An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, October 9, 2014

American Girl Winter Release!!!! (released today)

Yay! All the Winter stuff was released today! I saw that a lot of people had been posting pics of it on their blogs and stuff like that, but I chose not to look at them (wow, that's a first), because I wanted to keep it a surprise (I'm usually part of the team uncovering the stuff before it's released, now I wanted nothing to do with it! XD).
I'm going to do my opinions on this stuff, like a lot of people do.
Pretty Carriage and Prancing Horse $395
Well, it is $395 for the whole set, if you took the horse out, it would be $275, but still, that is a lot of money! I LOVE this set, but I sort of think that Felicity & Elizabeth's carriage was better made and all that. I still love this one though and I do want it (though with the price, it makes me not really want it so much anymore! XD).
Pretty Pink Outfit & Helmet $24 - 66
I don't know how I like this. It is pink! Real horse riders wear that traditional navy riding suit for shows and other equestrian things. This just looks kind of fake to me. If everything had been a more professional color, I might buy it. I don't like it very much though, but it is kind of cute, so I guess I'm just undecided. Oh, wait, the outfit alone is $42! I think I've decided whether I'm getting it or not....
Western Plaid Outfit $30
This outfit is sort of cute. I kind of sort of, but not really, XD like it, but not what it is supposed to be for. First off, I feel like it is a little short, so my doll would probably wear leggings underneath this or at the very least shorts. Then, the boots, I hate the crisscross threads and all that. The only thing cute about it is the belt. The whole thing feels like a trendy outfit to me (I'm not a trendy person). Also, how is she supposed to ride a horse in this? If anyone one day soon goes to the stables and sees girls riding horses in things like this (or trying to ride horses), then we'll know who to blame it on! Ugh.
Sparkly Skating Set for Dolls $44
$44 for this? That is kind of scary - in fact, the outfit itself is kind of scary. The puckered seams in the chest area are just ugly and uncalled for and then it is scary tight at the stomach area (which is acceptable since that is how most skating outfits are). I don't know though - it may be realistic, but it, IMO is personally extremely ugly. What happened to the nice ice skating outfits where they weren't obsessed with trying to show off the dolls' bodies or encourage girls to show off their's in the ice rink? Gosh, maybe I should start a blog just to analyze all the outfits! XD
Winter White Outfit $38
This outfit looks like a remake of the past million white winter outfits AG has come out with, and to be honest, I'm not very pleased. It is all just a bit over the top, and the only thing I truly like from this outfit is the shorts. I probably will not buy this outfit unless it really grows on me (like some AG outfits tend to do).
Happy Holiday Dress for Dolls $36
I do NOT like this dress. The asymmetrical skirts - I don't like when on dresses you are able to see tulle. It just isn't very flattering. Also, what happened to AG making a Christmas dress? This blue is more for other holidays like Hanukah and things like that. In my family (probably most families) for Christmas dresses, you generally pick out a red or green dress, not a blue dress with sequins on it. I just do not understand why they didn't make a Christmas dress and it is disappointing. I will not be buying this unless it grows on me somehow (unlikely).
Silver Shimmer Dress for Dolls $36
I don't mind this dress for New Year's and stuff (even though I don't wear a dress on New Year's usually - only during the day for parties - while watching the ball drop, I wear my pajamas!). I don't mind the little sequins on the ruffles of the dress, and the shoes and headband are okay, my problem lies in the bodice part of the dress where it is covered completely in sequins. I am not a sequins person, and to be honest, the dress with all the sequins on it kind of makes her look like she is wearing a dress made out of tin (maybe she's the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz's sister?? XD). I guess it isn't that bad of a dress, but I will not be buying it.
 Holiday Accessories - $32
This is an outrageous price for a cardboard box of stationary chocolates (meaning they can't come out of the box - probably), a necklace, a crazy vest, and an ornament. The vest would be okay without the sequined sleeves on the side, but of course, AG had to find some way to ruin it. Besides, with the sequins on the sides of the vest, you'd have to buy the Happy Holiday Dress to go with it. Oh, I get it! AG put the sequins on the side so that it would only match that particular dress and then you'd have to go spend $36 on that! Ugh.
Fair Isle Pajamas for Dolls $24
I LOVE these pajamas - from the fabric they used for the top to the cute pattern around the neckline, this is such a cute set! I LOVE it! Plus, it is about the cheapest outfit out of all the new releases, so it's my lucky day! I will get my hands on these pajamas. Mwahahaha. XDXD JK
That's all I'm going to review now. If I missed anything, I'm sorry (I'm not reviewing Bitty Baby/Twin outfits currently). I'd love to hear your opinions on the releases!

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  1. Awesome! I liked reading your thoughts on everything! :)