An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School in Style: Outfits of the Day #10

Hi - just wanted to say before I post, that I'm sorry I kind of took an unannounced break from blogging, but I wanted to try an electronic free summer - after all, the special time for swimming and all-things-outdoors only comes once a year! Anyway, school recently started back up for me and while I know that as I get farther into the year it will be a busy year, I am enjoying a more relaxed start to school right now - which means I have time for blogging!
Anyway, in honor of the school year starting, I created a post on my dolls' top 3 back to school fashion ideas and why they are all so great and totally appropriate for a regular day at school!
All 3 outfits were actually found at a local kids' consignment shop near me which is bursting at the seams with tons of AG stuff. Really, it may as well be renamed AG Consignment! XD Anyway, it is all pretty reasonably priced compared to AG prices (at the consignment shop, a full outfit goes for approx. $8 - even if it is rare or retired).
At the consignment shop, I got 4 outfits and an AG backpack and some doll furniture! Anyway, let's begin what the post was really about...XD
Here are 3 of the girls; all ready to go back to school. The chosen models for this photo shoot/OOTD were Ivy, Kirsten, and (of course) Grace. Grace is just so photogenic that I start photographing for the main post and then I just go off and start taking random pictures of her that have nothing to do with anything! I totally recommend her for anyone who is into photography and is looking for an extremely photogenic model doll.
Now for the first outfit:
This outfit is the Go Anywhere Outfit - an old meet outfit for the Girl of Today dolls that was sold from 2002 to 2004. This outfit came with everything except for the purple tights. It was only $7 - so even though it is missing an item, I consider it to be a good deal. This outfit is special to me because I was born in 2002 and this came out in 2002, so that was exciting to learn!
If anyone ever has the chance to get this outfit I recommend it. It is so beautiful and detailed. I can really tell, that, as much as I hate to say this, the quality and attention to detail has gone down in the MAG line today and the same can be said about some of the HC line too, unfortunately.
Grace wanted to a half-face model pose. XD
This is the amazing detail on the shirt. The shirt is really nice and high-quality and the sweater is too.
The skirt is made out of a very nice fabric and it is pleasing to the touch. On the bottom is a little ribbon trim.
The purple boots are really nice, sturdy, and they even have zippers!
Another pose with Ms. Photogenic. XD
The sweater does come off and the outfit looks very nice with and without the added sweater. The sleeves are short but still there and the mock turtleneck at the top is nice.
One last look at the outfit without the sweater.
Grace really likes this outfit and thinks it is a great choice for the first day of school because: "This outfit goes together nicely and it seems very cozy and comfortable for the first day without looking as casual as jeans and a tee shirt or looking as formal as a fancy dress and skirt. I would even suggest completing the look with a pair of leggings or tights in the same color scheme. This is the perfect first day outfit; it will make a good first impression and be a comfortable choice too!" ~Grace
The next outfit is:
The Sparkly Tunic and Jeans Outfit! It was released in 2006 and retired in 2008. This outfit to me, seems fairly common and popular, but I was very excited to finally find it, as I'd had my eye on it for a while.
The top is very nice and sparkly and it flows beautifully. It is a bit big on the doll, and while I know that it is supposed to flow and be a bit big, it doesn't quite fit properly around the neckline. However, this could be due to the way that I tie it with the two strings that make it tighter in the back.
This outfit did not include the hair bands or the booklet that the original set came with, but honestly, neither of those items were important to the actually outfit anyway.
Shirt close-up
The flared jeans have an interesting "distressed denim" style going on in the front, which I had never seen on AG pants before. I think that this is a creative detail. See the attention to detail back in the day?
Of course, I couldn't find the beautifully detailed clogs when I went to do this photo shoot - I could only find one. So, I'll take pics of the clogs for another story when I find them.
Kirsten thinks this could be a great first day outfit because: "With this outfit, anyone can make a loud but good first impression. The top will draw everyone's attention and while it is for the attention-seeker in school, it is still appropriate for the average school day." ~Kirsten
The next outfit is:
The Petals and Plaid Outfit, which was released in 2006 and retired in 2008 - same as the other outfit!
The corduroy jacket doesn't photograph very well up close, but it is really nice in person and it does photograph well in select pictures.
The skirt is plaid and pleated. It is very preppy and very studious and smart too. I really fell in love with this outfit.
The shoes are Velcro sneakers, which, while they don't seem to go with the outfit, they really do in a way.
The outfit looks really nice without the jacket too.
The print on the shirt is so unique and well-done. It is embroidered in some spots and it is really beautiful. The shirt is beautiful and is so soft that it could work as a pajama shirt too.
This is one of my personal favorite pictures of Ivy that I have ever taken. This picture, I think makes her look so alive, happy, and really excited for school to start!
The whole outfit from a really interesting perspective. From this angle, Ivy could actually pass as a human!
Ivy thinks this would be a great outfit for the first day of school because: "This outfit can make everyone who wears it look smart and ready to take on the academics in the year. I find that teachers are drawn to people who dress in this way. Wearing such a smart and beautiful outfit is a great way to start the school year off right."
Ivy and Kirsten! Ivy is just a naturally taller doll - she came to me that way. This is a picture of the two of them together with both girls in bare feet. Doesn't Ivy just seem a lot taller?
Ivy and Grace!
Now, in honor of the back to school theme, I'll show my back to school outfit! (I am homeschooled but I go to a co-op from 8:30 to 3:30-4:00 about 3 days a week)
This was my giraffe shirt! I got it from Land's End and it is so comfortable and I really like it. I like giraffes, but I know a lot of people don't. XD
A quick view of my whole outfit! My hair accidently got in the picture. XD I am wearing long jeans. I'm really excited and totally ready for the whole school year!  
The girls are super excited to start school! Are any other dolls and their owners out there excited too?


  1. This was a really cute post! I like Ivy's outfit a lot. I'm homeschooled too! I'm excited to start school, but also sad that summer is almost over.

    (Jessica is my mom's username. Name/URL doesn't work on some bogs for me;)

    1. Hi Lilah!
      First, I want to say how much I enjoyed viewing your blog! I am so glad that I found out about it - it will be on my blog reading list for now on! Your photography is excellent and you are very creative! :)

      That is cool that you are homeschooled too! Have a great school year!

      Thanks for commenting!

      :) Ellie

  2. Great finds! I have the sparkly tunic outfit and every doll I have tried the outfit on looks great in it!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I love the sparkly tunic outfit too! That is so cool that you have it!
      : ) Ellie
      Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  3. Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! I am glad you enjoy my blog, I enjoy yours too! I hope you have a great school year too!