An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sewing Sunday: #1

    I've always wanted to sew clothes for my dolls. I've sewed things like pillows, blankets, and napkins for them, but never an actual dress or pants or a shirt.
I took a look on Etsy and all of the amazing, creative, and unique doll outfits for sale really inspired me - so if you are reading this and you have an Etsy shop selling AG clothing, just remember that you really inspired me to start sewing and making clothing for my dolls.
I may start up an Etsy shop someday (I had one once), but for now I don't really have the time, so I'm busying myself sewing for fun for just my dolls or friends' dolls rather than opening a shop right away.
So I picked out a Pixie Faire pattern (amazing website with a wide selection of patterns for multiple doll brands and sizes). I picked out two patterns:
Ruffled T-Shirt Dress
Bubble Gum 40's Dress
(my personal favorite out of the two)
I got some cute fabric for each one and I began the 40's Dress just because this dress reminds me of The Waltons - my absolute favorite television show!
I haven't made it very far in the pattern, but now that I am sewing pretty regularly, I've decided to do a new thing; Sewing Sunday. Sewing Sunday is going to be posted on any Sunday that I happen to have something interesting going on in my little world of doll clothes sewing.
Anyway, this Sunday, I'm going to show you how far I've made it in the Bubble Gum 40s' Dress pattern.
The pattern's directions (sent to me through email in PDF form) are not very good and I had trouble following some of the directions and even my mom did when I asked for help (and she's a pretty darn good sewer). I think that there are a few mistakes in the directions and I personally think that more pictures in the directions could have been helpful.
Here is how I am doing:
I have only just about finished up the bodice. I am really in love with the fabric pattern that I chose. You can see the white lining peeking out, but by the time it is done, you will not be able to see this. I have sewn the bodice together and I am in the process of hemming and all of that good stuff! : )
Ah! I love the fabric so much. The way these two fabrics went together are really pleasing to my eye.
Here it is on the doll. As you can see, it is pretty far from being finished, but it already is coming along pretty well considering I basically just started! There are some pins in it that you can probably spot in this picture, but no dolls were hurt in the taking of this picture. :P I hope to have the pins out and have the bodice done by tomorrow afternoon/evening or Tuesday afternoon, depending on how much time I get to dedicate to sewing.  
I just love this on Grace. I think it will look great on all of the dolls, but it just seems like everything looks great on Grace.
So, that is how I am doing on my sewing project! Has anyone else been sewing for their dolls lately?


  1. Neat! I hope it turns out well! I LOVE Pixie Faire!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I love Pixie Faire too! So far, it has turned out good, I think, but yes, I hope it turns out well too! Thank you!
    Have a nice day!
    ~Ellie :)

  3. I love the fabric (and patterns!) you chose, I can't wait to see more progress.

    1. Thank you! By next Sunday, I hope to have the whole dress finished! Thanks for taking an interest in my sewing updates!
      ~Ellie :)