An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, August 24, 2015

Kirsten and Julie Give a (crazy) Doll Room Tour

One of my favorite things to do when looking at doll blogs is to look for posts about their dolls' rooms. I love putting together doll rooms and making sure that every detail is as realistic as possible. I change my doll room nearly every week, just because I love changing it up! XD
Some people even have American Girl Doll Rooms from that amazing company that I have always loved! Unfortunately, I do not have one, but I hope that that changes in the near future, or at least someday.
Anyway, I've had my doll room like this for a while now, and I thought you'd be interested in seeing what it looked like.
Kirsten and Julie will be guiding this tour. :P
"Hey! It's Julie and Kirsten and we are super excited to give you a tour of this room! Since the room only has enough room for 2 people, we take turns sleeping in it - the others who aren't sleeping in it go sleep in their cabins with their families on the farm. This week, Kirsten and I are the ones living in the room and we're proud to show it off!" (Julie)
"Don't worry, we aren't show-offs." (K) 
"Actually, Kirsten, we kind of are. But anyway, enjoy the view and we hope you get some inspiration to go make a room for your dolls if you haven't already." (J)
"That's right, Julie has said enough and we are ready to show you the room"  (K) 
"The first space is the desk/homework area. Well, actually we have to call it the homework area for the parents' sake, but when they're out of the room, we flip on the multi-colored lights and bring out the popcorn and ice cream." (Julie) 
"Julie, we do not. Don't worry, anyone reading this, we don't do anything you shouldn't try at home." (K)
"Kirsten, I'm actually trying to make this room tour a little bit interesting. Don't give away all the secrets!" (J) 
"Here is our guitar - it mainly belongs to Lanie, because she is the only one who can manage to get a decent tune out of it. No one else really plays it because we ran out of money to keep buying packs and packs of earplugs long ago." (Julie)
"Lanie is actually hoping to start up some sort of instrumental music band and she has said she is going to be playing the guitar in the band, but I'll let her release the rest of the info later, if she decides to go through with it." (K)
"Then we have the top of the desk. Oh, and the AG Farms owner Ellie says to apologize for the some of the pictures being dark and shadowy - she didn't realize they were like that until they were already off of the camera." (J)
"This is a birthday card that Molly received in May and we liked the cover, so we kept it. Next to it is a binder that we use to keep track of our school work. Unfortunately, school started for us last week, (not for Elizabeth - she starts her arts school next week), so this binder is already in use." (Kirsten) 
"This is Felicity's crown and fake flowers from her performance in the spring ballet (Alice in Wonderland). I would go into details about how the lights went out on stage and how I nearly fell out of my chair, but Kirsten just whispered to me that I need to stop being crazy." (Julie)
"A box of tissues for whatever they're needed for." XD (Kirsten)
"On the desk is a beautiful, antique typewriter that is still in use. As you can see here, Kit has been working hard on composing a short story for a local magazine." (Kirsten)
"Next to the typewriter are some various books or sketchpads that are just hanging out." (Julie)
"On the shelves are erasers (including a penguin eraser - cute!), pencils, and Lanie's favorite book - a pocket picture dictionary of birds." (Julie)
"On the floor are a pair of shoes that someone - Julie - left there." (Kirsten)
"Hey! You leave shoes around all the time! I had to leave them there - they're new and I need to watch over them!" (Julie)
"I don't know why you're so crazy today - sorry blog readers, Julie is usually pretty calm." (Kirsten)
"Could 3 chocolate bars and powdered sugar donuts have something to do with it?" (Julie)
"What?!" (Kirsten)
"Next to the desk is a small reading bench with a magazine and two books." (Kirsten)
"It's also a great bench for eating candy in secret." (Julie)
"Not that you would know anything about that..." (Kirsten 
"Then, there is a little vanity or nightstand, complete with a mirror, drawer, and little towel hanger on the side. We keep our lavender and rose waters here as well as Lanie's ladybugs from her science camp project." (Kirsten)
"Even though we don't have a sink at the vanity, we keep our toothbrushes, toothpaste, and any other dental care items right there." (Kirsten)
"I guess I'm going to need those after eating all that chocolate." (Julie)
"Then, we have the beds! It is 1 bunk bed set - so someone can sleep on the top bunk and someone else can sleep on the bottom. Julie sleeps on the top this week." (Kirsten)
"I like to hang my head down into Kirsten's bunk to scare her. Sometimes it works. Do you like the crazy face I'm making here? Sorry the picture is kind of dark, but Kirsten's bed hardly gets any natural light." (Julie)
"Well, I guess I can join in on the action too. After all, it is really fun to hang upside down and make faces!" (Kirsten)
"That concludes the room tour! See y'all next time!" (Julie)
I hope you enjoyed the room tour - I enjoyed making it! Do you have a doll room or any design tips to make my doll room look more realistic?
P.S. - I am dedicating a half-hour to my blog each day - I worked it into my homeschool schedule, so I hope to post more, but I am pretty busy, so I still may not post a whole lot. Thanks for checking back on my blog! : )


  1. I also love looking at other doll rooms! Yours is really cute and I love the commentary from Kit and Julie.

    1. :) thank you - I'm glad you liked the post! Yes, Kirsten and Julie can be pretty interesting in their commentaries sometimes. :P
      Thank you for commenting!
      Have a nice evening!