An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, November 7, 2014

Samantha's New Doll

One afternoon, Samantha sat counting up her money. "$50....$75...100?" Samantha gasped, "I have enough for Saige! Oh, I want her so much!"
"Sam? I'm heading out to the grocery store to go shopping for the week. Is there anything you need?" Samantha's grandmother, Grandmary called.
"Can you drop me off at Chancellor's Toys?" Samantha asked, throwing on boots and a light jacket for the adventure.
"Okay," Grandmary smiled. "I will be in the supermarket right next door."
On her way out of the main sitting hall of AG Farms where Samantha had stopped to grab the rest of her money, she bumped into Payton who was looking a bit upset.
"What's wrong, Payton?"
"Finally - someone to notice what a mood I'm in. Oh, it's nothing. It's just that I have $5 out of $120 saved up for my American Girl Rebecca doll. I don't think I'll ever get enough."
"Well, Christmas and your birthday are only around the corner, you know!" Samantha smiled at Payton, trying to lighten things up.
"I know, but my parents are already helping my cousin pay her college fees and stuff, and my dad's shop might have to close, so I don't think that things are going to be so great for my chances of getting Rebecca this year."
"Hmm," Samantha cleared her throat awkwardly, thinking of Chancellor's Toys, where she was about to go purchase her doll. "I, um, have to go," Samantha smiled quickly and then hurried out of the hall, frowning as she felt the envelope of money through her skirt's pocket. She felt a twinge of guilt. Quickly, she tried to brush it away. It worked.
"Welcome to Chancellor's Toy Department, can I help you?" the nice lady behind the counter asked.
"Umm, maybe," Samantha told her, gazing above the lady and at the display case of the more expensive dolls behind the counter.
It wasn't the grandest of displays, that was for sure. It was quite bare, in fact.
"We've had a huge turnover in dolls recently - we suppose it is for the Christmas season," the saleslady told Samantha, possibly sensing Samantha's disappointment in the display case presentation. "Christmas does seem to start earlier and earlier every year, don't you think?"
The lady was obviously just trying to make conversation, but Samantha needed total concentration for her decision. "Uh-huh," she nodded back absentmindedly, wanting to at least acknowledge the lady.
Standing before Samantha was Saige. Her precious blue eyes and exotically placed freckles and flowing red hair that Samantha had dreamed of brushing and styling ever since she had earned her first cent of the Saige Doll Funds.
"I think I'll take Saige - the doll in the blue dress," Samantha pointed to her new beautiful doll.
As the lady reached for a box and prepared everything needed to safely tuck Saige away for her ride home, Samantha saw, in the dark corner, a doll - Rebecca. Samantha nearly fell she was struck with such a quick, sharp twinge of guilt. Payton wouldn't get Rebecca this holiday season, but Samantha knew that if she really laid down a list of subtle hints to Grandmary, she might just receive her Saige doll.
Samantha continued on with her purchase.
"She is such a beauty!" the saleslady smiled. "I'm not surprised that she is the last Saige doll left of her model! She looks just like I did at her age."
"Yes, yes, I'm sure," Samantha smiled in a hurried fashion. She was glad to not be dealing with a grouchy saleslady, but Samantha just wanted her doll - she didn't want the life story of the lady she was making the transaction with!
"Here she is," the saleslady smiled, once Saige was tucked away once and for all. Samantha nervously handed over the large sum of money; $120 plus tax in order to pay for Saige.
"Thank you," Samantha shook as she took the box. She wasn't sure if it was out of delight or if it was out of guilt and nervousness. She decided on a mixture of all 3.
At home, Samantha unwrapped Saige and began to play with her. "Wow, you sure are beautiful, Saige," Samantha tried to be delicate as she fingered her beautiful blue dress with the detailed design and swept back her elegant auburn hair.
After a while of inspecting her, Samantha sighed. "Oh, who am I fooling? I feel terrible! I just need to get Payton her Rebecca doll. I bet that I'll be happier helping others."
Sadly, Samantha reached for Saige's box.
"Oh Saige," Samantha whispered softly, wiping a tear from her eye. "I'll get you one day - somehow. No matter what. We'll meet again - I promise. Oh Saige."
Quickly, Samantha closed the lid and tried not to look back.
"Grandmary?" Samantha asked. "I would like to exchange my Saige doll. Can we get back to the toy store right away?"
"Is something wrong with her? Is she not the right fit?"
"Well, I guess you could say that she isn't the right fit," Samantha nodded.
"Well, okay," Grandmary sighed, "I guess whichever doll makes you happy. Come along dear."
Samantha nervously followed Grandmary out to the car where their driver was awaiting them.
In the store, with the box fitted tightly under her arm, Samantha approached the doll section. She saw Rebecca still standing in her lonesome corner. Molly, however, had already been sold or put away, because she was gone. Wow, these dolls do go fast! Good thing I got here in time! Samantha sighed in relief.
"Oh, dear, I remember you from earlier. Is something wrong?" the same saleslady asked.
"Not really - I would like to exchange her for the Rebecca doll."
Saige went to go stand alone - she would now be the only AG doll left. Samantha felt bad leaving her, but happy to help her friend have a little Christmas magic.
The saleslady retrieved Rebecca from the display and expertly packaged her up. Samantha began to get excited. Maybe Payton would let the two share the doll!  
"She certainly is beautiful! Enjoy!" the saleslady waved.
"I will!"
Samantha got her home and didn't open the box. She wanted to save that first opening for her best friend on Christmas day. "Just you wait, Rebecca," Samantha whispered, "You're going to have the best time of your life being Payton's doll. Just you wait and see on Christmas."
With that, Samantha hid the box in her dresser and then went out to play.
P.S. Yes, that is my mother's old Chrissy doll for those of you who noticed. I may do a review on her later - just in case you ever see her at a thrift store or something, I think she is worth it! : )

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