An American Girl Doll Story

An American Girl Doll Story

Monday, February 17, 2014

Samantha Parkington is Returning!!!! BREAKING NEWS!

On AG's Facebook page, there is an AWESOME announcement that I'm sure will excite SO many of us AG fans! Yep...Samantha Parkington is RETURNING!!! I have Samantha, so I am particularly excited about this, because I got her after she was retired, so I don't have any of her clothes (I do have her school desk though, that I was lucky to find at a Kids Consignment Shop in my area).
Here is what AG announced on Facebook:
Time to celebrate, Samantha Parkington fans—your favorite is coming back this fall! Our Victorian-era character's return is just one of the exciting changes to our historical line. Stay tuned for more details…
I think that it is pretty interesting that they announced Samantha as "the favorite." Did they do a vote or something on which one to bring back? Are they just using that as a marketing tool to get everyone excited? Or do they just know that she was the best seller and assume that she is the favorite? What do you think?
I'm really excited! They don't mention bringing back Nellie, but Nellie isn't really supposed to be the main attraction, it isn't like it is her whole collection coming back, it is mainly Samantha's collection. If they do bring Nellie back though, I will hopefully be getting her (I really like her, and since I have Samantha, it would be great to complete a "best friend collection" once again).
They also mentioned that that is just "one of the exciting changes coming". Do you think they are just using that as another marketing tool to get people excited about possible upcoming stuff, or do you think there will be some new things for the dolls, or maybe the introduction of a....(gasp!)....NEW HC Character???? What are your thoughts?
What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear!!! :)


  1. I;m glad Samantha's coming back! I really hope they bring Kirsten back, too, because she's my favorite doll.;) I think sometime soon there's going to be a '50s HC, because often when a doll's retired a fairly similar doll is introduced soon afterwards, and I remember hearing something about a '50s doll before.:) I hope there is one! I love '50s styles!

  2. I hope there is a 50s doll too! I am ok with Samantha coming back. I hope they keep Rebecca too. Maybe they are listening to the customers.