An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Releases From AG! Part #2

(I told you this would be long! XD)
Samantha's Flower Picking Set - $48
This is cute, and historically accurate. The dress itself is not my favorite and I think the lace at the top is just too much for me (I've never been a lace fan). The flowers in the flat basket are so cute and I love them, they are an accessory that really stands out for me - for some reason?!
It's an okay outfit, but ugh, there are the dreaded black tip toe boots again. Help us. Help AG.
Lacy Tee & Tiered Skirt - $74
I'm not a "lace girl" so this won't be in my wardrobe, but I must point out that I see, besides a pink bow, no relation to Samantha's Flower Picking Outfit. I have sniffed out (XD) another one of AG's money making schemes. The first few "dress like the doll" outfits were okay, but now I see what is really behind all of that. How could you not see it? (Hint: $$$)
This looks like an outfit you could put together for cheaper from a place like RUUM. (Kids clothing store that seems to carry a lot of lace stuff)
I personally don't think the skirt and shirt match, and it is all a bit too over the top yet at the same time bland.
Samantha's Special Day Dress - $32
I actually like this (this is the first outfit of Samantha's new collection that I have genuinely had good feelings all the way around about). The shoes and stockings are cute (though the shoes are a bit questionable with this outfit). The dress is adorable and not over-laced and still simple enough to be relaxed, playful, proper, yet fun. I love this outfit and this outfit, I feel, is one step closer to bringing back the true sparkle that Samantha's outfits once carried.
Samantha's Travel Coat & Hat - $32
The travel coat is kind of cute, but really lacks excitement for me and the hat is just too big (though I know that was a style then, I'm not particularly fond of it). This is a nice set, but it feels rushed and as though it had been thrown together when they suddenly realized that they need one more outfit to hit the limit mark on Samantha's collection this release season.
Not a huge fan.
Samantha's Travel Bag Set - $28
First off, why is this $28? $24-$22 seems like a fair price to me, but oh well.
The set is nice, and the travel bag is cute and the gloves are simple and elegant and fit with everything nicely. I must say though, I wonder if I was the only one, who from afar on the screen of the computer thought that it was a chef's hat? XD
I really want this set so bad, but with the price and lack of excitement overall, I will probably not be purchasing it.
Samantha's Painting Set - $36
This is beautiful and my favorite from Samantha's collection. The paint set is so realistic looking and I love the palette and brush. The easel looks well made and the painting is beautiful.
The price for this is a nice surprise as well. I remember Saige's Easel being around $48 or something and it is nice to see that this is discounted from that and looks to be up to better standards and quality.
AG, rare and excellent work!!!
Samantha's Garden Gazebo $200
This is a nice change from the $500 ice cream parlor. (I know, it is kind of sad when the $200 price tag for a doll accessory actually starts to look somewhat small compared to the other prices. Ugh.)
It is cute, but what would I do with a gazebo? I could easily make one - I'm already gathering up some great creative, and crafty ideas (tutorial, maybe? XD)
The lanterns are cute, but I do not see myself getting this and I see it as pretty unnecessary. It's okay though. I would've preferred a Piney Point dollhouse or something.
Samantha's Serving Set & Treats Set (Treat Set: 45; Serving Set: $75)
I'm kind of disappointed by this. I mean, the price of an AG doll just for this set shown in the picture above? I'm surprised, but then again, I'm not really. Is that bad? I think so.
The serving table is nice and reminds me of the one I have on my porch, but the chair is kind of plain and the whole thing is not worth the cost.
Shimmer & Lace Party Dress for Dolls $30 -
I don't like this that much. I don't like lace that much first, and second, I don't like the see through top. It is just strange.
My ideas often change in person though, so I don't know.
Mix & Match Ballet - $62
Oh my gosh, this should've been what Isabelle had in stead of those crazy dance tops and all that. (I loved Isabelle's dance stuff, but some of the mix and match pieces struck me the wrong way)
We don't really need more ballet after a year of the company having a doll centered around it, but this is a nice traditional set and I actually don't mind it and would probably like to have it!
Sparkly Jazz Outfit - $34
WHAT IS THIS? I freaked out when I saw it. I would use this in some sort of joke video. I get maybe that it would be a dance costume, but come on. Really? Maybe it'll do good as a Halloween costume, but I don't think my dolls would know what to do with this one...
What's up with the neckband? Creepy.
Soccer Team Outfit - $38
This is cute, but after the tens of soccer outfits that we've already seen, why make another one? My suspicion is that they are doing away with Innerstar U (better get on there for a few more meet ups before it goes away). I think the stars on the soccer ball is kind of cheesy, and I would've preferred a real soccer ball, but oh well. I like the outfit kind of and it looks a lot like the outfit that my friend's cousin's soccer team wears. (That's a mouth full XD)
Boho Beachy Swimsuit - $28
Yuck. While I love the sandals, the stretchy anklets, and the beads on one of the straps of the bathing suit (not to mention the cute print of the suit itself), I hate something in particular.
The blue ruffles.
Honestly, it makes her look like a swimming clown. Then again, maybe she is superhuman and they are some gills she grew so that she can breathe underwater? I've seen some suits like this, and I think, personally, that it is ridiculous.
Sunshine Garden Outfit-$30
The pants are cute, the sandals are cute, the flower hair tie is even cuter, but the shirt. Ugh. Yuck, gross.
The shirt is so weird and it looks like she wants it to fall down so that she can be "showy" (what a weird thought, but what else are you left to think with such a weird shirt?)
I won't be buying this at all.
Sunshine Gardening Bench - $68
I LOVE this set. the honeybees are so cute and I love the whole bench idea with the potted plants, the watering cans, and everything!!!
Sparkle Spa Robe - $24
I love this robe and I need it. It is pretty simple to see and I don't have much to say, except I guess that AG doesn't do anything for under $24 anymore. *Sigh*
Well, that rounds up this year's release. I can't wait for the next one, but until then...
My Overall Opinions on this February Release: *Summing it up for those who didn't feel like reading the whole thing.
Samantha: I really wanted to like Samantha and while I like some of her things (it is rare), I feel that her outfits and accessories now lack a lot of the sparkle and pizzazz that they used to carry. The outfits weren't over the top before and somehow the "pretty and proper yet playful and adventurous" was all explored under one outfit and made to work. I am missing that with her new outfits. They should've either never gotten rid of her in the first place or have let sleeping dogs lie a little longer.
Rebecca = Rebecca is having a generation/era crisis and can't decide if she is a purple girl from the 2000s or if she is a proper girl from the 1914s.
Julie = Julie is still the same girl, and I have high hopes for her.
Kaya = Poor Kaya is stuck in an era crisis too and hopes that her time machine soon stops working so that she has no excuse to parade around in clothing that is not from her time.
Addy = Addy is the same great girl.
Kit: Kit needs to go befriend the Waltons and learn how to dress from the 1930s.
MAG: The girls need to learn to be a bit more modest and relaxed - they need to be told that trendy is an option, not a requirement.
Thanks for reading!

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