to all of you (however, I doubt I will have the time to come up with one, and even then, I'm sure it will just be sort of an experiment and probably will not turn out good enough for me to give it to you, so please do not take this as a promise or count on it - the idea is just sort of a dream of mine, if you know what I mean).
That's it for this quick photo story!
Dolls Used: Felicity & Lanie
Clothes: Felicity: Julie's Calico Dress, Lanie: Random Easter dress (it came with a matching dress for me)
Camera: Nikon D5000


  1. I've been reading your recent photostories. Love the one about Laura Mary and Garnet ^_^
    It's your lucky day! Love your blog. You've been nominated for the Sunshine award. Click here for details and instructions.

  2. Thank you, Madi!!!! :) I love reading your blog too! I especially have enjoyed reading through the Mines of Malaysia series and Joy's journals! I don't know how I didn't notice I was nominated before on your post! Thank you for letting me know! XD :)
    I love getting your comments on my blog, thank you so much, it means a LOT! :)
    I will post my award right now! :) :)
    Thank you again!!!! :)