An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Laura Ingalls Wilder!

So, I was on Google, and I saw their little doodle on their homepage, and it looked strangely familiar to me. The girl with the braids and then the blonde hair, blue eyed girl next to her, surrounded by prairie land. Sure enough, today is Laura Ingall's birthday (I believe she is 148 or something close to that, I forget XD).
Here is what the Google page looked like for those who are reading this late and missed it or for those who are not allowed on Google, don't have Google, whatever, etc. XDXD
Of course, my screenshot thing wasn't working so I had to take this crazy picture of it with a Nikon against a junk Dell computer. XD
You may still be able to get the point though.
It is a yarn animation and in the background is a covered wagon and a small log cabin. It is just so cool!
All my dolls just had to dress up for my "Laura Ingalls" contest (I am thinking about holding an actual contest later on in the future, but I need some suggestions for prizes that I can mail out without having to collect peoples' addresses or give out my own; maybe an email thing? Help, please!)
Here are the girls who dressed as Laura (neither had braids, but it wasn't required). I think that Grace makes a great Laura!
It's Meredith and Kirsten as Mary!
The dolls were all super excited to celebrate Laura's birthday, mainly because we hadn't missed it this year like we had in the past and Grace was there to make things even more festive.
Oh my goodness I love Laura! XD
Vote in the comments which ones did a better Mary and a better Laura impersonation! (Just for fun)
Happy Birthday Laura!


  1. Happy Birthday Laura!!!
    Love the doll idea. I LOVE American Girl dolls, I have a lot.
    Maybe I'll do this kind of thing one day...

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  3. I think Felicity makes a good Laura.
    As for contests, you can gift an Amazon or etsy ecard (through email). also Maybe you can send something from the post office anonymously? if you would consider taking others' addresses (who don't mind), but not giving out your own.