An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lissie & Payton on the Beach!

My wonderful neighbors/friends invited us to their beach house that is only 4-5 hours away! We couldn't pass that up, so we left on Friday afternoon, spent the night, spent all of Saturday, spent another night, and then we finally got home today in the early afternoon! I had a great time! It wasn't exactly overly sunny or warm so I didn't really go swimming in the ocean, but I collected sea shells and walked on the boardwalk! I had a great time and I was able to bring two dolls (Felicity and Payton). I only took 7 pictures of them - and nowhere near the ocean because it was too rough, but I still thought I'd share - the pictures are pretty cool! Remember, as always with every photo shoot, I'd love to hear your comments, concerns, questions, and ideas to make my photography better!

This is Payton in Julie's Patchwork Outfit (I believe it is retired?). I used the bandana/head scarf that came with the outfit to tie around her messy bun. I figured out how to do perfect buns in my dolls' hair and now I am obsessed with it!
Her head got kind of cut off in this picture, but it was a nice shot of the outfit, I think
I love this picture because she has the sandy dunes behind her. It was really windy out and she fell face first into the sand right after I took this pic. I was super frantic and I kind of panicked when the sand got near her eye, but it all ended well. :P
Felicity's outfit is my absolute favorite and I'm going to post it later as an Outfit of the Day probably. I love her bun with the bandana (Julie's Calico Outfit) tied around it.

More of Lissie against the sand dunes. I'm not sure how this picture will turn out online in the end, but on the camera, it looked pretty clear and I was really proud of myself for getting such a clear picture, but things do tend to come out looking different online, so I don't know if it is actually clear.

Felicity's feet in the sand next to the vines on the beach. She was standing on a sort of hill and I had to bury her feet in a little bit.
Of course, Lissie and Payton had to pose for a picture. My favorite picture of the two is below this one.

I just absolutely LOVE this picture. I don't know why, but Felicity and Payton just look so alive and realistic, like they are really having fun.
Of course, after I finished taking this picture, the rain began to pour. Thank goodness I was wearing a sweater and was able to wrap it around them and the camera that my mom is so careful with but she let me borrow. (The camera cannot get wet from the rain)
I had a great time and if my neighbors happen to read this, thank you guys so much for letting us stay with you! Thanks for helping me pose the dolls too - I had a really, really great time!
(For those who are wondering about Sewing Sunday, I have made SOOOO much progress on my dress and it is basically finished, but I was unable to get good pictures of it today, so for this week only, I am going to post Sewing Sunday on Monday! :P)
Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Lissie's outfit is my favorite! Cute pictures, I've always wanted to try the beach for photos.

    1. Thank you! I haven't really tried too many photos on the beach before, but if you ever have the chance to, I must say, it is really fun!
      Thank you for commenting and reading my blog so frequently!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I love the beach. It's a fun place to take pictures. check out my blog.

  3. Hi Kara!
    Thank you! I love the beach too, and yes taking pictures there is great! I checked out your blog! The pictures in your photo shoots are very, very good! I especially enjoyed your photo shoot with Samantha post!
    Thank you for commenting!