An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Dollaween Party

I'm sorry that this is late, but I was really busy yesterday, and on Halloween day I only had time to shoot the photo story - I didn't actually have time to post it. I hope everyone who celebrated Halloween/fall had a great night and for those who didn't, I hope they had fun too with whatever they were doing instead.
I didn't get to take any late night trick or treating pics, I'm really sorry. :( But I did capture the girls' Halloween party at school on Friday!
It was a Friday morning at school and all the kids in the girls' classes had arrived. Everyone had been allowed to come to school in costume for the Halloween party that was going to happen at lunch time that day. It was a half-day, so after the Halloween party, school was dismissed and the girls and boys got to go home and prepare to trick-or-treat, go to other parties, or carnivals. The whole class was abuzz with the festive spirit. The kids crowded around to check out each other's costumes.
"I really like your outfit," Meredith smiled at Jasmine. Jasmine had paid a visit to Kaya's Nez Perce reservation and purchased a real Native American dress for her Halloween costume.
"Thank you," Jasmine wondered what Meredith was supposed to be since her clothes looked like her everyday clothes, but Jasmine was too afraid to ask, just in case Meredith got offended.
"Oh, you're probably wondering what my costume is, right?" Meredith laughed and Jasmine nodded sheepishly. She supposed she must've acted very obvious about whether or not she should ask.
"I'm not in costume right now - my mom had to sew on the last touches today - she just got home from a business trip so she had to do it at the last second. I am sort of disappointed I didn't get to wear it today."
"Well, maybe we'll meet up with you for trick or treating," Jasmine smiled and Meredith nodded happily, her beautiful golden curls bouncing merrily.
"Hey, are those jeans that you have under that costume?" Meredith pointed to the fringe on the bottom of dress.
"Yes," Jasmine laughed. "I was hoping no one would notice! It just felt weird without some jeans on though. I guess Kaya wouldn't approve."
"Yeah," Meredith laughed. Kaya didn't go to their school, but Meredith had met her once before at the reservation.
"Okay, settle down kids," Mrs. Plymouth tapped the little bell on her desk to get the kids to settle down.
They all went to their seats and worked on a Halloween themed word search and crossword puzzle. Why do we have to do hard word searches and 'puzzles' on Halloween? Jasmine groaned inside. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it, but Jasmine just was not very good with word searches, even if they were Halloween themed.
After a few hours, it was time for the Halloween party. On the way there, Molly, who was dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder, walked up to Jasmine. "Uh, um, Jasmine?"
"Well, Callie invited me, Elizabeth, Kirsten, and a couple of the other girls to go trick or treating with them. I know we were supposed to go with you and the others, but would it be okay if we went with them instead?"
"What? Oh, yeah, yes, uh, of course," Jasmine stuttered, "Of course Molly, of course." Jasmine had been looking forward to trick or treating with the group of girls from the farm, but she wanted everyone to have a good Halloween, and she couldn't really keep them back. Somehow though, she felt a little sick to her stomach.
When they entered the gym, it was decorated with many different decorations for Halloween. There were cute bats on the wall and all sorts of fun and not so scary stuff.
"Wow, look at the cool decorations!" Jasmine pointed to some 3D bats on the wall.
"It's too bad I need to wear a jacket over my hula outfit but my mom won't let me wear the sleeveless shirt I picked out - it's too cold out," Lanie pouted. "I don't think I can have any fun."
"Ugh, Lanie, lighten up! Trick or treating will be fun, and the Halloween party will be too - now let's go party!!"
"I guess," Lanie sighed.
The girls partied and danced. "Are you having fun yet?" Kanani asked Lanie who was dancing wildly along with her.
"Yes, you bet I am!" Lanie laughed.
Kanani brought back some ham sandwich kebabs from the snack table. "Whoa, these are way better than the hot lunches at school! I think they must be catered for the occasion," Kanani laughed. "Mmm, they do look good!" Lanie grabbed one and began to eat.
Then the girls began to form a big conga line around the floor.
Jasmine was the leader of the line, just like she'd be the leader of her group's trick or treat later that night. Jasmine decided it had so far been the best Halloween ever.


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