An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Outfit of the Day #8 & a Photoshoot!

Since we did a tip yesterday, I am not going to do one today (simply because I couldn't come up with one!) However, in place of the idea/tip, I am going to do a photo shoot.
I go on Clarisse's Closet all the time, and that blog really inspires me a lot! The choice of clothing is completely on point color wise and weather wise! Well, I came up with my own outfit of the day (I do not use her ideas, she just inspires me, that's all).
Here is the whole outfit put together!
I thought the outfit looked kind of cute against this whimsical background! Since it is getting much colder out, Felicity can no longer wear her leotard without anything covering it. But, with these thermal tights, heavy jacket, and green combat boots, Felicity is feeling great about the cold weather (which she enjoys anyway).
Felicity, who is just about as untrendy and herself as she could be, still couldn't resist taking a "selfie" (ugh, I am NOT a fan of that word, but I must admit, it is sort of creative)!
I LOVE these boots. The versatility of them is amazing!
I've always liked the ballerina on the OG ballet outfit! In many ways, select AG outfits can be even cuter than AG outfits!
Just for fun I decided to do this interesting shot. I live how her feet are in the light and she herself is out of the light. It seems like it would've been a better cover for the Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight movie than the 'all over the place' cover they decided on.
I wasn't sure if the headband was going to clutter up the outfit too much, but I tried it anyway and I think it looked nice against her hair color. I've never been a fan of headbands along with ponytails, but in this case, it looks okay, actually.
Interesting view of the whole outfit (you can even see the shoes in the right of the picture).
Now, let's move on to the photo shoot!
I put together my top 3 favorite shoes, and I'm not very happy with how the picture turned out, yet I felt that it looked okay enough to post. (I am a bit of a perfectionist, which isn't the best thing, but oh well! XD)
Felicity decided to take a climb up on a wooden beam in the barn! (This is really a drop-leaf table for those who were wondering - but it is wood, and makes a pretty good background)
"Hey look! I can actually balance on this easily!"
"I wonder why Ivy was so stressed out about her beam routine - this is super easy, even in these clunky combat boots! Maybe I should quit ballet and become a gymnast! Suppose I'm a prodigy?" Felicity began to get excited as she began to think she had completely 'mastered' the balance beam. XDXDXD
"This is so, so easy and...whoa...whoa -" Felicity's ideas of being a gymnastics beam prodigy were quickly dashed in one quick incident.
Felicity quickly fell, flailing, from the makeshift beam.
(I surprisingly got this photo on the 1st shot - you can kind of see my hand in the left corner)
"Phew! I'm all done my beam routine for now!" Felicity gasped as she came back up off the ground, unhurt.
"Hey look!" Felicity began again, "I can balance easily at the corners of the beams! I barely have to hold on!" Felicity got excited.
Elizabeth soon joined Felicity on the beam. Elizabeth needed to take her mind off her violin for at least a good hour or two.
"This isn't easy!" Elizabeth stuck her arms out for balance.
"Oh, well, I thought it was easy, but you're right, it isn't easy at all!" Felicity agreed, "I...whoa..whoa-!"
"Whoa!" Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief when Felicity was stable once more.
"You can't break your arm or leg before Nutcracker auditions or the Nutcracker workshop!"
"Yes, you're right!" Felicity nodded.
The girls decided to sit and talk for a bit - engaging in a safer activity.
"Bye for now!" From Felicity & Elizabeth

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