An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, November 17, 2014

Doll Outfit of the Day & Idea #7

Okay, so today the outfit of the day is really just Felicity's meet outfit, but wait! Don't stop reading yet! The idea is what is going to be the main attraction today, so if you want to save money (possibly) on something from AG, continue on! :P
Everyone knows about Cecile & MG's (and now Addy's) Crinoline & Chemise, right? Some of you may even own it or have been wanting to purchase it. Well, now, unless you are really in to the historical accuracy of your doll's underwear, you will not have a need to purchase this pricy set!
Because today I am going to show you how to make the skirts just as full as they would be with that Crinoline & Chemise!
Let's quickly cover the idea of the Crinoline & Chemise. It is nice and looks to be well made and historically accurate. This tutorial/idea will not be to make a historically accurate crinoline set, but it will still be perfect for those who want their dolls to have a full skirt, yet they also want to save up for that certain item that happens to be really expensive (this, most likely, sounds exactly like you, right? XD I know it sounds like me!)
Essentially, the Crinoline & Chemise set is just an overpriced hoop that goes under a doll's dress/skirt and will most likely never be seen (or at least that often).
So, let's get started! Basically, the idea of this is to just round up as much underwear and white stuff as you can and put it on your doll. XDXD
Well, let's get started!
First, put on some sort of underdress. I used one from Felicity's meet outfit. For even more fullness, I put on 2 underdresses (from both Felicity & Elizabeth's meet outfits) 
(Optional) Next, add some sort of black tights/leggings. This is completely optional and adds little fullness to the skirt, really. I just put them on her because I was dressing Felicity up for her Princess Annabelle photo stories.
If you have any pantaloons or something similar, they would be good to add. If you don't they are fairly easy to sew up (any of this stuff is and it doesn't have to be perfect because no one is really going to see it anyway!
Next, add on some sort of underskirt (Josefina's meet skirt might work).  
Now, put your chosen dress on and look at the fullness! It is just like a crinoline and chemise set from AG, only chances are, you have saved some money!
If you don't have pantaloons, a underskirt or dress, and do not want to or do not know how to sew, than this might ended up being impossible or costing you more money, so this is just an option for those who do have the materials/clothes on hand! I hope you find this little tip/idea useful!

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