An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Friday, November 7, 2014

Jasmine Photo Shoot & Outfit of the Day #7

Today was such a nice day (inside at least), that I decided to do a photo shoot of Jasmine at my aunt's house. My mom also bought a new camera a few days ago and it was delivered today, so I hope that I'm going to get to use it in the near future (she's still programming it and it isn't really mine - but it is really good quality - my photo shoots will probably be at a whole different level if I can just get my photography skills better!).
I decided to turn it into an outfit of the day, but unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a tip today - so maybe I'll post two tips next time.
This is just a really weird picture where I was trying to play with the shadows a bit. Oh, and yes, I was in my car. What can I say? I had a doll, camera, and boredom in the backseat, so I made the most of it! XD
I hate that ray of light to the side of the picture, but I guess it looks okay. Oh, and sorry for the metal trash can in the corner. XD

Jasmine gazing out the slider door.

I thought this was such a cool shot. I got on the same level as her feet and shot away. I probably got about twenty of these pics, to one.....or two.

I love the tops of these shoes. They are just so 30s' !

This did turn out a bit darker than I intended, but I love how it focuses in and then focuses out the further you look back. I'm still trying to improve my photography, so you'll probably see a lot of interesting shots like this in my photo shoots!
My favorite necklace of all time! I just love the compass idea (I am big on compasses, sailing, etc.), and I think that they could've thrown this over to Caroline's collection during the Beforever release, rather than mixing MG & Cecile's collection into Caroline's collection (the outfits stick out like a sore thumb).
This isn't a real outfit idea, I don't think, but I like how this sort of got tucked into the skirt yet was pulled out a little bit. I think that made for a really cute outfit. Oh, and the Miami store shirt brings back so many great memories!!! 
Jasmine took a walk through the den and took some time to look at herself in the mirror.
"Wow, this outfit really suits me."
It may be a bitty baby/twin outfit, but it turned out looking very cute on Jasmine!
The print is so cute! It looks great on all dolls (it even looks good on my Journey Girl Meredith).

Bird's eye view of the dress and shoes!
This is sort of grainy and blurry, but I thought that it still captured Jasmine beautifully.
I absolutely love the threading pattern they used for this jumper! LOVE! 
I also like the plaid. It is so summer-y and just reminds me of a fun picnic tablecloth.
I love how in this picture, it is so clear that you can almost see where each thread is placed (or at least, I can).   
A hand.
It was a bit picture-heavy, and it may have bored you. Even if it did bore you, I still want to hear feedback - honest feedback. I am really trying to improve my pictures and I want to know what I need to improve on and all that (lighting, angle, etc.)
Thanks for looking through all of those pictures!


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